Our 20 Favorite Photography Posts!

We love photography!It's no secret that we LOVE photography! Elsie and I have been snapping photos together for years and we've learned so much in that time. Here are 20 of our favorite photography related posts. Enjoy!Sun flareTips for capturing sunflare and photographing with backlightTips for outdoor photography www.abeautifulmess.comTips for getting the best outdoor photos.Tips for indoor photography www.abeautifulmess.com Tips for taking the best indoor photos.Lifestyle photography tips www.abeautiful mess.comFive tips for capturing great lifestyle photos10 things not to doTen things not to doHow to fake a ttv photo www.abeautifulmess.com How to fake a TTV photo.Free lensingA how to guide to free lensing.Pet photographyTips for taking great photos of your pets!Tips for food photography www.abeautifulmess.com Tips for taking photos of food. Yum! Outfit picturesA few tips for taking great portraits and outfit photosOur camera gear www.abeautifulmess.com Photography equipment is always changing and evolving but here is a list of our current favorite gear.Playing with different lenses and film typesWe love experimenting with different types of camera, lenses and films. We enjoy instax, holgas, our diana lens, and here's Elsie's guide to toy cameras.Take great iPhone photos!We are (obviously) big time lovers of iPhone photos too! We adore how smart phones have made photography easier and more accessible to everyone. Of course the technology and the app world move at a super quick pace here. You can read about some of our favorite iPhone photo apps, Android photo apps, and this year we released our own photo app, A Beautiful Mess (we will be releasing the Android version later this year).DIY instax wall paperWe love using our printed photos for all types of craft projects! Here you can see how we created our own instax wallpaperCanvas transferHow to transfer a photo to canvas. Plus a few extra tipsFamily photo book shelfMake your own family photo book shelfHow to transfer a photo to wood. www.abeautifulmess.com How to transfer a photo to wood (using an ink jet printer!).Photo art journalUse your own photos to dress up an art journal.How to transfer a photo to fabric www.abeautifulmess.com How to transfer a photo to fabric.ABM photo book out Aug 13th!And recently we got to announce our very first book, A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book, will be released August 13th. The book contains 95 tips and ideas for taking and using lifestyle photos. There are SO many never-before-seen photos, projects and also lessons/tips that we have learned over the years. Learn more and pre-order here. xo. Emma and Elsie

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  • Jennifer- Yes, many of these tips will also be in the book, but extended with more info and lots of new photos (we’ve included some photos from over the years too). Thanks!

  • just to let you know your pre-order link appears broken to me and i get

    can’t wait to re-read some of these for inspiration 🙂


  • Maybe it’s a silly question, but will all the tips on the blog also be in the book? I love having an in-hand guide, not just online.

  • Yay! So excited about this post! I’ll make sure to come back to it as soon as I can to look at all the links. 🙂 The free lensing one intrigues me the most, but all of them look amazing!

  • I don’t know what it is, but I am always drawn to blog posts with lots of pictures and beautiful photography!

    I have just started a blog myself and I hope to gain inspiration from your blog and others like it!


  • Ah! Thank you for putting all of these tips all in one place!!
    BACKLIGHT is my favvvvorite!

  • Cannot wait for your book. Your blog always makes me smile. Thanks for the great tips xxx

  • These are beautiful photos! Have you used the tips in the Trick Photography manual (if you don’t know wtf that is, it’s on our site scambreakers.com)? As a fellow photographer, it really helps.

  • Excellent post! Love the photography on this – beautiful work. More Photography Tips

  • This is such a fantastic post, thank you so much!


  • Great post, very helpful! Having your fave photography posts all listed here helps me click and read one after another.

  • thanks for compiling these ladies! all wonderful and useful. that instax wallpaper is killer!

  • i like the post and the pics!


  • so many great tips and ideas! thanks for sharing this, i had missed some of these posts before. happy weekend!

  • Great ideas and tips! I’m redecorating using a lot of my own photos, and I love the wallpaper idea for a recessed portion of my living room wall.

    <3 dani

  • Thank you for sharing! I love your photography advice. Much appreciated.

  • I’ve always loved your photos Elsie and Emma. Great round up!


  • Oooohhh! Thanks for putting this all in one place! I’m not a beginner blogger, but I’ve just started a personal blog and I’ve never had to take pictures before now and I’m not really great at it, haha!


  • Bookmarking this now! Thank you, E & E! 😀


  • Thank you for posting this! I had been so uninspired before but I’m looking forward to trying these out!

  • thank you so much for putting all of these great posts into one place!! Looks like I have some reading to do 😉
    xo ali

    an amsterdam adventure blog

  • So helpful – going to have to bookmark this to keep for reference. such a wonderful and inspiring blog

  • Awesome! I love these group postings, it makes things so much easier to find! ^_^

  • What is your process for photo organization and storage? It’s so easy these days to take tons of pictures, but I feel like they just get lost in my computer, since I don’t have a method for organizing and sharing them. Please help.

  • I really love this blog and I want to have your book, is it available here in the Philippines?

  • What a great compilation of photography tips. I just started a blog so I’ll be sure to read each and every one of these articles. THANKS!

  • Great tips! I’m off to put some glasses on my dog lol!


  • Thanks so much for putting these together, I’ve missed a couple of them before! Off to catch up 🙂

  • Wow…I am saving this to refer to for SURE! Thank you. And that book looks amazing. Love all you girls do! 🙂

  • You girls really have talent for lifestyle photography! Looking forward to the book! xx


  • these are my absolute favorites. Photography is something i love to do so often, thank you so much for all of these posts! x


  • Thank you for re posting these! I’ve just opened about eight tabs to re read haha! Love all your work x

  • I loved this summary, it’s great to have all these tips in one handy link, even as a photographer 🙂 You take such beautiful photos *sigh*!

  • Love your tips- thanks for sharing! Now I’ve got all sorts of ideas and can’t wait to read your book (congratulations!)! Also, just wanted to let you know the pre-order link isn’t working. 🙂 xoxo!

  • These tips are always so helpful!! Nice to have them all accessible from through this post. Congrats on the book!! So excitinggg!!:)

  • I can’t thank you enough for posting about these posts. I just started taking a basic photography class and it is SO hard. All the elements that go into a good photo are daunting, so this helps me digest all the info. I love every photo you capture on your blog so thanks for sharing the photog wisdom! Love, LOVE, love your blog =)


  • Possibly the best roundup EVER!


  • Thank you SO MUCH for this post! It’s great having your favorite photo tips all together!! Can’t wait to play around with some of your suggestions! Lets just pray to the good Lord I catch on quickly 😉 Love it!

  • Love all these great tips! Thank you! I’m a beginner blogger and I’ve been relying on my iPhone a lot! iPhone photos are put into two categories: lucky shot and great lighting and positioning pics OR ‘stick out my tongue what is that’ pics! I’m slowly saving up and looking for a good and loaded wifi camera. I want to be able to shoot pictures and blog on the go and feature REAL camera pics rather than iPhone pics. Being patient 🙂 you both are inspiring me lots in my blogging journey!

  • Ahhh, love it! Thanks for putting the best tips in one place. You two are so so talented!

    xo, Juliette Laura

  • I preordered mine, I’m so excited and impatient to receive it ! 🙂

  • Super useful post. Thanks for all the great tips.


    Peonies and American Honey

  • Sunset photos are my favourite!

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  • Many thanks, your tipps are so helpful for me because I´m really not always satisfy with our pictures 🙂 Fortunately here in Bavaria/Germany the region is really beautiful so the landscape distracts from the bad quality of our pics …

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


  • Totally pinned and am going to use this one to refer back to (I think it will be quite often). Thanks ladies!! 🙂

  • I was just waiting for inspiration! I think it’s here 🙂
    Have a great weekend Elsie and Emma! 🙂

  • I love all your photo tips and tutorials, they have been some of my favorite posts! I am looking forward to reading the “indoor pictures” one, it’s always hard to take a crisp, good shot in poor indoor lighting.

    Your blog has greatly bumped up my picture quality! Thanks for sharing ladies.

  • I love your photography tips and tricks! Congratulations again on your book! I love using the beautiful mess app for enhancing my photos. It just adds that special touch. Do you think one day you could do a post sharing the behind the scenes of A Beautiful Mess? Like a day in the life of? Be blessed!

  • This is exactly what I was looking for. You’re so helpful and generous! I’m sure I’ll find tons of helpful photography tips here. 🙂

  • Thanks for reposting these. When you announced you were doing your 30 day challenge I posted a comment asking(begging) for help. I didn’t think to check the five tips section. Sure enough all my questions had answers there.

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