New Store Preview…


(photo by Alec Vanderboom


Wow…. It's been a month since we signed the papers and purchased our new store. I'm happy to report that our remodel is WAY ahead of schedule and things are starting to shape up around here. It's starting to look like a store again (instead of a gigantic mess with paint and ladders everywhere…). Our pal Alec snapped this photo a week ago while we were working on another fun shoot here. It looks like we will be physically ready to open way ahead of schedule (we still have 9 weeks to go!). That's great news considering I really want to hand-make a lot of brand new product before opening night. Also, we will be traveling to Chicago this coming month to sell pretty things at The Renegade Craft Fair. It's going to be a very exciting season! 

I just wanted to pop in and give you a peek and a *good news* update on our progress! We are beyond excited to open our doors on October 29th! 

You may have noticed that I haven't posted very many photos of the inside of the store (yet). This is intentional because I want to save the before/after photos and post them all one week before the opening. I think you'll be really excited to see the decor ideas we used to make the space our own. It's a vintage store with a very fresh, new vibe. The styling is completely mid-century, but the displays are set up like a modern department store. I'm loving this experience more than anything. Thanks for sharing it with us! Els

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  • I wish I lived closer so I could come visit your new store!

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  • That is so exciting! I wish I lived closer so I could come visit your new store!

    ray ban sunglasses.shirley

  • Loveee! That is so exciting! I wish I lived closer so I could come visit your new store!

  • super cute!! can’t wait to see more photos!! i can’t believe how fast your putting it all together, great job!!

  • Amazing – can’t believe you’ve only been working on this for a month – you are productive! Looking forward to the big reveal and wishing I lived close enough to check it out in person!

  • We live in Kansas and it took NO convincing to get my hubby to roadtrip with me for my bday! He is the greatest! Can’t wait to see the new store!

  • How totally exciting it must all be. I can’t wait to see all your amazing work in photos. hanks for sharing this one shot and the update. It’s going to be great rest of your year and of course next year with the wedding planning.

  • How exciting! Thanks for sharing this all online for those of us who live too far away to visit in person! I can’t wait to see the before and after shots! You guys are doing an AMAZING job! Your dedication is so inspiring 🙂

  • Looks amazing so far! Can’t wait to see the before and after shots. I love that kind of thing. 🙂

  • Looks incredible! 🙂
    can’t wait to see the finished product! 🙂
    Goodluck x

  • if only i could afford a plane ticket, i’d be there in a heartbeat for your opening day! dang!

  • I just wanted to pop in and give you a peek and a *good news* update on our progress! We are beyond excited to open our doors on October 29th!

  • Ahhh everything is looking gorgeous. It’s so beautiful to see your store dream take shape and become reality.

    Talia Christine

  • Can’t wait to see more. Everything you post of the new store totally takes my breath away!

  • Everything looks so lovely…that view would definitely draw me in!! 🙂

  • I’m super excited about this opening and seeing all of the pictures.

  • Love it Elsie!! I am so excited for you and proud of you for all the hard work you and all of your family have put into this store!! I am sure it is going to be absolutely fabulous!! Maybe a trip down from St. Louis will be in order to see the new place!!! Congrats again!!!!!

  • Holy crap, that is going to be the coolest store. I am definitly going to have to make a visit. Congratulations. And seriously you are such a smarty pants, crafty/boutique/marketer genius. What a great idea to build up excitement by planning the before/after posting. thank you for sharing all this with us.

  • oh my gosh. I’m so excited for you, and thanks for including us on this process! It feels like we get to be part of something beautiful and amazing! Really loving all of your updates on this.

  • Looks lovely! Can’t wait to visit your lovely booth at Renegade soon ♥

  • This is so exciting! I can’t wait to see the big reveal. Coming to Springfield to visit your boutique is on my list of things to do for myself next year. Congratulations and good luck at Renegade!

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