NEW Selective Edit Feature on A Color Story!!

A Color Story just released it’s biggest *FREE* update to tools ever!! Introducing … selective edit! We’re so excited about this update. If you’re not sure what selective edit is, it basically gives you the option to change up a certain part of your photo without affecting anything else. This is perfect for those photos where a section is too dark, but you don’t want to lighten up the whole photo. Or maybe you just want to change the hue of the sky? There is SO MUCH you can do with this addition to the tools. We also love that the selective edit tools isn’t just for brightness, contrast, or saturation. You can selectively edit with almost any tool in A Color Story!

To use selective edit, open a photo in A Color Story and tap “Tools” in the bottom menu. From there, tap “Adjust” and choose what tool you would like to use. Once you open a tool, you should see a little (+) icon in the bottom left corner. Tap that button and move the target around to the area you want to edit. You can pinch the target to make it smaller or larger and move the sliders to change the intensity! Here’s a video to see the tool in action:

We hope you love this new addition as much as we do! It’s perfect if you were wanting to do more precise editing on your photo. Be sure to use #AColorStory so we can see how you use selective edit! -The ACS Team

  • gahhhh a few weeks ago i printed out poster sized pics from cinque terre, and i needed this then! glad it exists now, thank you. maybe i’ll reprint those….

  • I am so in love with this! Thank you for creating A Color Story overall! It’s seriously such a joy to use and create with:)

  • Oh that’s amazing! A color story is already my favourite photo-app, but for the selective edits I also used Snapseed. This is so much better, can’t wait to try it!

  • What an update! It’s amazing that we can do so much photo editing on our phones now! I love A Colour Story (Essentials and Seasons are my fav) and I’ll make sure to update it and try this tool asap! Thank you for doing what you do so well! x

  • Is there any news on the last update coming to Android? The one that includes batch editing. I don’t think I can edit videos either… Thanks!

  • Hooray! So excited for this update!

    Next on my “A Color Story wishlist”: The ability to zoom in while editing.

  • Is the selective edit tool only for Iphone? The app is not popping up the plus sign for me on Android…? I even tried uninstalling and re-installing the app – I was so excited about this new feature!!! (which means I may have lost my paid for filter pack…?)Honestly I would buy those again, but I REALLY need the selective adj – SO EXCITED!!! I have been using Lightroom for seleective adj… just told my son about A ColorStory app the otherday, and said “It is THE BEST – if only it had selective adjustments” LOL!!! Can you tell me what may be causing this? I looked for updates that may not have been done to teh app, prior to uninstalling and reinstalling…Cant think what else may be going on?

  • I’m loving this app. I bought all filter packs, but I’m sad because still waiting for this update on Android 🙁

  • Really disappointed to learn about an awesome and much needed feature only to find out that it’s not available on Android (and might or might not ever be added). It’s not a good feeling as a customer to spend money on multiple app purchases and then realize that the creators are ambivalent at best about providing a professional quality app for ALL users.

    Android users outnumber IOS users in both the US and worldwide. Please treat us as the valuable customers that we are, not as an afterthought!

  • Two years later, is this still hasn’t been updated for Android, is there an ETA? Why even make the app for Android users if you are not going to keep the app up-to-date? Seems like a cash grab.

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