new*new+news. :D

yayyyy. update is up. 

it's one of my favorite feelings in the world to put up tons of new stuff in one day. it's a little thrill. Erin, Rachel (and Will!) and I are finishing up work at Starbucks… we've had so much coffee it's crazy (in a GOOD way!). 
here are a few of my favorite things… 
holly's new cuffs in green and purple
and a new kit  for expecting moms…
& lots of new ACEO cards by Rach & I (these are by Rach!)…
in other news…. 
i miss you, Holly! 
Weekend plans?…. I am hoping to do a little redecorating at home, working in my studio for fun & cooking Jeremy some breakfast food. :D 
feeling sleepy, accomplished and thankful for such a lovely day. 
next post will be all pleasure, no business… if there is such a thing. 
XXOO. els
  • Aww, I love the expecting mom kit! Josh and I are trying to have another so I think I’m going to have to get it. So cute!

  • The 9 months of memories kit is adorable, and I would love to get it for my best friend who just found out that she’s pregnant, but she’s African-American. I know southwest Missouri is a primarily white area but I’m sure you have customers from all over who might also appreciate some diversity in the products you sell. Not a complaint or a critique – just a comment. 🙂

  • Hi Elsie,

    Just love your update 🙂 It was hard to make a choice between all the cute stuff.. but I just orderd yay!! Me sooooooo happy 🙂

  • ohhhhh elsie your girls are so sweet I love all…
    can I make one for my new tatoo????
    I hope you like…
    a kiss

  • yay!!i might treat myself to some RVA goodness 🙂
    oh and a ps on what “keli” said you should SO make some “diverse” girls!!! i would SO buy!!!

  • Wow! All lovely work. You take good pictures too. The cards are amazing. Love them!

    Blessings, peace, and love to you,


  • Elsie your new update is giving me goosebumps, I especially lovelovelove all the new original art!

  • Oh I love your new 9 months to memories set. Hopefully I’ll be pregnant again soon and will be ordering this from you.

    I can’t tell you how much you inspire me. Your dedication to your ‘craft is enough to make you anyone’s role model. 😉

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