not blogging feels weird…



hi there… i didn't blog yesterday and it felt really really weird. so today i'm popping in to say hello and tell you a cute story. last night Jeremy had a dream that there was a pink bunny in our house and he got to hold it. I've never seen a pink bunny before so I was very jealous. 

Life Updates (at random)… I'm kinda flipping out that our wedding is only about a month away (5 weeks or so…). It's all happening so fast! Mallory picked up a bunch of fabric swatches for me so I can't wait to see them. We have five summer interns scheduled to work on our Fall line… they're all adorable! My wedding shower is this weekend. I can't wait to see all the treats Emma is making. Mr. Larson and I are watching Audrey Hepburn movies and trying to choose the most colorful one for a special wedding project. OH… and I have tons of new shoes (it's fun!) so new outfit posts are coming soon. LOVES!β™₯ I'm off to do a photo shoot with my high school idol, Miss Angie. She said I could style her like a pop star…


ps. i acquired this sorta amazing vintage jumper this week. crazy pretty or crazy crazy? I love the neckline. 

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