oh my…..

Photo 654

today is lovely. i've been listening to the flaming lips and working on illustrations.
OH! and i got some really kind gifts in the mail today, so i thought i would blog them….
a stitched note from katie and the beautifulllll ashley g. journals from UO, which i will be carrying in my purse everywhere.  
and kyla sent some very sweet gifts, including some beautiful vintage books and an outfit for Suki. 
ha! how sweet.
oh my… i still have a pretty big to-do list this weekend, but it's all very fun. 
-new illustrations
-a couple more paintings for our mini update on Monday
-go look at some night tables from craigslist
-grocery shop (whoa. i must!)
-and tons of product photos
here's a happy thought for today…
Picture 6
so pretty. i have dreams of being that domestic. it's adorable.
and i think these are so cool…
been dreaming about a fugi instax mini. it takes little instant photos (wallet size). i still love my polaroid, but this film is a lot more reasonably priced (i don't like to feel guilty for taking photos!). 
there is even a B E A U T I F U L diana with an instant camera back that uses the same film. 
Love-Loves! e
  • Oh. my. goodness. Chucks for your dog. Does she actually walk in them? I don’t think mine would. She can barely handle wearing clothes and even her harness.

    I will be painting ALL weekend!

    Have a great one!


  • I am cracking UP LAUGHING at the cuteness of those shoes on your little puppy! TOO CUTE! Thanks for sharing and putting a smile on my face 🙂

  • Oh, I have the Fuji Instax Mini in pink, and I adore it! If you look on eBay you can find some pretty sweet package deals that include lots of goodies like extra film and fun little markers that are meant for doodling on the photos. I love that the pictures are literally credit card sized. : )

  • I think the diana camera is sweet…

    I was thinking of getting one a while ago…bought a fish-eye film camera instead:)

  • he! no, she can’t walk in them…. maybe when she gets a little bit bigger though. she is pretty mellow about getting dressed up, though… i’m glad!

    thanks, everyone, for the kind comments! e

  • xD i also wanted the fuji instax cam for a looooong time! i’d like to have one in white, but they are hard to find – only from japan o_O and that’s way too expensive.

    we’ll see <3

    and what could be better than aqua/blue coloured oven and washing machines?????? 😀

  • Did I completely miss the tattoo blog post? You haven’t mentioned them in some time. I thought I was getting every RSS feed. hmmmmm…. 🙁

  • i love your camera 🙂 just bought a kodak instamatic 28 and I CAN’T BUY FILM FOR IT!! so devastating. it’s fine though, it only cost £2.99 from a charity shop

    have a lovely day!

  • A happy weekend, love all the ispiring stuff in your blog.

    Makes me look around the web a lot, do not thank you for that ;).

    Your blog gives me a good feeling, it’s in my Goodmorning-faves. When my work isn’t going the way I want it, I going to get a positive boost here, thanx.

    Szweet greetz from the Neth’s, Astrid

  • i’ve been going back and forth on the diana with the instant back for months and months now. soooo cute, but i got a new blythe last month and just ordered a new sewing machine yesterday. so it’ll have to wait!

    ah, crafty goodness.

  • I bought the Kitty G. notebook for my best friends birthday and she loved it! (the one with the colorful raindrops in the background) But now I’m contemplating going to get my own!

  • i have a fuji instax mini. i bought it on lomography.com. i absolutely love it and they’re so fun! i definately suggest buying one.

  • aww Miss Suki! So cute!

    The shoes were honestly like the funniest thing ever, I couldn’t pass them up when I saw them.

    The Fuju Instax Mini is my favorite carry around camera. so simple and easy. There are some *Great* deals on ebay for packages as said above. It’s definitely worth the shipping!

    xo. Kyla

  • I grew up in a kitchen that same color blue! Torquoise blue (SP?) with pink countertops! That was life in the late 50’s and 60’s. How cool that it’s coming back!!! Have a good weekend!

  • get the hello kitty fuji mini 25 it’s really really cute. u can find it on ebay. (:

  • I have an instax and LOVE it! The photos are flatter, smaller, and easier to scrapbook 🙂

  • oh la la, comme j’aime ta première photo avec la page en tissu…. et puis OUIIIIIIIIII, j’adore TOUT TOUT TOUT ce que tu nous montre sur ton blog!!!!….

    GOERGOUS!! thanks thanks thanks

    kiss from switzerland

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