October 1st.

I’m sort of excited that it’s October 1st today. I love October! Halloween, Caramel Apple Party (this friday night at my store), Jeremy’s birthday and the month when i get to buy a ton of pumpkins!

i got to spend some time with my parents & grandparents today. so much fun.
jeremy and i went to a flea market downtown that we had never been to and he found these amazing Dr. Martens for me! i had been wanting some so badly for this season. yay! i actually *still* have some from High School (but they’re the mary jane style AND they are covered in glitter) and it makes me feel a little old that trends from when i was in High School are already cycling, but i guess that was 10 whole years ago.. ha! as long as i don’t wear them with bootcut jeans, right? that’s what i’ll tell myself…
OK—changing subjects. 
:Seems like a good time to make some Autumn goals:
(these are personal goals, you’d laugh if you saw how long my business goal list is!)

1. bake pumpkin seeds. this brings back the happiest memories.

2. try making bubble tea again (my first try was a failure, big time).
Bubble-tea(photo cred) haha… hmm.. maybe i should make some goals that aren’t food related?


3. use my sewing machine! 
4. film a video tour of my house & store. 


5. throw the 2 cutest baby showers ever!!
one with chocolate cupcakes and one with red velvet, both with extra icing. 😉
It’s going to be a great month! thanks for all of the questions on the last 2 posts…. i am making a master list and looking forward to answering them all month! 
XOXO. els
ps. hello to all of my new sponsors this month… you look so pretty. 🙂
  • oh my goodness, I have been readding your blog for a couple of days now and I would say out of the 30ish blogs I read weekly you are my new favorite, visually colorful and so interesting. Your awesome1

  • Sounds like you are going to be busy this month “making the world cute”.

    I love coming to your little space here…I always find something to swoon over.

  • Such a fun post! Can’t wait to the tours of your house & store!!

    Hmmm… I have a question for the q&a posts… hope it’s not too late. Isn’t it hard to sell what you create – things you worked on and so much of you is in them? I’ve sold some things I made but all of them were kind of simple… I’ve never sold my paintings and, although I want to, it seems so hard to say goodbye to them!

    Thanks so much for everything!

    Efrat, Israel

  • OHMYGOODNESS i love those boots!!!

    i had a pair of forest green dr.marten boots in highschool… then one day i got sick of the green so i decided to make them black… with a sharpie marker… yeah, classy 😉

  • Hey Elsie…I’ve been following your blog for a LONG time….probably for the past 4 years at least. Thank you for all of your inspiration and honest posts.
    If it’s not too late, I thought of a question….
    When you are decorating or designing, do you let your ideas percolate in your head until things come full circle and then dive in, or do you just dabble and decorate spontaneously as you get inspired? Hope this makes sense. Thanks! Jamie

  • i can’t wait to watch you #4 and see lots of fun photos of #5! 🙂

    i ran out of inspiration lately, but yesterday i dropped by at rva blog and omg! i suddenly got so inspired.. thanks for lots of fun idea. 🙂

    love, shieri.. ♥ xoxo

  • Elsie, I love your blog. I read it every day because you have so many cute ideas. I also need to use my sewing machine, again. Poor thing is sitting in my closet.
    Btw, those cupcakes look so good.

  • Ah, Doc Martens. They were the highlight of my highschool wardrobe. Here’s a funny bit: When I was in 10th grade, my friend met a boy on her bus ride home from school – according to her he could do no wrong and he was perfect. Until the day he got off at her stop to walk her home and he was wearing patent leather Docs! She was appalled and dropped him like a hot potato.

    Oh, the days when relationships were based on such shallow things.

  • such a fun post! love the idea of a caramel apple party and love love love those cupcakes! Fall is a perfect time to have goals! Its like the new start!!!

  • your grandpa is ador.able.!!! 🙂
    have you been to vintage vice yet (i’m sure you have, just had to ask)? tons of neat things in there…

  • I hear all these people mentioning Dr Martens now that they’ve been “popular” again for a while, maybe I’m not a trend follower, but I never stopped wearing mine.
    Those leopard ones are pretty awesome though.

  • YES!!

    house and store tour pleeeease.

    i’ve been wanting to try bubble tea for the longest time now.

    but they dont sell it where i live 🙁

  • My friend has a similar pair of those Docs, I love them! I’m so glad it’s October now, new month and hopefully new opportunities around the corner!

  • I’m going to be throwing a baby shower too! I’ve got a niece waiting to make her grand debut sometime in February and I’m already collecting cute ideas for invites/favors/foods/etc

    I love it – everything is so adorable.

    I posted one of your buttons my blog btw. I’ve been reading yours for a year or so now and think everyone should get to experience all your cuteness!

  • oh you silly girl… wait till you’ve been out of HS 22 YEARS! Yikes!!! I so hope stirrup pants don’t come back but it’s so funny to me to see all the styles of the 80’s back because thats when i was a teen!

  • Hi Elsie–

    You are so cute and inspiring.

    Odd question: I’ve always wonder how tall are you? Seeing the picture of the Dr. Martens trigger me to ask you today! I’m going to aim with 5’5 because the shoes seem to be 71/2’s or 8’s. 🙂


  • Elsie, just some words – I’m crazy about your blog! It’s so bright and pozitive! Thanks a lot for sharing all these things and give us great inspiration! 🙂

  • Aww I still wear DM’s with my bootcut jeans and I always will! – but then I don’t follow fashion and wear what I like. 🙂

  • Just wanted to tell you, Everytime you talk about bubble tea, I think “Mmmmmmm…that sounds amazing!” so, I decided to google it in my area and I found ONE!! its in our mall:) I am so excited to try it. If you have any recommendations of what to try I would GREATLY appreciate it. 🙂

  • Hi, I found your blog and loving your work! Just got a question re: fuji instax, I’ve been thinking to get one but have one question in mind..does the ink fades away relatively quick? Many many thanks Elsie!

  • Brianna, I always get strawberry made with green tea. it’s different everywhere, though… :))

    Irene, I can’t say because I’ve only had my camera for about a month. I’ve had a great experience so far, but I do not know how long the photos are supposed to last!

    Brooklyn, I got my machine for free from my mom. Rachel always says that any basic machine is good though! 🙂 New is easier to maintain than vintage!

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