Online class peeks & Happy Birthday wishes….

first of all, Happy birthday to my favorite boy in the world!!! I love you.

Jeremy and elsie

oh my, i could not be more excited about this…. i am finally doing my very first online class!
here is a preview…


let me tell you a little bit about the class. it's a 6 week class with 5 projects each week. the projects are tutorials, patterns & challenges in the following categories; scrapbooking (mostly mini books and one full 12×12 album), stitching, handmade gifts (i am making almost all of my holiday gifts this year and i hope that this class will inspire a few people to do the same!), journaling, jewelry, felt dolls and creative photography (nothing too technical… fun challenges that anyone with any camera can try!). the class also includes one private chat each week. i am super excited about it. the class begins on November 10, sign up begins tomorrow (monday) morning at 10 am CST here!

see you then…. i'm gonna go hang out with the birthday boy! xo. elsie

  • Happy B=day to your wonderful singer/writer! and oh my my my..I can’t wait to sign up for your class! gives me something to look forward! sooo cool!

  • oh dear dear, I just got butterflies I’m SO pumped that you are doing an online class!! I’ll be signing up, you can count on it! My goal is make most of my gifts this holiday season as well, so it’s going to be fabulous!!

    Happy birthday to Mr. Larson!!

    Have a fabulous week.

    xo holly

  • so exciting! how much will the class be? &how many spots? :] And…what if i never stitched anything in my life!?

    happy happy birthday, jeremy!!

  • Happy Birthday Jeremy!!

    elsie, i am SO excited for your class. i set an alarm to remind me to go and sign up! yippee!

  • wooo hooooo! this is exciting! i’ve been wanting to take some of rachels art journal classes too! i have also made the handmade pledge for Christmas gifts this year! my favorite to receive as well. i’m looking for fun craft ideas for a MADE fair in my town… any ideas? anyway – i’ll be back to sign up if i can afford it this time around.

    happy birthday jeremy! i love your music!

    you two are extrememly talented!

  • Happy Birthday Jeremy 🙂 I love your music!

    Questions about the class… how much is it and does it have to be done on the schedule or can we do it at our own pace…and do we get our own supplies or is it a mega kit you sell?

    eeek, I’m so excited! this will be very neat!


    LA 🙂

  • Happy birthday to Mr Larson!! Hope you have an awesome day! Els I am so looking forward to your online class after seeing some fab pics on facebook!

  • happy b-day have a great time here across the ocean love to do this online class check in later this day love it hope i am not to late for it during thestime difference loves karin

  • oooh congrats with your boyfriend b-day i just cant wait to sign in for your class , love it what you make everytime so when are you giving live classes here in the netherlands again because girl we miss you loves karin

  • A big happy birthday to Jeremy! His music is so inspiring, and now he’ll have lots of exciting things to inspire him!

    Your class looks amazing Elsie, I only wish I could get my Paypal up!


    you both looks so cute together…

    elsie, how much doest it cost for your online class?

    i’d like to know…

  • Ouaaaaaais (in French – my 2d language) !!!

    Hurrrraaaa (in Polish – my 1st language) !!!

    I’m sooo excited, nanananaa!

  • I can’t wait to sign up, I’m trying to convince my mom to let me. It sounds amazing!

  • Tell your boy that your blog friends say Happy Birthday!!!! You guys are so cute it’s crazy! Anyway, loving this class idea! I can’t quite wrap my head around FIVE projects PER week! If I ever got that much done in 6 weeks I think I would be jumping up and down all over the neighborhood! LOL!

  • Awesome natural and birthday picture. I like it too much. I never see before such types of beautiful picture. Besides the blog just being awesome.

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