Open Sign: Craft Project

Open sign craft projectThis next craft project is inspired by a vintage sign I have in my closet. It reads "Open Sunday" and I knew this would be a super simple sign to re-create with any phrase. You can make yours vintage inspired, personal or silly! I chose a simple "open" and plan to display this sign in my kitchen since my husband loves his late night snacks. ♥ 
Open sign stepsHere's how I did it: 1. You'll need a piece of wood, Vinyl letter stickers (I found these in the art section at Michael's), white craft paint and a brush. 2. Brush your paint on. I chose a messy finish with some of the raw wood exposed. Allow to dry and repeat on the back. 3. Cut your stickers out and position them where you will want them. This helps to make sure your spacing is nice! 4. Adhere stickers and enjoy! Tip-You can add another phrase on the back if you like! 
Open sign projectYou can personalize your sign with any word you fancy! It's so simple. I did this project in about 30 minutes. xo. elsie 

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