Orange & Dark Chocolate Popovers

IMG_3435There are two foods that I strongly associate with my grandmother, Norma Jean. They are pineapple upside-down cake and popovers. 

I know. She’s a cool lady. I’m pretty sure if anyone associates any food with me it’s probably pizza and hot fudge sundaes. Which are delicious, don’t get me wrong. But somehow I feel my grandma found two amazingly delicious foods that still somehow seem classy and interesting. Which is pretty much how I would describe her. 🙂

IMG_3408If you’ve never had a popover before, it might look it a little strange to you. I guess they kind of look like bread cupcakes, huh? Well, they’re not. They are very light and airy, as you can probably guess, but they also have a slightly eggy/custard taste. To me, it’s similar to french toast. 

One thing I love about popovers is you can easily adapt them into a sweet or savory treat. This gives them the ability to be served nearly any time of day if you want. You can make a cinnamon version for breakfast served with butter and maple syrup. You can make a cheddar-and-chives version to serve alongside soup for lunch. Or you can add a little orange zest, top these with dark chocolate glaze, and just like magic you’ve got dessert! I went with the last option, of course.

IMG_3429There’s just something festive about orange and dark chocolate. It’s almost a holiday thing.

IMG_3376Orange & Dark Chocolate Popovers, makes one dozen mini size.
Adapted from Dark Chocolate Popovers via

3 eggs
1 1/2 cups milk
1 1/2 cups flour
1 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon sugar
1 tablespoon orange zest (or whatever you can get out of one orange)
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 cup dark chocolate chips
water to thin the chocolate (I used about 2 tablespoons)

First, it’s helpful if the eggs are at room temperature. I forgot to set mine out ahead of time, so I immersed the eggs in warm water for about five minutes just to take the chill off.

IMG_3379In a bowl, press together (using your clean fingertips) the sugar and orange zest. This will help to release oils and make everything taste even more orange-y. To the ingredients in the bowl, add the flour and salt; stir to combine.

In another bowl, whisk together the eggs and milk. You want to incorporate some air into the batter so really whisk those eggs for a full minute! Then stir in the flour mixture until the batter is just combined.

Preheat the oven to 450°F with the popover pan in the oven as it warms up. Once preheated, remove the pan, lightly spray with non-stick cooking spray, and fill each cup 2/3 full with batter. Bake for 15 minutes. Turn the temperature down to 350°F and continue baking for another 10-12 minutes until the popovers look golden and crusty.

*You can use a regular muffin pan to make popovers. The shape will be slightly different and this may change your bake time by a few minutes. But as long as you’re willing to keep an eye on them as they bake, you really don’t have to purchase a special pan for these.

IMG_3389For the chocolate sauce, microwave the chocolate until completely melted. I will microwave for 30 seconds, then give it stir, then microwave another 30 seconds, and so on until melted. Then stir in water until you achieve a pourable consistency. You can make your chocolate either quite thick or runny based on how much water you add.

Pour the warm chocolate over the still-warm popovers. Sprinkle on a bit more orange zest.

IMG_3413I like to serve these with an orange slice for color, health, and just so people know what they’re getting into. Enjoy! xo. Emma

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman, Photography by: Sarah Rhodes and Emma Chapman

  • Wow, those look so scrumptious!!!!! Definitely going to need to give these ago!


  • Wowza, what a treat!! Mmm orange and dark chocolate are such a yummy combo.

  • In the uk we call them Yorkshire puddings and we eat them with roast dinners. I’ve never tried a sweet version before but it sounds great!

  • Popovers are so fun. I had to comment and say how much I especially love that colorful apron, though!

  • In the UK these are called Yorkshire puddings and are generally savoury. We have them traditionally with roast beef for Sunday lunch. Or you cook a big one with sausages and it’s called Toad in the Hole (no idea why!). Yummy!

  • I love popovers – they’re one of those impressive things that’s actually incredibly easy. I usually make them for breakfast with jam or for anytime with Nutella. I haven’t tried mixing other things in the batter, I like that idea. Thanks for sharing!

  • These look so good, wish I was as good at making cakes! xx

    Amy |

  • These look delicious! I’ve read that if you’re using a regular muffin pan instead of a popover pan, you should leave the middle spots open so the air in the oven can get around the popovers better. Not sure how much of a difference this makes, but I thought I’d mention it in case anyone has further insight, or if they’re having issues with a regular pan.

  • The weirdest thing happened! I felt like I could smell the chocolate when scrolling through the recipe! Ha! Happy Baking!

  • Popovers are my mom’s main go to with roast beef and Christmas roasts. I made them once for my hubby and he thought they were strange so I never made them again. This is inspiring though.
    On worst cooks in america they were doing a donut challenge and I thought chocolate and orange spice would be amazing… so I think Im gonna get some dark chocolate and make these to follow my orange halibut recipe this week.

  • I have to admit, at first I passed over this recipe. For some reason I thought it would be a more complicated thing to make & I’m still not entirely certain about whether or not I’m a fan of orange flavouring in my foods.

    But I scrolled back up and read through and got more excited as got through the post. So excited to try these!

  • Holy, moly! These look WONDERFUL. I will have to get a popover pan just so I can try them! WOW!

  • My mother used to make popovers when I was very young, but stopped making them when we moved from the country. I have never tried them, but I think I might make them for breakfast on Saturday. My first thought about them, when I saw the title, was “That’s not Laura Ingals Wilder’s popover recipe!” But hers were plain. 🙂

    Lovely photos! Well done! (I would never have noticed your nails if it hadn’t been mentioned…)

  • In England we call them Yorkshire pudding and serve them with a Sunday roast beef dinner. I’ve never thought of serving them sweet but I guess the basic batter is similar to pancake/crêpe batter and that’s served savoury or sweet so why not.

  • o0o0o yummy! They look like a muffin and an ice cream cone had a baby! Delicious Emma!

  • Oooh these sound good. Might have to have a go at these…

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  • These look SO good – is it plain or self raising flour you use in this recipe?

  • They look delicious! OMGoodness I just can’t with all of your food posts! It looks like they were a blast to make, too!
    Carla @ Love Cartista

  • This looks divine. I can’t wait to try it out!

  • Huh! I never had a popover before! I might just have to try to make them. Thank you for the recipe!

  • Oh my goodness this looks sooo good! Oranges and Dark Chocolate sounds perfect!

  • those look amazing! i tried making black pepper nutmeg popovers from bon appetit over christmas but mine deflated horribly.

  • These sound amazing!!! I love anything chocolate and orange! Will definitely be giving these a try! xx

  • I love all the versions of pop-overs I ever tried, but I’ve never made them before. Thanks for the great inspiration!!!:)

  • I have never heard of a popover! The photo really does look like Yorkshire puddings. I’m so intrigued I’m going to have to try them! 🙂

  • It will seize if you add milk. Water or oil will thin it. I often use oil but since I wanted it pretty thin I used water, otherwise you probably would have been able to taste the oil. No thanks. 🙂


  • Yes, exactly. My uncle always calls them Yorkshire pudding. Well, if they are savory.


  • I bet you could mix a bit of the sugar/orange zest into the batter to give the popovers a more essence of orange taste.


  • Yes. (Hangs head) I will do so good for like 3 weeks or a month and then I’ll have one stressful/anxious day I bite them all off and have to wait for them to grow back! So annoying.

    I generally try to con Laura into being my hand model, as she has perfect nails every day. I don’t know how she does it. 🙂


  • I believe either CB2 or Amazon… don’t quite remember.


  • These look delicious!! Chocolate and orange is definitely my favourite flavour combination!! Actually made a chocolate orange cake last week!! Sooo good!!

  • oh what a delicious twist!

  • I’ve never heard of them, definitely need to try this recipe soon.

  • Doesn’t chocolate seize when you add water to it? These look amazing. On my list to try!

  • Oh I love what you call these….we in England call them Yorkshire Puddings and they are a staple of our sunday roast with roast beef. Or with sausages in them in a big pan they become Toad in the Hole…that sounds so weird when you write it down but you have to try them with mash and onion gravy…nom nom. Xx

  • I never remember to turn down the over, and mine turn out fine (baked at 450* for 22 minutes). I make popovers at least once a week in the winter- popover pans are my most used pan.

  • How yummy! You’ve only gone and made me hungry!

    Emma x

  • We love the texture, it smells from here!
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  • I’ve only made popovers once, and they were so insane I ate like four of them and now I’m afraid to make them again. Unfortunately, I think this recipe might inspire me to do it more often …

  • These look great! I definitely have tontry them once!


  • these look so amazing! i never knew what a pop over was, now it’s all i can think about 😉
    xo jac

  • I have an aunt named Norma Jean and we used to make pop overs together. These look really good orange and chocolate are perfect together!

  • I love popover but it’s been a while since I made some… But I’m definitely going to try your version with orange zest and chocolate!

  • never even heard of popovers before but these look so delicious! I’ll have to try the recipe!

    xx Milly

  • On my the texture of these beauties sound amazing! I’ll have to try these someday.

  • my favorite thing about this post? seeing I’m in good nail-biting company.

  • Those look amazing, I’m going to try to make them! And Emma I have to ask where you got your mini glass milk carton? That is so cute!

  • They look delicious! I’ve never tried them but after seeing these pictures I know I should.

  • These look amazing! Chocolate and orange is a wonderful combination! Can’t wait to try them out soon!


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