It’s September! I can’t believe it. It feels like the beginning of a new season. Wonderful.

I’ve been working on making choices for new curtains and decor and in doing so I have collected quite a few stacks of pretty fabric….

1I think I am falling in love. I’ve finally picked out the curtain patterns and now I am feeling very inspired to try some new stitching projects…. I have a feeling that my sketchbook will be very very full by the time I have finished moving in a few weeks. Always a good feeling!

Another weekend project I’ve been working on is remixing (I like to make my own colors) my paint and putting it in these Wilton (yes… for cake decorating) bottles. I really wanted to have a simple & colorful display of paint in my new studio and I am so excited about this solution! They are super inexpensive and the perfect size…


On an entirely different note, for the past two days I have been thinking about Christmas *CONSTANTLY*. Memories and plans and ideas… I think the fall and Christmas seasons are so wonderful. I am looking forward to them this year especially. Jeremy said I should channel all this happy energy into designing some new holiday cards. Sounds like fun. I like the way he thinks! 🙂

Oh. my. goodness…. This is super exciting! The lovely Ashley G. was kind enough to do a commissioned portrait of Mr. Larson and I (we are both fans of her work!). She normally doesn’t take commissions so I am so thankful that she took the time to do this for us. We love it! Can’t wait to hang it in my new home…. Thank you, Ashley. You are a gem!!!!4

Well, I am all out of stories to tell this evening. If you are still in the mood for more, check out this new interview that I did for the Red Velvet Art blog. That kid is one of the most talented boys I know. He’s super cool!
Happy Monday and welcome to the beginning of the greatest season ever! elsie

  • Oh Elsie, you make me change my opinion about fall season… hmmm 🙂 When you write about it and about your “fall” feeling … I start loving it!

    The painting of you and Jeremy by Ashley G. is really great – love the style of Ashley!

    Have a nice day and the beginning of the week!



  • Your colour bottles are amazingly inspiring. I just recently started a painting project and your bottles make me wanna finish it even though it’s not going too well right now, so thanx!

    And, fall is by far the greatest season of all. Loves it!

    Hugs, Kristin, Sweden

  • Hi Elsie,

    Love the colors of your paint! And the portrait of you and Mr. Larson is so cute!

    You always inspire me, thanks!

  • Hi Elsie,

    Love the colors of your paint! And the portrait of you and Mr. Larson is so cute!

    You always inspire me, thanks!

  • I have got a new obsession with fabric too…especially vintage bits from flea markets. I also love old furniture it has a history and has already been loved by someone else and needs a new home…I guess thats why I like it. So excited to see your new studio.

  • yes, fall is such a nice change, i live in new england so the leaves are changing already

    and thriftiness is the best recycling out there!

  • I love all those fabrics.. Where do you find them all? I am looking for fabric for a sewing project.. those look so yummy! Thanks.

  • i’m pretty excited about september too. woke up this morning practically singing.

    also – love that fabric collection of yours!

  • Wow Elsie what a gorgeous stash of fabric you have!

    I have to say though I think *we* are just starting the best season of the year – its the 2nd day of spring here in Australia and the sun is shining and I am about to do some sewing 🙂 who could ask for more?

    Have a great day and I look forward to seeing some lovely fall photos from you and some funky decorating! 🙂

  • love the paint idea! and i bet your curtains are going to come out awesome with all the pretty and colorful fabrics.

    xo, tina

  • Don’t like fall 🙁 Hope you can change that opinion with your great projects coming up! LOL

    Love the fabrics! I’ll get the curtains from the previous house owner because of all the weird shaped windows.. too bad they are plain blue 🙁 But maybe I can alter them 😀

    Have a great week!

  • love love love your paint bottle solution!!! i’ve seen those bottles in the cake decorating isle before but never thought to use them to house my custom paint colors!!! thanks so much, i’ll definitly be using your idea!!! oooohhh off to the studio i go…

  • What an awesome idea for paint storage. I think you’ve inspired me to use those old cake decorator bottles I have in storage. Yay!

    I’m pleased to see your excitement. Today has been a horrible day so far for me, but your infectionous joy put a wonderful smile to my face today. Thanks for that I needed it.

  • where do you go flea market shopping around here? i live local too (nixa!) and have limited time b/c of 2 kiddos so i need to hit the best places fast! where would you recommend? and where can i get more info on the loft walk? last question I swear!!—did you get the fabric around here? I always end of having to order cool fabric b/c no one seems to carry it around here!!!

  • paints and portraits, how loverly!!! You are such a cutie pie, I can’t wait to see what you do with your new home.


  • I’m loving the fabrics, and you’re so right about the season. It’s one of my favorites, if not my favorite. Hope your moving keeps on going well.I bet your studio will turn out gorgeous after you’re done.

    Take care!

  • thank you so much, everyone!

    Lexi, i am going to do a post about my favorite shops soon. most of them are on commercial street though… and thrift haven (it’s on south glenstone)!

    xo. elsie

  • hello! u have a very sweet collection of fabric! and i love the painting of you and mr larson! (:

  • Love the fabrics. Those colors look sooo nice.

    And I don’t like fall…all the rain and dark nights again. Always have a hard time adjusting. Maybe your projects will inspire me to feel differently this year.

  • Wow, I love the colors! Do you have a system how to mix them or do you do it just by feeling…like red and white together and see what it going to happen or do you measure everything? I love making my own colors. And yours look just sooooo yummy!Have a great weekend.


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