ode to andy warhol….

I thought it would be fun to do a little eye candy post today in honor of the fabulous andy warhol, the beautiful Edie Sedgwick and the super*lovely film factory girl … i have always had a crush on andy warhol’s work. artists who are so unique that you tend to either LOVE their work or HATE it captivate me. enjoy!

happy wednesday!
love, elsie

  • What I wouldn’t do for her entire outfit! I’m diggin’ the fur, the bling, the hat, the glasses…that’s just hotness!

  • I saw a Warhol exhibit of celebrity portraits a few years ago. Very, very cool and a big Marilyn print hangs above my bed. The interesting thing about Warhol is he actually didn’t touch the majority of the silkscreen works accredited to him- they were done by the other artists and people at his studio.

  • I have a question….Just out of my curiosity, do you have any sort of religion? I have just noticed that I look at your blog every day, and I have not noticed anything about it.so just wandering :]] Thnx for the icandy

  • Warhol’s art is definately one-of-a-kind. I saw an exhibit of his in DC a little over a year ago. I can’t wait until I have the opportunity to see it all over again in person!

  • Love Andy! I have had his “daisy” as the wallpaper on my cell phone forever! It makes me smile everytime I open my phone!

  • Elsie, head down to Branson to Andy Williams’ Moon River Grill and view his Warhols. I caught a glimpse of the Marilyn Monroe painting recently.

  • I love Andy Warhol too! 🙂

    My big museum stop in New York City this past summer was to visit his stuff at the Museum of Modern Art. They have the Elvis, Gold Marilyn, a whole wall of Campbell’s soup cans and a bunch more. It was so cool! Seeing that stuff in person was amazing. 🙂

  • I have that Jackie O wrapping paper. I love it!!!!!!! I aheva little obsession with Jackie and Audrey Hepburn. I’n going to be her for Halloween!



  • Funny you post this, me and my husband are going to The Andy Warhol exhibit at our local art museum this weekend. Fun stuff!

  • Funny you post this, me and my husband are going to The Andy Warhol exhibit at our local art museum this weekend. Fun stuff!

  • Funny you post this, me and my husband are going to The Andy Warhol exhibit at our local art museum this weekend. Fun stuff!

  • Elsie

    Love Andy, and I notice in Factory Girl there is one of our very own home grown Australian actors Guy Pearce! Well Well!!

    Happy Thursday here in Aus!!

    Love to you Els!


  • Hi Elsie! I think Warhol is the kind of artist that, (as you said) you love him or you hate him. I happen to LOVE him! Even his portraits are works of art! I especially love the “mad scientist” looking photos…it seems appropriate to me that someone who creates his kind of art look kind of…well, messy! Andy Warhol is truly a “Beautiful Mess!” Blessings!

  • Warhol has been one of my biggest muses since I started creating art. I love all things bold and in your face, and lots of splashes of color help also. It’s always nice to meet another fan.

  • I once saw an episode of Love Boat with Andy Warhol as a guest. That was kinda bizarre.

  • Elsie you are just the coolest. We have so many things in common. This is one of them. I have a pic of me at A.W. grave. I have been wanting to scrap for a very long time. I think I will finally do it. You have inspired me yet again. Thanks so much for inspiration girly.

  • love warhols work. Thats what inspired the popart card that i have done,I have seen the film to and felt so sorry for poor Edie

  • i love his work to! Im actually studing andy warhols work at the moment in A level art textiles {college} hes sooo Inspiriting! hope u had a great wednesday i did woopwoop


  • Hey Elsie!! I totally agree!! Andy Warhol is either the type of artist you LOVE or HATE. I however LOVE LOVE LOVE him, even before art school!! Thanks for the eye candy!! :o)

  • I have Factory Girl on the top of my Netflix queue, but it still says long wait 🙁 Can’t wait to see it thought. Def looks good.

  • I so love this post. It reminds me how some of our greatest artists were, and still are ahead of their time. His art rings so true and continues to be unmatched in what it says about our culture and world. Thanks for the making me think. If you have not already, check out the architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. He is another artist ahead of his time. I know you will love his work if you don’t already.

  • My grandma used to say “if we all liked apples there wouldn’t be enough to go around”.

    I don’t get the AW fascination – I appreciate his unique out of the box thinking, but wouldn’t be moved to hang any of his pieces in my own home.

    I was hoping to see some cool photos from your Corn Maze trip – did you take any?

  • Thanks for the inspiration! I love that your blog is a “photo blog.” You feed creativity!

    There’s a Warhol silkscreen at the college I went to, SBU in Bolivar.


  • OK, this is completely off subject, and I know I am a little late, but check out this band.


  • I went to an exhibit a few months ago that featured a couple of Warhol cubist paintings! Quelle shock! Very cool, though.

  • I LOVE Andy Warhol too…I’m in a pop art class right now so there’s a lot of Andy Warhol going on…Keith Haring is another great artist who is an inspiration to me right now…great eye candy…seeing Andy Warhol on here made me happy 🙂

  • woo hoo …. I collect Warhols prints, etc. I just got a new warhol bag to add to my collection. Thanks for thie post! totally cute!!!!

  • Elsie, It was so cool to see Casper’s on your blog! I graduated from Missouri State in 1992 and I actually photographed that building with the intention of drawing it one day (I never have!) So cool to see that it’s still there!


  • hannah went a little love,else crazy at the scrapbook store today=]. what the heck when do i talk in thirdperson? i seriously think i have a crush on your line, if that’s possible.

  • You wont believe this, but I a half way through writing a film review of Factory Girl as I type for my art history class – i am discussing how the film portrays Sedgwick and the closeness of it to her real experience. There is a great oral history of her life you should read, simply titled ‘Edie’.Absolutely loved the film!

  • I LOVE ANDY WARHOL! (his last name was originally Warhola) hehe. i think i said that though when you asked us who our favorite artists are… ;D

  • I LOVE ANDY WARHOL! (his last name was originally Warhola) hehe. i think i said that though when you asked us who our favorite artists are… ;D

  • Andy Warhol art is not just so inspiring but it’s real too. I don’t profess to always ‘Get’ art,but I just love his work.

    Thanks Elsie x

  • Oct. 15-Elsie we are missing you, but I bet you are taking your Emma to LA. I know you’ll be missing her.

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