on my 26th birthday…

i woke up (much too) early and drove to Kansas City with my dear rachel. we had some merry & bright lattes and a little bit of time to shop at some of our favorite shops in kc. i tried bubble tea for the first time (scary) and i LOVED it. 

Rachel got her very first tattoo! We all decided in the Springtime to get Red Velvet tattoos and Rach went first! They are all going to be crafty tattoos..hers is a sewing machine! i am so excited. It's so beautiful. Here is a snapshot…


and i got a polaroid camera! i love it oh-so-much…


while i was getting my tattoo, silje taught rachel how to knit….



(shaun did both of our tattoos and we thought he was *wonderful*!)

afterwards we had sushi & more lattes. then rach and i drove back home for 3 hours and didn't ever run out of things to talk about. :) I couldn't imagine a happier birthday. Thank you, girls. I love you.

Thank you for all the kind words about my big announcement! This is the happiest time in my life. I am thankful for this dream and for you.


happy friday!
bubble tea for everyone.

  • You illustrations are amazing! Now put them on fabric and I’ll be your #1 buyer. Check out my new blog at.


  • Wow! That is the coolest tat I’ve ever seen. So different from any other I’ve seen.

    I can see from your blog that you’re hellishly creative.


  • What, are you kidding me?!! Those are THE coolest tats EVAH!!! Happy birthday to you! 🙂

  • Those little dolls so totally remind me of pics i’ve seen of you and your red velvet girls..omg you need them all! love love love them!

  • Happy Belated birthday Elsie <3

    I love the look of utter confusion on Rachel’s face = priceless!


  • I adore the tattoos. I just find your site so inspirational. I think it’s great that you just follow every dream you have! Speaking of tats, I want to get one of a bee because that’s my daughter’s nickname … just need to find the right artwork since it’s permanent!! Thanks for just being you and sharing it with the rest of the world. 🙂

  • Bubble Tea? How can I resist commenting?! I can’t. I am obsessed with bubble tea. I am thrilled that you tried it.

    Your tattoo is adorable. I am curious what made you commit to one – what pushed you over the edge? I love it on the arm too – bold and fun! I am a un-tattooed (much to everyone’s surprise, including my own).

    I must say – I have been busy with work, so I didn’t sign up, but now I regret it big-time! So much cuteness!

  • Happy Birthday! And way to go with the tattoos! I am totally crushing on the sewing machine one. 🙂

  • Wow…82 comments…that’s amazing! I LOVE the cards that say “Buy Me Nothing.” I am going to look for those…

    It’s time to hop on over to your store now. I’m sure it will be a treat!

    P.S. Love the tattoo.

  • Hope your Birthday was a blast!

    Bubble tea? Mily tea with little chunks of chewy-ness? Ew. I don’t think I could get over the chunks. It’s freak me out! I’ll take a plain Jasmine tea. 😀

    Oowwwwwie. An under-arm tattoo? Did it hurt? It makes me cringe just thinking about it! So pretty, though!

    Quick question… is Red Velvet Art named after the cloth or the cake? 😀


  • I LOVE your tattoo choice! And it looks JUST like a real one! You totally took me back to days in Seattle at my grandma’s apartment…thanks for the memories!

  • Hey Elsie,

    Groovy tat!

    I saw this and thought of you:



  • Bubble tea is my addiction. Love it SOOO much more than coffee. It’s so fun to suck up the tapioca balls and chew them! My son (he’s 6) has been having bubble tea since he was 4. At first he didn’t like the tapioca, but now loves them. It’s our “date” together her in Portland/Beaverton (Oregon) area. 🙂 Current favorite is Taro Milk Tea with Bubbles for him and me. But I love so many others! And the fruit tea with bubbles (no milk) is wonderful, too! Can’t wait for you to maybe do some Bubble Tea embroidery patterns?

  • I am a daring kinda gal but WOW i bow down an inner arm tattoo,I have heard that is the most painful spot to get one. she has such a great hand, the tat looks wonderful

  • Glad you have a great birthday!

    We tried bubbletea 6 years ago, and we loved it. Try the taro or honeydew. If you want it to taste ice creamy- ask for snow in it. LA has a craze of yummy yogurts, with a touch of Asian in it. You get to taste samples first, you make put your own toppings and weigh it. Definitely hits the spot. Nice tats too! Very you!

  • Glad you have a great birthday!

    We tried bubbletea 6 years ago, and we loved it. Try the taro or honeydew. If you want it to taste ice creamy- ask for snow in it. LA has a craze of yummy yogurts, with a touch of Asian in it. You get to taste samples first, you make put your own toppings and weigh it. Definitely hits the spot. Nice tats too! Very you!

  • Wow! Such vibrant colors. I love the pics always posted on your blog. The unique sewing machine is AMAZING!THose are the coolest tatts ever!

  • Great ink! So fun.

    Congrats on she shop, how exciting for you!

    I’ve enjoyed sharing your journey from scrap to bigger and better things. A bunch of doors have opened for you and i have a feeling there is more to come.

    Rock on girl!


    happy bday

  • Happy Birthday to you

    Happy Birthday to you

    Happy Birthday dear Elsie

    Happy Birthday to YOU!!

    AND Congrats on your future business endeavor!! 🙂

  • OOOOOOOOOH GIRL! You got a crazy cool tat!

    Now you are hooked, huh? Just don’t get a forever ‘Winona type’ of tat….then have it changed to ‘forever wino’.


  • the sewing tat came out overly awesome. your poloroid is too cute! happy bday btw and congrats on red velvet art. u certainly deserve the best. i’ll be getting my first tattoo on my next bday..my brother will help in enhancing the design i have chosen.

    love your blog

  • the sewing tat came out overly awesome. your poloroid is too cute! happy bday btw and congrats on red velvet art. u certainly deserve the best. i’ll be getting my first tattoo on my next bday..my brother will help in enhancing the design i have chosen.

    love your blog

  • hey elsie,

    i love your blog and i have read all through it.

    you are extremely talented and i love your art. all of it makes me smile. 🙂

    anyways. i love american apparel and I agree about boy clothes and if your six week class is still open i would love to join

    -amelia <3

  • happy birthday elsie!

    hope you had an absolutely awesome – amaaaazing day 🙂

    brightest blessings,



  • Happy birthday Elsie!

    First I LOVE your tattoo, so cool!

    And I’m so happy for you about your project, it will be fabulous because you’re the BEST…

    I’m preparing a little online shop project too, here in France, and I know how exciting and tiring it can be.

    Take care of you and keep your energy, you will need a lot!

    xoxo Cecile

  • i’m amazed at how healed your recent tattoos look only days later. Incredible art, not feeling it on the skin, but you are still one of my faves. Where did Rachael put her tattoo? and why did you choose the location of you tattoo?

  • I love your blog! such good pictures.. and the colours, the style!!!! 🙂

    I’ll come back and visit!!!

  • I already wrote this in your Flickr but… love your Polaroid tattoo!! And thanks so much for the Flickr add—it’s an honour! 🙂

    How did you like your bubble tea, by the way? What flavour did you get?

  • i got my tattoo touched up friday night! a paper airplane! can’t wait to hear about the give-away, maybe bubble tea will be the cure for this cough that i have!

  • Glad you had a great birthday and what a cool tattoo you’ve got! Never seen something like that befor!!! So in my opinion it totally fits with you, cuz it’s UNIQUE!!!!

    Hugs form Holland!!

  • That’s a crazy spot for a tattoo!! Crazy as in…looks awesome, but like it would be painful!! Sounds like you had a lovely birthday 🙂

  • bubble tea is awesome! or as us asians call boba. my fave is passion fruit icy with tapioca. you should try it one day. and lychee is awesome too! happy birthday!

  • Rachel’s tattoo looks awesome too!!!

    Hey Elsie, I wanted to tell you that people may have a hard time seeing what needs to be submitted to get on the mailing list of the RV Store. The white isn’t showing up very well. I had problems seeing it. But then I finally did.


  • happy belated birthday, fellow scorpio! mine is today:)

    and those tattoos are so rad!

    congrats on the store as well! good luck to you!

  • i googled AA style and got things like elevator bucket manufacturers. ? I have a boy, what is AA?

  • Hey Elsie,

    Happy belated birthday! You are probably the coolest 26-year old I’ve ever come across! I’m so glad you are opening a shop. That is my dream. Super happy for you! I’m thinking that Springfield is cooler than L.A.! Thanks for all you do.

    Best, Jen

  • Oh my…those may be the coolest tattoos I’ve *ever* seen! 🙂 So lovely!

  • It’s funny…they call it pearl teas here. And in our town, East Bay, CA, they are like Starbucks, they’re in every corner.

    Which one of the Harajuku Lovers Perfume did you get? I have Angel and I love it. I wish to get the whole collection though. I love the bottles.

  • what an adorable tatoo that screams “Elsie” so fun, so cute! Congrats on the store, can’t wait to browse 🙂

  • ahhh i can’t believe you’ve never had bubble tea before! it’s so popular here, my little brother gets them almost daily haha.

    love the new tattoo, and congrats again on the store, i just know you’re going to do so well!

    glad you had a great birthday :]

  • Glad you had a great birthday.

    i hope you aren’t disappointed with the film, i heard they’ve gone dark with it. It’s been a looong time in production.

    i love your new tattoo, i got a new one too, last Saturday. You can see it here, if you are so inclined: http://www.flickr.com/photos/scrapfairy/3034237029/

    It’s soooo exciting when you first get a new tat!! Yours & Rachels look really well done.

    i just bought a knitted hat from Silje, it arrived yesterday & it’s soooo cute!

  • what a fantastic birthday! and fantastic friends and fantastic tattoos to boot! oh and a fantastic new store project!

    girl, the universe knows your name, so much joy and good going to a person who puts so much joy and good out to the world. that’s how it works – what you give, you will receive – and you are living proof. thank you for being such a great example of that!


  • That tattoo is amazing.

    As for the bubble tea- it -is- really good, but it freaks me out! =D

  • awesome awesome awesome tattoos; both of them! is it your first? if not, can you post photos of your others! i’d love to see them. i’m sure they are equally as cute!



    ps: on my days off from my full-time job, i work at a bubble tea place. mmmm, they’re wonderful! did you get tapioca? cause it’s not a bubble tea without ’em!

  • WOW- that sounds like the best day ever! So much fun! Cute goodies and I’m lovin’ the tattoos!!!

  • Bubble tea is delicious! There is a restaurant that serves bubble tea within walking distance of my apartment.

    Those tattoos are so neat, too =D

  • Wow Elsie I love love love your tattoo!!! its so fun. I am glad to hear you had an awesome birthday. Congradulations a million times over on your new adventure and for following your heart. You are such an inspiration to me!!!!!

  • great tattoo!

    bubble tea used to be a craze in singapore. we had tons of bubble tea shops in singapore. you should try the authentic taiwan bubble tea. it was… GREAT! did u try milk tea bubble tea? try grape red tea next time! my recommendation! (:


  • that is awesome!!! im thinking of gtting some sort of tattoo as well! craty related as well!

  • Happy Birthday beautiful soul! And I wish I lived remotely close to your new store (I am in Alberta Canada) so I could go visit. Way to go girl! Couldnt happen to anyone better! Muah!


  • You guys just seem like the most fun people! 🙂 It looks like your birthday was a blast. The tattoo work is amazing! Tattoo artists are truely incredible. Have a fun weekend!

  • Awww, it sounds like you had the best time!! 🙂 🙂

    The new tattoos are so cute! 🙂

  • let the wild rumpus begin!

    i had to chime in on this: bubble tea is the most horrid thing ever invented. of all the cute things to come from asia, it is not one of them. blech. i thought it seemed fun when a bubble tea cafe came to CoMo back in college…i was sadly mistaken. but i rather hate tapioca.

    however, that’s a fun new tattoo you have there. 🙂

  • I, too, just had my first bubble tea (boba tea) experience! Good stuff, eh?

    Those tattoos are fantastic.

  • Love Rachel’s tattoo too! So awesome! You 3 and your friendship is so wonderful! Did Silje get one too? And pardon my ignorance, but what is bubble tea? I’ve never heard of it!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    xoxo -jamie

  • Wow, what an amazing time! I love the Wild Things too!!! Those decorations are adorable, I want! Can’t wait for the movie!


  • I love Rachel’s tattoo! SO good.

    I yours is fabulous too.

    Congrats again on the shop.

    As an aside… Have you put up your Christmas tree yet?

  • that was a fantastic birthday, I’d say!

    I really admire the friendships you have.

    I’ve been wanting a harajuku lover too! which one did you get? 🙂

    I’ve only had bubble tea once, and I remember it being quite good! I’ll have to try it again.

    Looking forward to the giveaway!


  • Elsie,

    CONGRATS!!! Thank you for continuing to inspire us all and staying true to yourself.




  • Don’t know if I’ve ever commented before but Bubble tea leads me to a comments: I hope you had bubble tea at Blue Koi in KC…they have the best ones! The red tea is my favorite. There is a place in the Fremont Center called Bamboo that has pretty good ones here in Springfield. Love your blog by the way!

  • Cool new tattoo & happy birthday!!!

    You’ve never had a bubble tea? I’m surprised. I loooove them. slurp. chew. repeat. 🙂

  • Sounds like a great Birthday. So glad you enjoyed your time with your friends. Love those little ornies. Love the cards and the notepad. Never heard of the bubble tea but since I love tea I’ll have to look it up.

    Both tattoo’s are awesome. I want another one but not sure what or where. These are great. Shaun did a wonderful job on them.

  • elsie, girl, you sound SO deleriously happy and content! i cannot tell you how totally and utterly thrilled i am for you. dreams DO come true :)enjoy the feelings you are experiencing right now.

    Karen xx

  • So… you can’t leave us hanging like that… which Harajuku Lovers perfume did you get?! 🙂

  • Bubble tea is approximately The Best, right?! I loved gnawing away on those chewy chewy tapioca balls. It’s just so damn satisfying.

  • i love that tattoo … it’s amazing. It gave me inspiration for my next tattoo!! good luck with the new project!

  • The polaroid and sewing machine look really great – he is an amazing tattoo artist. I’m hankering to get a new one (a kicking myself for ever uttering the words “I’m only ever going to get one!”). It won’t be a camera – but it will be spesh!

  • Hi Elsie,

    I don’t think there are many people with a polaroid tattoo! It’s very great!

    Glad that your birthday was fun!

  • My God!!!! what an amazing tattoo!!! That is so cool!!

    I would love to get a tattoo but am affraid of needles!!

    love Bregje

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