Oui Fresh Holiday Super Sale!!!

It’s THAT TIME, friends! Time to give to others (and to yourself), and with our Super Sale, you can totally. do. both! Without further ado, we present the Super Sale for your holiday shopping needs.

Here’s what you can expect to find:

$12 Mystery Boxes — For $12, you’ll get a random month of the beauty box in all its glory.

$6 SUNNIES — It’s a holiday miracle. That’s really all we can say about that one. 😉

$3 Mystery Lip Glosses

$6 Lip Glosses (Your Pick)

Our world famous (yeah, they’re pretty amazing) hydrating lip glosses are on CRAZY sale. You definitely want to pick up 2, or 3, or 10. Every year my family does a “favorite things” gift exchange and I included these as part of mine the first year they were available!

25% off ALL Essential Oils — These are going FAST, so be sure to grab your favorites before they’re all gone! This is one of the best sales we’ve ever done for essential oils. Need a holiday staple? Peppermint is absolute perfection and I love it added to any citrus for a sparkling burst of energy.

$3 Mystery Lipsticks

$10 Lipsticks (Your Pick)

Our hydrating lipstick is a fan favorite—buttery smooth and great staying power! Now is the perfect time to stock up or try a new shade you never thought you’d wear!

$10 Apparel — And yeah, that INCLUDES this super cozy and soft sponge-fleece Babe with the Power crewneck!

… and more! Literally everything in the shop is on sale—even our planning notepads, which are never on sale.

A few things: If your order is over a pound (and yes, this includes beauty boxes), it MUST be shipped priority mail. This is USPS’s rule, and not ours. It *is* a little pricier but it will get to you faster, so there is an upside! Also, on the mystery products, if you order multiples, our team does their very best to not send you multiples, but unfortunately sometimes it does happen.

MERRY EVERYTHING!!!! And hope you had the best Thanksgiving!

xo Keely

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