OMG! We found a studio house!

OMG! We found a studio house! on abeautifulmess.comOMG. OMG. OMG!!! I honestly cannot remember the last time I was so excited to type out a blog post. Today I'm happy to share that we found the perfect-for-us house and we are in the process of purchasing it to use as a studio for A Beautiful Mess. Our closing date is scheduled for next week!

So first, I thought I would share a little bit about the shopping process. If you've read Emma's and my home buying stories you know we're polar opposites when it comes to shopping. Emma's process was done in a day and mine was drawn out over many months. Can you guess which one of us is lower maintenance? Ha! But all kidding aside, I was slightly terrified to house shop with Emma and our team. What if we didn't agree? How difficult would it be to find something everyone loved? 

As it turned out, it was super helpful to hear different perspectives after seeing each home. We shopped for about two months. The process was slow at first. We found a home we loved and made an offer, but we got outbid. It was discouraging, to say the least, and for a couple weeks it seemed impossible to find something that we loved as much as that first one. As we kept looking we worked hard at evaluating our priorities and making a wants and needs list. 

Jeremy likes browsing house listings so he would often send me a bunch of links to check out. There was one home he sent several times that I kept dismissing because the kitchen was very dark. It was way under our budget, so on one of the days we were going to view homes I added it to our list. When we went inside I instantly loved it, but was pretty sure I would be the only one. It needed a lot more work than any of the other homes we had looked at, but it was huge and it had good bones. Everyone on the team seemed to light up over it too (happy dance!!!). We made an offer a day or two later. It was the best feeling EVER to find the one

During the inspection we went in and took photos of all the rooms and brought our contractor with us to discuss the major jobs we want to tackle with him before moving our team there. Here's a sneak peek of our soon-to-be studio house! OMG! We found a studio house! on Windows are really important to us. The natural light is essential for both good photographs and a happy work environment. One of the things we love about the new space is the abundance of giant windows. We also fell in love with the super dark kitchen because we know that we get to completely redo it! It's crazy, and slightly intimidating, to stare at our mile-long renovation wish list. It's also the most exciting thing EVER. 

Some of you have already had questions about the new space. Here's a little more info- 

What's your vision for this studio house? It's basically DIY heaven and we can't wait to share the entire process with you! We will be working in this home on all of the blog content that you would normally see here, like recipes and DIY projects. In addition, we will be sharing a before/after room makeovers of every single room as we turn them into the spaces we envision. We are looking forward to a year full of more home decor projects than ever! 

Why a house and not a loft? There are a few reasons. We did rent a loft two years ago when we started writing our first book. We stayed for about six months, didn't love it and then moved to my home where we've been for the past year. Working from my home really taught us that we love having traditional rooms to take photos in (kitchen, bedroom, dining room, living room etc!) A home is also a better option for us because we'll have far more freedom and space to decorate and create projects. Buying rather than renting is also better financial investment for our business. 

So will it look like a house or an office? Both! We will have a room that functions as an office for computer work as well as all the rooms you'd see in a normal house.

Is anyone going to live there? No, but we will have a guest room. 🙂

If you have any other questions, please let me know in the comments! Over the coming few weeks we will be sharing more before photos of the rooms in our studio house and sharing inspiration for each room. We're so excited to get in there and decorate! This is truly one of the most exciting projects we've ever taken on. We can't wait to share the entire journey with you guys! 

xoxo. Elsie + Emma

Footnote: I have edited some of the text and images from this original post. I never intended for this post to mock the seller's decor. I have tried to make that more clear. I apologize for not being more sensitive. I always learn from my mistakes. Thank you to those who pointed out your concerns politely. We can't wait share more details about our new studio house in the near future! Elsie

  • Wow, what a beautiful house – the light and space look perfect. We too are getting the keys for our new home in a couple of weeks and are so excited to make it our own. Can’t wait to be inspired by your transformation! Many congratulations 🙂

  • Ahh this must be so exciting for you guys! I can’t wait to see the projects that develop from this space. There seems to be so much there to work with! My love and I have currently been house hunting for the last year and have yet to settle on something. We need to find a space that suits all of our needs and still has room for my handbag design/vintage shop workspace!

  • I love this idea! I’ve always wanted to own a business based in a home! Good luck with everything!

  • How exciting!! What a great place to work with the people you love. Can’t wait to see how this will shift your business. <3

  • Oh my goodness how exciting ladies!! I can’t wait to see what you do with it. Whenever I’m feeling the need for some creative inspiration your blog is the first place I land. 🙂

  • oh elsie- I was so glad to read the edited post and the footnote you added too because I had read the original post a few days ago and was a bit taken aback by the tone and the photos. It was kind of enough to turn me off reading here and I’ve been following you since 2010. I was kind of putting myself in the seller’s position or maybe imagining if it were my parents and thinking of how they might be hurt by what was their home being made fun of ( even without you realising or intentionally doing so). I now know you didn’t mean to hurt anyone and you put it right- we all have momentary laspes in judgement, I suppose the consequences can just be more far reaching when that lapse of judgement happens to be published on the internet! Again, so glad you had a rethink and listened to feedback from your readers, it shows great humility and character to admit when you made a mistake. I’m sure you were thinking of yourself in the sellers position or a friend/parent etc when you made the change to the post. Really looking forward to seeing the wonderful things team ABM do in the new space! ?

  • Aww congrats!! I’m super excited to see all the pictures from your new studio house 🙂

  • Wow! Congrats ladies! This is SO amazing and super excited about seeing you all new projects for your new studio house 😀

    Lulu xx

  • This is SO cool. I saw you’d instagrammed a picture of this and I was like ‘whaaaa?’, but now I totally get it. You have great minds. Looking forwards to see what you do (and the kitchen is the most awesome place to design from scratch, so many part to let your creativity loose on mundane things). It’s going to be awesome.

  • This is wonderful news!!! What an absolute dream; you each have your own homes to decorate and now this fun blank (well, maybe not so blank) canvas to experiment with and change how ever often you wish.
    SO excited to see what you lovelies do!


  • Ok. So this place looks awesome but I have a question for you. Are there any zoning laws that you had consider before buying this house to work out of? I know a lot of areas don’t allow businesses to be run from a home. I’m pretty sure that our HOA prohibits us from running a business similar to yours in the neighborhood that I live in. Have you run into a situation like that?

  • Wau… I love this house… CONGRATULATIONS 🙂 I look so much forward to a lot of home-deco posts 🙂 Have fun 😉

  • We couldn’t be happier for you! So very excited about the prospect of all the blog posts to come. Thanks in advance for sharing your amazingly creative style. The pictures are so pin-able and they always inspire. Congrats on all the lovely big windows, too!

  • OMG, this is so exciting!!! It’s like a dream come true – it would be for me!
    And I see a lot of potencial in the house, I’m sure it will turn out awesome!! So curious and happy, that I cann follow the whole process here in your blog!! Cheers, Sarah

  • This is really wonderful! I love all the windows! I dream of the day that I can completely make over our family’s first house! I look forward to seeing what you guys do. I love your creativity. I’m so happy for you guys! Cheers!!!

  • What a fun project for the New Year! I am so excited for yall…and a bit jealous!

  • I can’t wait to see all your projects and rooms makeovers. If everything goes right, we should get a new home as well so I’m excited to get inspiration and DIY ideas!!

  • Congrats!! I am exciting, I can imagine your future projects, will be fantastic!! yey


  • I think you should leave the sponge paint… I mean, really? What if it makes a comeback 🙂 Kee hee.

  • oh happy day!! congrats to you two (and your whole team). so looking forward to seeing what you do with the space!

  • I’m so excited for you guys and to see everything that will come of this endeavor! I’m super excited for the make overs to come with the new space. Congratulations, ladies!


  • Oh, congrats! That´s so great! I really like the pictures in this entry… 😀

  • Wow! Congratulations. You lovely ladies are such an inspiration. Not just as crafters or bloggers but to all women. Thank you.

  • I am so happy for you! And I can’t wait to see all of the DIY projects you’ll be coming up with. Major excite.


  • This house/studio is darling!!! I can already imagine what a mess You’ll start getting rid of all the things You don’t want and your happy faces during the mess process hehehe! 😀 I also love the idea of a home-studio it’s so cozy and cute!
    Good luck!!

  • So excited for you guys! I love architectural details of the home. The bay windows are wonderful! Can’t wait to see how you fix it up.

  • I loveeeeeee it.

    I want a creepy old house too (that’s what my husband calls it) lol… it has so much character. Congrats!!

  • I understand your point completely. Like I said before I would never want to hurt anyone’s feelings! I mean that.

    This post was meant to be about finding a home we LOVE and how we can’t wait to start projects there. It was not meant to insult others. I always learn from my mistakes and I will absolutely be more sensitive in future posts.

    Thanks! elsie

  • Hi Grace! Mine is from Urban Outfitters last year. Emma’s is from Forever 21.
    Thanks SO much!!

  • yaaaaaaay! finally! congratulations! wishing only great things to your wonderful team 🙂
    New posts on my blog! visit me 🙂

  • This is a great idea! As a work from home photographer (when I’m not shooting) I totally understand the need for a “homey” work environment. But even better to have one that feels like home but isn’t your home so you can step away when needed! I’m curious if this house is in walking distance to either of your homes or if it’s close to coffee shops, restaurants, etc? You never know when you’ll need a mid-afternoon coffee break 😉

  • I think you’re missing the point of why we see this as rude. At the time of this post they are not the “previous owners”. They are the current owners.

  • Important question!!: where are your jackets from? 😉

    Congratulations for sure. And cute as ever in your new space.

  • hi Elsie, thanks for your reply. More sensitivity for the owners and their previous decor choices was all I was thought you needed in the post when it’s being read by hundreds of thousands of people- it was a home for the previous owners after all. sure if I bought a house I might describe some of the decor as ugly but not on a public platform, and only to my close family and friends, otherwise it comes off as rude behaviour. I read your blog every day and really respect you girls but this post disappointed me in it’s tone. antonia. Xx

  • I responded to a similar comment above! I totally understand this perspective and don’t want to come off as rude! We’re in love with this house and while showing before/after photos is a part of what we want to share I don’t ever want it to seem like we are putting anyone down! We can’t wait to give this space our own spin, but we fully expect to get lots of “I liked it better before” comments… we always do! I wish it were easier to share this part of the process (the before photos) without pointing out things we don’t like!

    Anyway- we LOVE the new house and feel so lucky to have found it. I hope that if the previous owners ever find out blog they will have a good laugh or at least find it interesting since we’re coming from a different perspective! 🙂

  • I totally understand this perspective!! We would never want to hurt anyone’s feelings. I hope it was clear that our little comic photos were just for fun and that we are actually OBSESSED with this house! Sure, we’re going to repaint things and redecorate too, but we love the home and feel very lucky to have found it!

    The previous owners of my home look at our blog sometimes and I ABSOLUTELY believe they sometimes cringe at my choices. 😉

  • Hi Elisa! There are about 13 or 14 spaces (including rooms, porches, the back yard etc) that we plan to share the makeover process for! 😀

  • Thanks so much Stephanie! We appreciate that. We find it really hard to get “random” everyday type photos together, that’s one reason we hired a photographer to join our team soon! 😀 We can’t wait!

  • Wow!!! You girls must make a ton of money off your blog to be able to buy a home!! I mean I know it’s the mid west and housing is way less than over here on the east coast but darn!! Cool for you!

  • So exciting! The house looks great, I can’t wait to see the rest. Looking forward to the transformation.

  • Really excited for you all on this new endeavor. I cannot wait to see what you do with the space as well as what you will create while using the space!

  • Congrats, am soo excited to see how this place would transform. Waiting patiently.

  • Congrats!
    I really like the idea of having a studio house instead of a loft. It fits so much better to your ideas, DIYs, your art of photographing and blogging, in short: it fits perfectly for A Beautiful Mess. I’m looking forward to the next months here in your blog – what a exciting time to build up a new “home”.
    Have fun and I wish you all the best for that!

  • That looks amazing! loving the photos and captions too, you guys are so cute haha

  • Ahhhhh! SO EXCITING, LADIES!!!! Congrats, I seriously can not wait to see what you guys get up to in your new space! 🙂


  • Ladies, I’ve been a long time reader of ABM but I have to say this post is rude. It’s not very nice to take pictures of a home you don’t even own yet and then make fun of it.

  • Congrats! This looks beautiful I am so excited to see what you ladies do with it!

  • happy and excited for you guys! I kinda wish you did not comment on the current decor though- I know sponge painted walls and carpets might not be your thing but it was for the people who lived there ( and possibly are still living there until you close?). It might hurt your feelings if you were selling your house and your decor choices like your horse/anchor/clementine statement walls were publicly commented on on a blog with such a huge readership. Just a thought! Excited to see the great things you do in the new space! Xx

  • Wow, what a terrific idea!!! Buying a house was truly the best idea ever. I’m wishing you guys the best of luck!

  • Those windows are just wonderful. I look forward to seeing the before/after kitchen and all the changes you make. Best regards from Barcelona,

  • This is so so exciting! Can’t wait to see what you do with the place! x

  • Congrats!! Looks great and so exciting ! 🙂

  • Oh guys I’m so happy for you, congrats! I’m looking forward to all of the house make over posts 🙂
    How many rooms does the house have (how much space do you have for experimenting? :D)

  • Wow! I wish I could buy a house one day. It’s my dream. Space is everything!
    Congrats girls <3

  • Congratulations! Your minds must be racing with all of the things you can do in the space. Can’t wait to see it unfold.

  • It looks pretty awesome! Have fun! I can’t wait to see what you guys do with the “office” part of it…

  • So cute, it reminds me of the San Francisco home I grew up in. Very pretty. Congratulations!


  • Mh, I love a lot of things about this post, of course a big YAY that you’ve found a house and I am excited to see all the magic you’ll be working there (especially the kitchen, can’t wait to see it :D) but I have to say, what I really loved most about this post was its honesty and tone. I have missed you blogging like this, conveying feelings and such. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the recipes, diys and home tours, but it’s nice to get a little ‘background information’ from time to time 🙂

    Also now I am motivated again to go flat hunting, here in Germany getting a flat (that isn’t in the basement or costs $$$$) is like winning the lottery and we have a fixed moving out date so that’ll be fun come february.

  • Wow! What a fantastic idea! That house is gonna be a content-drive: more space, more inspiration, more material to work with. You guys truly are an inspiration and blogging legend!

  • ps. i love this house so much!!!!! the wood floors are breath taking….

  • Please do more photos like these on your blog! I feel like you girls have HUGE/awesome personalities and would like to see them emerge in random moments like these!

  • I am so excited for this!!! I’m buying a house in about a year and I plan to totally renovate the rooms when I have my own space. I’ve been looking into a ton of DIY home stuff lately on pinterest, I can’t wait to see what you guys do!

  • That’s so great guys, I’m really excited about upcoming posts! Buying our 1st house was tricky enough, so happy that everything worked out for you!!

  • So cool!! 🙂 I´m so happy for you! <3
    I´m so excited to see all of your inspirational DIY posts…. 😉

  • Looks beautiful! Congrats on finding the perfect place! I can’t wait to see all the things you create there.

  • The last picture totally reminds me of the living room from the movie UP! What a cute place!

  • Very happy for you guys, looking forward to sharing the journey along with you both 🙂

  • I CANNOT wait to see how you renovate this space! Really looking forward to more home decor posts 🙂

  • So fun!! I can’t wait to see what you do to the place. Especially the kitchen. I’m so excited to even see the nasty, ugly before pictures of that space!

  • You guys are such an inspiration as bloggers and small business owners. I look forward to seeing what comes next from you two – I know it will be great!

  • Wowee! Congratulations! Those windows are gorgeous. So beautiful. I am so excited to see your future projects!


  • Congrats, ladies! Love seeing more candid & less edited photos. 🙂 Looks like a fun day!

  • Working in a home seems like such a comfy, fun & warm work environment. Looking forward to seeing more house before & afters. Congrats ladies!

  • This looks like so much fun! An entire house where you just decorate and diy… a dream lol

  • Hi Michelle!
    It’s coming soon. Don’t you worry. It’s crazy. 😀

  • Hi Sarah!
    Good question. We haven’t met our new neighbors yet. 😀

  • I am SO excited for you! Having an entire house to constantly redecorate and redesign would totally be my dream come true.

  • Hi Sinead!
    Thank you SO much for purchasing our book! That means the world to us!!! Hope you enjoy it.

  • Hi Karen!
    That’s a great question!
    We didn’t run into many hoops because we are using it as a private office and not a retail space. We do have to insure it a little differently though, business insurance rather than home. 😀

  • Hi Lindsay!
    Haha- I don’t comment enough on blogs I read either, so I relate!! Thanks for stopping by! 😀

  • Congrats, girls! I’m really excited with this too! Can’t wait to see the all the makeovers and DIY’s!
    You’re such a big inspiration!
    Kisses from Brasil!

  • Congratulations, ladies! This is going to be such an exciting adventure. I can’t wait to take the journey along with you!

    The Rambling Fangirl

  • Congratulations! Can’t wait to see what’s to come!
    xo Allison

  • es emocionante!enhorabuena!
    mi sueño es tener una casa así, pero en España está muy complicado…

  • You guys are so amazing!!!
    I love seeing you girls grow more and more.
    I can’t wait to see what you girls have in store for your beautiful office home!!!

  • congratulations! It looks like the perfect shell 🙂


  • it looks so cute and i can understand why you would want an actual house over a loft space. but i do wonder how the neighbors feel about a business moving in and no actual people living there? just curious if you’ve gotten any reactions from the people around you.

  • I LOVE IT!!! Congrats! I can’t wait to see the first renovations and DIYs!

  • How fun! It will be really exciting to see how you tackle these different projects. Looking forward to see how you remodel that sponge-painted room 😉


  • This is so awesome! Big windows are a must for great photography. Natural sunlight is a gift! Congrats to your team 🙂


  • Congrats loves. Can’t wait to see what DIY projects you are gonna show us

  • Cannot WAIT to see the posts that will follow the purchase of this adorable house:)

  • I’m so excited for you both now It must be amazing to be able to do things like this for your blog, can’t wait to see the room’s makeovers xx Emmi

  • gorgeous! you’re going to have so much fun with that. can’t wait to see it come along!

  • Congratulations! This is so exciting. I dream of one day owning 1 house much less 2!! It would be so awesome to have an entire craft house.
    There is a blogger in our area who has a huge craft house that she hosts big crafting weekends in! It is adorable!
    Leah Faye
    a clover and a bee

  • As a realtor, these emotions are EXACTLY what I hope all of my clients feel! Congrats on the new space! I love seeing before and afters, so I can’t wait to follow this journey with you’ll! If anyone needs help picking a good realtor, let me know! 🙂

  • Congratulations! Can’t wait to see how you spruce it up!

    xo, Juliette Laura

  • Yay!!! This is sooooo exciting!! Happy for you ladies! Can’t wait to see what you do with the place and how this space will enhance/inspire future work 🙂

  • This looks so cool! i love how the html is “omg-” hahahaha

  • Sounds like you guys are going to have a fun year! I’ve just picked up a copy of your book, can’t wait to get stuck in to it over the weekend 🙂

  • So exciting! Congrats! Love that you went with a home. Such many fun projects ahead! Love it! 🙂

  • Wow. You have just inspired me to dream again. Perhaps someday I’ll be able to work with a creative team in an old house as well… What a fun and exciting time for you all!

  • This is a BEAUTIFUL house. Yes, good bones. I love the upstairs room…slanted walls are so romantic xxx

  • This is seriously rad! And a major fixer upper sounds perfect for a business like you gals run. I love it, can’t wait to see all the projects.

  • Congratulations to you all! Since you are buying a traditional home in what I’m assuming is a residential neighborhood are there any hoops you have to jump through in terms of getting it officially set up as a commercial space? Is that even a concern? I really like the idea of using a home as a business location, but the red tape I’m assuming is involved feels overwhelming.

  • That house is awesome! Congratulations!!

  • As a daily blog reader and a rare poster, I couldn’t help but say congrats! I can’t wait for all of the inspiration to come in the next year as you remodel. You guys are my fave.

  • Muchas felicidades!! Realmente es una nueva aventura, les deseo lo mejor.
    Todo lo que hacen es una inspiración.

  • Congratulations! It really is a new adventure, I wish them well.
    All they do is an inspiration.

  • That is incredibly exciting news! Can’t wait to see pictures of the progress!

  • Congrats!!!!

    I noticed that the current owners have quite the love for dressers… and drawers. Can’t wait to see what you ladies do to the place!!!!

  • Congratulations Emma and Elsie!! Can’t wait to see what you do with this great space, I know it’s gonna be totally amazing!

  • Congratulations, sounds perfectly ideal for you and the team! Can’t wait to see what you do with each room!

  • Awe Erin, that sounds insane!

    Yes- buying property is one of the bigger perks of living in the Midwest! We’re really thankful for that!

  • Wow beautiful. Buying in your town seems super easy. Try a 3-4 year struggle to buy in South Los Angeles and getting beat by full cash 90% of the time. One of these days.

  • Hi Jen! Yes- we totally agree! More rooms to experiment with. YAY!


  • Yeah! That is great news for you guys. Congratulations. It’s going to be fun tagging along as you redo it.

    We bought our house below budget too because it needed a lot of work, but that was ok with us because we like a used industrial look versus an overly pristine one, so we’ve fixed the things that really needed it and are taking our time with the rest.

  • Congratulations! Thank you for posting about your house hunting experience. We’re in the process of buying a house, too – we close in a couple of weeks. It’s so exciting! I really look forward to seeing what you folks do with the space, and finding some inspiration for our space, too!

  • How much fun to have a space to play with and try crazy cool ideas. All with no worries about if you can live with it every day. I would love to have a “practice” house to try stuff out in before doing permanent things to my home! What fun work you get to do, and in an awesome space!

  • Ohmygosh ! So wonderful for the two of you. Xoxo.
    Congratulations. (:
    I look forward to seeing what you do to it!!

  • So happy you found the one! Looking forward to awesome photos with all that gorgeous natural light. Yay!!! 😀

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