Oui Fresh Beauty Box – November Unboxing

Hey friends!! Wow, we have seen some truly chilly fall days around here lately and it makes the fun seasonal touches in this month’s Beauty Box feel like such a treat. We really wanted to channel those autumnal vibes since everyone is beginning to change up their skincare and makeup routines. Last month was our first to ship the box and seriously, you guys blew us away with your amazing unboxing pics and videos! It was so special to see you all enjoying our favorite products as much as you did and having fun trying out new things all in the name of clean beauty!

Let’s get down to it: Here’s what comes in the November Box …

Each box includes a postcard print. On the back there is information about each item with some tips on how to use the product if needed. This month, we chose “be kind.” It’s a message that has resonated so much with us recently as it seems like putting kindness out into the world means more than ever right now.

Oui Fresh Peppermint Essential Oil (value $10)  We never go anywhere without peppermint essential oil in our bag, and we use this oil even more around the holidays! It’s so festive and has so many benefits: sniff if you’re feeling carsick, or mix with a carrier oil and apply to your temples to relieve headache pain. Peppermint Oil is for adult use only; it is not safe for children under age 6 due to its high menthol content, which can in very rare circumstances cause slowed breathing.

Phyto-Pigments Satin Lip Cream in Cabernet by Juice Beauty (value $24) – From the Phyto-Pigments collection by Gwyneth Paltrow, we LOVE this super wearable color for fall. The formula of this lip cream is so buttery smooth, and plant-derived pigments make it great for your skin! This color looks really dark in the photo, but when applied, it is such a beautiful, universal shade that gives a gorgeous flush of color. We’ll be doing a fun giveaway with Juice Beauty later on this month, so keep your eyes on our Instagram for those details.

Lip Smoothie by Thistle Farms
(value $4)
– Not only is Thistle Farms a local Nashville brand (we’re so excited to tour their production offices in a few weeks!), they also employ women survivors of trafficking and abuse. We are so proud to include them in this month’s box! This lip smoothie is so moisturizing and smells like a fresh berry smoothie. We are big on keeping our lips hydrated under lipstick, and this is a great product to apply as you start your getting ready routine. By the time you get to lipstick at the end, you’ve given this product time to melt, settle in, and prime your lips.

Glow Stick by Pink House Organics (value $12)
– This highlighter from Pink House Organics is a game changer! Especially in the fall and winter when your skin is prone to being drier, using cream-based cosmetics can help your skin to glow where powder can sometimes magnify dry patches. For our favorite application method, rub the stick onto your fingers and blend into your cheekbones and other areas the light naturally hits with a soft patting motion. You can also use this as an eyeshadow (we love an inner corner highlight!). Pink House is a family owned Canadian brand that we’ll be spotlighting on the blog later this month. Their story is amazing and we really love their products.

Pumpkin Enzyme Peel by Erin’s Faces
 (value $12)
– A reader urged us to check out Erin’s Faces, and we’re so glad we did. This clean glycolic exfoliant treatment will make your skin incredibly soft and help to smooth out any texture or scarring. An added bonus: It smells exactly like pumpkin pie! This treatment is great for all skin types except for extremely sensitive, and if you got our box last month, the Shea Moisture Facial Oil is the most amazing follow up for this peel.

Coconut Papaya Hand Cream by Nubian Heritage (value $10) 
– When it comes to skincare, hands tend to get neglected. We love that this nutrient-rich hand cream doesn’t feel greasy, but keeps our skin hydrated in this cold and dry season. You can put it on and instantly return to work or driving without feeling like you’re leaving lotion all over everything; it melts into your skin super quickly. For some people that switch to natural beauty, they really miss lotions and creams that are more sweetly scented, and this product really checks that box; you’ll be impressed by the staying power of its totally natural fragrance.

*Boxes cannot be customized. As with any subscription box, it’s normal to expect you’ll get some things you love more than others. The purpose of it is to try new things at an amazing value. Each month will be a different assortment, but it will always include some skincare and makeup. We will not do skin-tone-specific makeup colors (so don’t worry, we will never send you a foundation that doesn’t match your skin!). If you get something you don’t like one month, just share it with a friend! You can read more on our FAQ page and you can SUBSCRIBE HERE.

Our box totally sold out last month, so we decided to open up a very limited number of new subscriber spots for November. We hope to be able to do that every month, but it’s not a guarantee yet. If you’re thinking about getting on board, don’t wait (December is going to be CRAZY good, and you don’t want to miss that month)!
Let us know if you have any other questions in the comments! xx. Elsie + Emma
Credits// Author and Photography: Elsie Larson. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.
  • Got my October Box yesterday! I was super excited when it came and then a little sad when I had to pay $14 in duties. 🙁 Guess I will have to evaluate at the end of 6 months to see if it’s still worth it for me. That face mist though… ??

    • We have no control over the duties charged in your country, but I’m sorry anyway! We truly wish international shipping was easier! xx

      • Totally understand. It’s just not something I took into consideration when signing up as I’ve only been charged duties one other time in the 10 or so years I’ve been shopping online. For me, in Canada, it bumps the price up to $56 per month. Still super excited to discover new products, some of which are harder to come by in Canada. Especially where I live. ❤️

  • Love this! You should check out Gathered and Grown Botanicals. They’re based on a tiny island called Wrangell in Alaska where they forage or grow most ingredients in their products. Their calendula butter, in particular, has been a game-changer for my dry skin in the winter.

    • Yes!!! Becca Stevens, the director, is an amazing speaker & writer, and their work is so incredible! Yay Thistle Farms!

  • So sad!! I know that and understand the reasons why it cannot be shipped to South Africa, but I trully looked forward to this first box, red is my lipstick colour and I can’t get such pretty, healthy products at this value here. Is there not a possibility of expanding ABM to the world and then we can ship it from our respective cities! If you have been considering this, please do! And perhaps even employ me 🙂 I was looking don’t you ever do international interns 🙂

    • It would be amazing to expand our Oui Fresh brand so that it could ship everywhere in the world but at the moment we are a very small business and our goal is to ship to as many places that we can safely and legally, and we have to be aware of costs to us as a small business. I wish we didn’t, but its the reality we face for now. Always love to hear from our readers all around the world though as it helps us to evaluate moves in the future as we work hard to try and grow our business. 🙂

  • Looove this! Did you get any comments from people from the UK about duties on the beauty box? I ordered some stuff from you before and I had to pay duties, so I am trying to figure it out before I sign up. I absolutely love the box but I am afraid the cost would be too much for my budget. But loving everything this far! (I know you have no control over duties, so just asking if you got any feedback 🙂

    • Hey there! A couple people have sent us feedback about them, and the charges ranged from $14-$30, depending on their location. I wish we had more control over the charges. 🙁

  • I can’t wait for the November box! I love that you’re giving us a sneak peek so I can look forward to getting it 🙂

    The October box was a total win. I’m pinching myself at what a great value it is, especially since I’m actually using and loving every single item in the box! And now I’m so curious about December!!

    #1 Oui Fresh Beauty Box Fan


  • I’d love an option to buy one box at a time (and multiple of them) as gifts for people!

  • I got the first box, and really enjoyed it! ya! I love all natural products so I’m happy I subscribed, I just don’t have the energy or desire to track down and investigate my own natural products. We do have a local brand in Colorado called fig + yarrow, it is beautiful and amazing and all natural, I bet they would be interested in being included in your box 🙂 very excited for the highlighter 🙂

  • Loving the October box and now I can not wait for my November box. That pumpkin peel! Thank you for featuring great products! Also, will there be an option to gift a beauty box subscription for the coming holidays?

  • I still love the beauty box 🙂 unfortunately similar to the other Julia commenter above, I also got charged $14 customs for it coming into Canada (which I have never had before) :/ just a warning for other Canadians, but if I was in the US I would sign up for 12 months in a heartbeat! And I will still really enjoy seeing the unboxings every month, and I totally want that pumpkin thing. Also your customer service is A+

  • You mentioned that the Pumpkin Enzyme Peel by Erin’s Faces is not the necessarily friendly for those of us the very sensitive skin. Do you have any suggestions on how we can use it without irritation? Perhaps some way of diluting it?

    • Hi Jessica! I just checked with Erin who owns Erin’s Faces to be sure, and she confirmed that diluting probably won’t do much to make this product any more usable if it’s not compatible with your skin type. We really recommend conducting a patch test if you have sensitive skin (trying on a small patch of skin on your arm, if it’s okay there, go ahead and try on a small patch on your cheek before going for the full application). If you move past a tingle and feel irritation, rinse right away and follow with oil, even vegetable oil will work! We know not every product in every box will be perfect for each subscriber, so we always recommend to pass those products on to friends or family that will enjoy a treat. 🙂

  • I accidentally chose a month to month instead of the 6 month subscription, is there any way to change it after I already paid? Or do I have to wait until next month? Thanks 🙂

  • Just bought a 12-month subscription for my mom who has a Thanksgiving-timeframe birthday. She’ll love it! Thank you for putting together such an awesome product!!

  • So sad I can’t buy your box!! I have an allergy to rosemary extract in cosmetics and so many companies are putting it in their products now-a-days! Looks like a great selection though, and for now I’ll use this as a “try these products” recommendation list!! 😉 Wishing you continued success! <3 Stephanie

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