New +pack *Golden* from A Color Story

I am so proud to share the new filter pack I curated for A Color Story with you today! It’s called Golden and it’s available now in A Color Story (iOS and Android).

I created this pack based on my current favorite editing style, which is warm, natural and 1970s inspired. Some of my inspirations were old film photos of my parents from the ’70s, pastel rainbows and a look that is soft and easy to pull off for photos inside my home, which is where I honestly take 90% of my photos these days.

As much as I admire styled photography, I have personally been gravitating toward candid lifestyle images and these filters work really well with photos like that!

This photo is by @hannahmorgan and it’s edited with Moonstone, one of my favorite filters in Golden. It is soft and subtle, with really interesting tones.

This photo is by @denisebovee and it is edited with Citrine, a classic warm filter. I named all the filters after gems and minerals, by the way.

Here’s a before and after that demonstrates some color shifts. A lot of the filters in Golden shift primary colors into more pastel tones. I like think of it as a ’70s rainbow. There is a pretty big variety of filters in the pack that I use for different photos. For that reason, I can’t pick just one favorite, but they family together really well to create a cohesive look (meaning if you use lots of Golden filters they will still match in your grid!).

This photo is by @eliseabigailphoto and it is edited with Rose Quartz, which adds a soft pink glow.

Here’s another before and after to show what a huge difference just one filter can make.

I collaborated with Mandi on the creation of these filters. We spent so much time going back and forth and getting them right. I barely even use Photoshop or Lightroom anymore (I mostly just edit on my phone these days), so I have to give her a shout out for all her hard work in making my vision into reality!

This photo is by @denisebovee again and it is edited with Prism.

My heart is SO IN THIS. I hope you all love these filters. If you are into this look, I think you will find a lot of favorites in this pack.

On a personal note, my life has been completely taken over by a cute toddler and the 1,000 photos I take of her every day. I started editing in this softer, warmer style around the time we adopted Nova because it helped my VERY uncurated collection of sentimental photos to kind of match. As the months went by, I became obsessed with trying to mimic and old film look (you can use ALL of these filters on videos too). So in a sense I feel like this pack was inspired by this season in my life and it’s extra special to me.

If you have any questions, I’m here to answer them in the comments! xx – Elsie

Use #acolorstorygolden to share your Golden photos with us!

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Photos edited with A Color Story.

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