officially in love.


i've decided it's love. the fuji instax mini is probably the best 'just-for-fun' purchase i've made all year. it's super small (always in my purse) and it takes adorable little credit card size photos that look like baby polaroids. i deliberated whether or not i should purchase one all summer, so i just thought i should let you know that i think it's totally worth it for those of you who have been considering adopting one too. they're too cute!


Picture 2

here are a few of our photos from this week. we've had tons of fun documenting our little trip with a new plastic camera. 

IMG_2171 IMG_2172IMG_2174

by the way, polaroid photos, are still extremely special and dear to my heart. i am still paying silly money for packs of film on eBay. i was very happy to add an instant camera to my collection that had lower film prices (.60 to .70 cents per photo instead of $2). it's good for variety and much smaller, but i don't see this new camera as 'taking the place' of classic polaroid photos in any way. :)  XO. 

ps. here's something cute i made today. i spray painted some thrifted owls for the Sleeping At Last merch table. 🙂


matches their gorgeous album cover….

Sleeping-at-lastand if you're in the mood to hear some new albums, you can listen to their entire album right here ('Chandeliers' is the song that Mr. Larson contributed string parts to.. so pretty!) enjoy! Els

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