(and even more) New York Snapshots

CoffeeCoffeeCoffeeElsie + JeremyCoffeeI'm back to share one last round of photos from our trip this past weekend. This time, SLR photos! This little spot was nearby our hotel. We went there with our mom last summer, so we decided to take the boys too. We're mostly obsessed with the decor…. I mean, look at those stripes!Good morning!Good morning!Good morning!We enjoyed the Stumptown location in our hotel. Their tiny cappuccinos were too adorable. I like mini stuff.RoeblingRoeblingRoeblingRoeblingRoeblingWe had our first Brooklyn experience, which was a treat! We loved the food, the neighborhoods and the shopping. Definitely a cool vibe. 

Trey + Em(awwwwe!) 

Adorable vintage furnishing shopAdorable vintage furnishing shopAdorable vintage furnishing shopLola the frenchie is so sweet! Lola the blue frenchie completely stole my heart. 

Well, we just arrived home. I'm excited to take a long bubble bath and them jump into my crazy project list for the week. We're painting, sewing and renovating like crazy around here. Life is good! xo. Elsie + Emma too

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