New Online Class!

EDITED: Class sign ups have been closed as we've reached capacity. Thank you so much!

Hi everyone! Rachel and I are so so so excited to share the details of our new online class! It's going to be SO much fun. We've been working & planning & creating new cuteness that we can't wait to share with you!



And here are all of the details that your heart could desire….

This is an 8 week class by Rachel Denbow & Elsie Flannigan. We are teaching this class together. There are projects by each of us and many that we have developed together!
The class begins February 15th and lasts for 8 full weeks. There are a total of 30 projects that are spread out evenly over the 8 weeks. The class is hosted on a private blog that only students can see. It's a lot of fun and a great way for us to get to know each other! Each project includes lots of photos & step-by-step instructions (PDFs are included for projects with patterns!).

Each week will also include a private chat with one or both of us (Elsie will host all of the chats except for the week she is in Italy! :D). These chats are lots of fun and will be hosted at a variety of times to fit different schedules. They stay posted, too, so that you can read them if you aren't able to attend!

Class fee is $60 (or $2 per project!! :D).

Please Note:
*This is not a kit.  Supplies needed for the class are primarily common household items and inexpensive craft store items. Allowing you to collect these supplies for the projects saves both of us time & money! We are able to offer many more projects in this format than in a traditional class and there are no shipping charges!

*After you have purchased your class spot you will receive an e-mail with log in information to our private blog within 24 hours!

*We do have a limit on available spots. We will be keeping this class small enough that we can communicate with every person individually through our chats and project conversations. 🙂

*These 4 sample projects are the only images that we will be posting of our class projects outside of our private blog. Class projects are exclusive!!! 😀

Project List
(so you know all of the *fun* you are in for!!!)
1. Color Me Happy Rainbow Scrapbook
2. 'X Marks the Spot' Picnic Blanket
3. Felt Teepee Village
4. 'Hide them Here' journal covers
5. Not Your Grandma's Doily Throw
6. Spring Buds Jersey Scarf
7. Family Portrait Felt Wall Art
8. Panda Bear Plushie
9. Paint Your Own Pillow
10. Say Cheese Embroidered Photo Art
11. Sorbet Surprise  Needlepoint Art
12. Don't Be Shady Felt Sunglasses Case
13. Happy Thrifties (Tips & Tricks for Reworking & Remaking Vintage Clothing!)
14. Be Practical Vintage Tray Calendar
15. Hand Carved Stamp Tutorial
16. Springtime Apron Pattern
17. I Heart Handmade Mobile        
18. Tank Tops + Doilies = True Love
19. Textile Reconstructions from Flea Market Finds
20. Color Block Chair Cushions
21. Plushie Sewing Machine & Camera Doll Patterns!
22. Small Space Makeover Tutorial
23. Cherry Blossom Spring Garland
24. Protect Your Adult Furniture with Embroidered Linen Coasters
25. Perfect for Spring Broach Patterns
26. Shiny Shoes Makeover  
27. Wood Grain Wall Art
28. Fancy Dress Doily Necklace
29. Use It Or Lose It Patchwork Pillow
30. 40 Brand New Embroidery Designs by the Red Velvet Girls!!!

A note to my previous students:
If you were a student in my last class you may be wondering how this class will differ. Here are the changes I've made…
-The class is 2 weeks longer this time. We have more time to work on projects, we have more chats & a slightly more relaxed schedule! 🙂
-Rachel and I are teaching this class together! 2 teachers are better than one!! 😀 We share a very similar style and love working together. This will enable us both to put more energy into each project and have more time to communicate with our students! Yay!!
-We are posting an exact schedule & supply lists for class projects before the class begins (on our private blog). You will know what day to expect what project on and you will have more time to prepare! 😀

And here are a few quotes from my previous students….

"This class was life changing for me :)  The inspiration that I was given helped me produce so many amazing works of art.  I was crafting during ALL of my spare time and it was amazing!! Thank you so much for the opportunity!"

"This class inspired me with so many new ideas but most importantly it gave me the courage to try new things.  I see the world with new eyes now- how can I take that and make it into something SO CUTE???!!!  Thanks, Elsie, it has been worth every penny." Lisa

"Its like a backstage look at Elsie's way of working, style and inspirations that only really cool people get to see….. but i was one of those!" Adelle

"Taking Elsie's class has been hugely inspiring for me. I've learned a lot about myself as an artist and what i am capable of creating. Plus, it was fun to connect with Elsie fans all over the world!"

"I've never felt more inspired in my life than while participating in Elsie's online class. The class format, chats, inspiration and sharing of ideas was absolutely amazing! I learned soooo much and can't wait for another opportunity like this! Elsie is a fabulous teacher with such amazing ideas…creative genius. This class was more than I hoped for!"

"It was always a pleasure to check the class website each day for new posts. Elsie's cheerful personality shone through in all of the lessons and made me feel welcomed and inspired." Gillian

"Taking Elsie's class was one of the most inspiring things i've ever done. I can't speak more highly of the class (it's creative, kitschy, original projects), Elsie (truly an inspiration), and the outcome (seeing all the projects in the Flickr group).
Elsie has a rare ability to teach her craft and skill while allowing and inviting her students to relate to her. I think that's what makes her so special!"
Margot Miller

"This was the absolute most inspiring 6 weeks of my entire life. All i wanted to do was create all day long. Each time Elsie posted a new project it felt like Christmas! 😀 "

"you will regret not taking this class. It is an amazing opportunity to get a closer look into a different world that you love so much"

Elsie's class was an adventure from the beginning, and I can't say I've ever had more fun creating in my life! She gives her heart, time, and effort to make her classes unbelievable, and her creativity is inspiring and more contagious than you could ever imagine!

If you have any questions, please contact Rachel at racheldenbow (@) gmail (dot)com!

I am so so so excited!

  • Hey i’m a little short on money this week, but i was in your last class and lOved it! I was wondering when was the last ay to sign up, and how many psots are there? Thanks

  • After a few moments of panic, I frantically went to the RVA site and got a spot!!!!

    Doing the Balky dance of joy here!!!

  • Oh no. I have no idea why it wouldn’t be working. Please try one more time and if it doesn’t work, e-mail Rachel & she can send you a paypal request!!! 😀

  • yaaay!! i’m in!! i had to do it from the red velvet blog too, it’s working ok from there. i can’t wait for it to start, i’m sooo excited!! 🙂

  • that is super fab news!

    i was in your last online class & due to the full-time job didn’t have much time to play :-(( but hoping this time around i can work it out better! looking forward to signing up & i know you both will kick butt with cute stuff! the list sounds very diverse & inspirational and you girlies are sheer talent through & through! i’m definitely signing up for this great experience again! ;-))

  • YEAH! I just signed up! well I paid, hope that means I am signed up!

    I don’t usually do these online classes, heck, I just started sewing a couple months ago. I decided to go out on a limb and try this.

    Can’t wait!

    peace and love *


  • COOL!!!! 😀

    i’m so so excited!
    ok… going downstairs for a little while to paint my countertops…. 😀
    i’ll be checking in all day!

    xo. elsie

  • I’m excited I kept clicking refresh all morning then got side tracked at work.

    Totally got a spot, last class was amazing and it just keeps getting better.

    Italy is beautiful you’ll love it. Your litte bio on their page was so cute ” Her picture with funny faces are very famous and popular!”

    Love it.

  • Hi Elsie,

    I’ve signed up!!
    I was in your previous class. I can’t wait to start!

  • Oh man – I hope there is still space this afternoon when I have more time!

  • can’t wait!!! i’m all signed up and ready to challenge myself again! and get to know you and rachel better and make online friendships with amazing people! :] thank you thank you! 😀


  • Signed up for this class! I’m still working on projects from your last online class and I can’t wait for this new one to start!

  • this is exactly what i needed in my life right now! something cute and creative cause i’ve been feeling the winter blahs (canada is so cold this time of year) and all i want to do is stay home and be crafty…and here’s my perfect excuse! i really wanted to do the last one but was low on cash, thanks so much ladies. i’m reallyreallyreally excited!!

  • all signed up!:D

    yay i’m sooo excited! i thought it’d be at least several more months ’til the next class…so this was a great suprise!


  • Out of curiousity, how far in advance will a supplies list be posted? I live in Italy and crafts stores are few and far between. I would have to order from the states. Thanks!

  • yay!! im in the class..! i was in your previous one too and loved it, can’t wait!! 🙂

  • yaaaaaaaaaaaay! i just signed up! So excited, had lots of fun last time. You are going to be one busy lady, running a shop and an online class!! xoxo

  • another class so soon is so exciting! i sighed up and can’t wait to start! this’ll be so fun with you AND rachel!

    hi future Classmates!!

    Love Leigh-Ann

  • hi ladies! i too just signed up and cannot wait!!! i live in kansas city and am also planning on making the trek for the store opening. such an exciting time and cannot wait to be inspired!


  • OMG I am so excited to actually be doing this! I decided to treat myself to something special since life as been topsy-turvey lately and I need some craft-therapy!! I can’t wait to work with you and Rachel, I’ve been a fan and follower for what seems like forever, it will be nice for you to know who I am! : ) YAY!!

  • I can’t do the class this time either, but thank-you for using the word “SPRING”….encouraging to another freezing cold Canadian!

  • I LOVE the sound of your class and would SO love to do it, but sadly with the conversion rate at the moment it is out of my price range. Would it be possible one day for you both to maybe run a smaller class maybe for one layout or project for $10 – $20? I SO want to do one of your classes. Thanks so much x Janelle

  • holy cute is right. see you girls in class… rachel + elsie + online class = omg!!!

    can’t wait:D


  • Class supply lists will be posted by the 21st on the blog.

    We understand that not everyone can do the $60 class and will take into consideration a smaller class in the future.

    Mass e-mail will be sent out as soon as we get something verified with our new service.

    Thanks all,


  • I just signed up and i count the days to the beginning. I while ago i saw that you give classes in italy in march. I thought how great would it be to get there. But germany and south italy is still a long distance. Now i saw your post about the online class. It will be an adventure. I will see how much time i can find with the little one around.

    I´m looking luckily forward and wish you a great opening for rva.


  • Hey Elsie! I haven’t left you a message or emailed in a while. I just wanted to tell you happy I am for you. I love that you’re doing what you love and doing it so well. I’m really hoping to get a chance to come by RVA at the end of Feb on our way out of town. Hugs to you an Rachel. You’re fabulous girl!

  • Elsie & Rachel!

    I am a really big fan the art of both of you! I wanted to do Elsie’s previous class & would like to do this one, but with working & being in the process of moving, it isn’t a great time.

    I would like to encourage you ladies to consider doing instructional books of this class/Elsie’s previous one/more to come! I know they would lack the live chats aspect, but I think they would find a large audience in ppl who were lacking the $$, the time to commit, etc… I hope you’ll think it over! I can’t see myself doing an online art class (as much as I want to) because I am slow & procrastinate, can only handle sitting in front of a computer for so long at a time, etc but I would TOTALLY buy the books & there have to be others like me out there, right?? 🙂

  • I hope you have a great time in Italy. I hope you can come to England one day! x

  • It would be sooooooooo coooooooooool if I could go to NAples ! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee chooooooooooooooose meeeeeeeeeee !!!!!! Poi parlo italiano in quanto sono laureata in italiano !!!!!!!! Tank you ! Baci

  • I get so lonely

    waiting to hear from you,every body.

    Would you please drop me a

    line and make my day?

    I’ve been lying here,

    thinking about you, every body all day.

    I miss you all,

    and I’ve felt so empty

    since i have no pen- pal here.

    Only you can make the

    sunshine return

    and send the darkness

    on its way.

  • The loft is beautifully done and is almost the best nook of the house.Great furniture pieces to add to the romance there.

  • I like that saying, thanks!
    Thanks for posting this. Very nice recap of some of the key points in my talk. I hope you and your readers find it useful! Thanks again

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