Ombre Heart Mani DIY

Heart Nails DIYThis is probably one of my favorite mani DIYs to date. I love the simplicity and the beautiful ombre colors. It’s such a fun twist on a traditional French tip and is very appropriate for Valentine’s day!

-assortment of pink, peach and red polish
glossy top coat
polish remover
small makeup brush

Heart Nails DIY Heart Nails DIY First pick out your nail colors. I chose a variety of pinks, peaches and reds for this look, but it also looks beautiful with one color too! For my colors, I selected from lightest to darkest; Haute to Trot by Essie, Sublime by RMS, Smile by RMS, Flashed by Essie and Drop the Gown by Essie. Once you select your colors, apply a swath of color to each side of your nail. Start at the outside edge of your nail and with one motion, curve your brush to the tip. Using one motion to paint on each side really keeps the edges smooth looking! I did two coats of my heart tips on each nail and let dry completely.

Heart Nails DIY Heart Nails DIY Once your nails are dry, go ahead and apply a generous top coat to each nail. This will smooth everything out and give your nails a beautiful shine, especially since we aren’t applying polish to the rest of our nail. I recommend a glossy top coat.

Heart Nails DIY Heart Nails DIY Don’t worry if you make a mess or get a lot of polish around your nails. The beauty is that we can clean everything up and make it look perfect. I’m left handed, so my right hand always looks way better. I messed up a lot on my left hand, but thanks to the polish remover I used, it looks just as good as the right hand. Using a small, stiff makeup brush, dip your brush into the remover and carefully clean up around your nails. It’s definitely easier if you wait until they are completely dry.

Your beautiful heart mani is complete! You can do so much with this look… use one color, use a variety of different colors, keep with the ombre theme, or even add sparkle. It’s so hard for me to say no to sparkle. When I did this mani the first time, I couldn’t resist adding a little coat of glitter to the tips. So pretty!

Heart Nails DIY Heart Nails DIY Heart Nails DIY Enjoy your next mani night!! I’ve been fitting mine in during weekly The Bachelor viewing parties at my place, and it’s amazing. Girls’ night, questionable TV shows and manis…what could be better?! 😉 Lots of love, Sav.

Credits//Author + Photography: Savannah Wallace. Photos edited with the NEW A Beautiful Mess actions

  • Oh wow this is so beaut! Perfect for valentines day. You’re so talented.

    Beckie xo // The Pale Tails

  • Awesome, Nail paint design are looking so awesome. these are so creative.

  • This is such a fun and cute mani idea for valentines!

    Paige Flamm
    The Happy Flammily

  • You guys always have the prettiest nail tutorials. Too bad I bite mine, and they’re too short for anything like this, haha. 🙁

  • Ahhh I love this! A subtle nod to vintage styles yet screamingly modern in colour!


  • I adore these! I’m always jealous of people with big nails like that – mine are teeny and nail designs are so hard to do. This look is so flippin’ cute, though!

  • such a cute idea for a mani and easy too! love the idea of using glitter too, who doesn’t love sparkle?!

  • That’s a gorgeous idea! I’m definitely gonna try it out next time I paint my nails.

  • A simple and cute mani for Valentines day! Once I get the shellac off my nails I’m going to try this! Love it

    -Blythe xo

  • So cute, simple and just in time for Valentine’s Day too!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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