“oh wow. is this yours? do you use it? i mean… can i like…have it?”

i saw this beautiful masking tape in Jeremy's studio this morning & he graciously 'loaned' it to my cause. now i want to scrapbook! 

i'm working in my studio today… all day. i'll share some new pretties tomorrow. 
Jeremy promised me a sushi date tomorrow night to celebrate all of the crazy hours we've been putting in. He has been producing an album for this amazing guy from Atlanta this week. The studio downstairs has been just as busy as the studio upstairs… The songs are beautiful. 
Plus… I don't think I've mentioned Jeremy is already writing for his third solo album, which we plan to produce independently again! exciting. 
highlight of my day, so far… i actually left the house (wow.. no kidding?) and purchased this rad little Tracy Feith shirt from Target (the black one with the 8)…
& also some littlest pet shop stickers. i seriously try not to be obsessed with LPS, but i sort of am & it's totally because of the pandas…. they are S o C u t e! 
it's probably good that i don't have kids right now because i'd for sure be a crazy toy collector like (umm) some people i know.
off to work. Els
  • love masking tape! it makes anything look super cool.:) and yay! can’t wait to Jeremy’s third album!!!!

  • HI Elsie

    Just a quick question – how are you hanging everything in your shop? are you using nails and hooks or plastic stick on ones? I am trying to hang my work in my room in a collage style and don’t want to put lots of holes in the wall while trying to get everything to hang properly. So do you just hang or do you plan on paper first?

    Love the shop pictures maybe one day I will be able to visit…

    Emma Outback

  • I have the littlest pet shop turtle on the dash board of the truck and it always makes me smile when the hubby takes the truck! hehe

  • LPS…I have the owl one. And, racy Feith OMG I bought a strapless black dress from Target the other day that I love!

  • Dear Elsie,
    I have over 70 LPS and 3 big plushies. I AM obsessed. They are really cute and fun to play with.
    From Emily. XO.

  • Littlest Pet Shop!! Woo! I have the husky and the armadillo, my favorite animals!

    My friend Dani has every single LPS panda, she’s obsessed! They are very cute.

    I’ve never seen masking tape in different shades, only in that lightest beige color. That’s neat! I can’t wait to see what you’ll do with it!

  • Hi Elsie. I don’t comment too often (well this would be my second) but I read your blog lots and love it. That last panda is adorable. Pandas are my fav. Have you ever heard of Tare Panda? They are way cute http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qv4E3JI2uP8 (there is other cute pics online of them too, just thought this video was interesting) 🙂

  • Oh…I can’t wait for Jeremy to have a new CD!!! I love his music so much! I am giving everyone in family one of his CD’s for the holidays. 😀

  • You are very lucky that you don’t have a little one right now that loves LPS. Some days I think my house has exploded with them. My husband and I are constantly on Ebay trying to complete her ever growing collection!

  • Ah, the Pandas are the cutest!

    I have just started a crafty blog my self, I’m writing about your art to day. Feel free to look:)

  • Cute pandas! I remember playing with littlest pet shop when I was little. And I’ve been really inspired to scrapbook lately, too. Maybe it’s something in the air!

  • I totally love masking tape 😀 and honestly I don’t know why 😀 the purple panda is the cutest 🙂

  • I collect Littlest Pet Shop! My son is 6 and we share the toys, but really . . . it’s not like he’s going to take them to college with him! Those suckers are MINE!!!

    I love the ferrets for some reason . . . and in real life I would NEVER own a ferret! Pandas and hamsters a close 2nd. 🙂

  • What kills me is that I have the original littlest pet shop…and I am so glad I kept it after all these years. The part that really gets me is that after a couple times of playing with mine, my little niece has a collection and a shop of her own….LOVE IT!!

  • That’s funny about the LPS Pandas. I feel the exact same way!! They are cute, but i really only like them for the Pandas. I have the purple one. Yeah, kids would be a great excuse! I feel like a weirdo buying them, like i should borrow a kid to come with me to the store. I just bought one though…i will resist the urge to college…got to appear sane! 😉

  • Hey! What is this new find from Atlanta and where can we find the music?? Could you include a link or name or something in the next blog?

  • my brother and i collected the “original” little pet shops back in the early nineties…now my little sister, kate, collects the new ones! our whole family is obsessed with them and i secretly scout out walmart and target toy aisles everytime i go in there to see if they have any new pets out! :0) they all live in indiana and i live in kentucky…so every time they come to visit i have a little collection of LPS presents to give her! :0) xoxo andie librandi…

  • that masking tape is amazing!

    reminds me of how i’m always collecting things from my boyfriend’s house, like corks from bottles, old paper and things. his parents think i’m so weridcool.

    yay for getting out of the house! currently in the same kinda situation. workworkplay in the studio! i love it.

    thanks for the inspiration, as always!

  • I want to see some of your scrapbooking – I’m in need of inspiration in that department! oh, and those sweet littlest pet shops adorn my my entire home – my 6 year old has about 30 and counting…

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