Our Chile Video….

CHILEWe’re so happy to share this video of our time in Chile with you this weekend. Jeremy did such a beautiful job, and he wrote this song just for our video. (Tell him it needs to become a real song too! It definitely does.) He’s definitely got too much talent for one human. 🙂

Anyway – enjoyyy!

  • Your husband wrote the song??? I love it, before I read he wrote it, I was going to try to Shazam it and see where I could buy it! haha

  • Before I read that Jeremy wrote this song, I picked up my phone to search for it on Spotify or iTunes. Seriously, make that a real song! I want to add that to my road trip playlist.

  • SO BEAUTIFUL! You guys literally take the most beautiful photos on your trips and showcase these countries and places so incredibly. I literally want to go everywhere you go…

  • Summer [vacation couldn’t come soon enough! Looks like you had such a fantastic time 😀 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • Oh wow! Great impressions and such a cool video! I wish I could escape those grey days here and be in Chile as well! This is really an inspiration!

    I start my #4timesspring challenge tomorrow! It’s a little sport/ workout challenge which celebrates the start of Spring 🙂 Maybe this is something for you too 🙂 x

  • Hei guys, Chile looks very cool but you need to clean the camera sensor cause there is some dust! 🙂

  • I vote for some posts about video editing! I just upgraded to a dslr that has video and would love to learn more.

  • Oh and currently going to binge listen to his music on spotify right now 🙂

  • The song is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Chile is so beautiful this video looks like a really pretty music video honestly!

  • What a sweet thing to have to pass on to your kiddos someday. Absolutely love this idea! Looks like a beautiful trip!

  • Just lovely! Wondering whether Jeremy is hand-holding the camera or using a tripod? I get so much camera shake in my travel videos.

  • You went all the way to Chile and only went to a beach? I guess I was expecting more. It looks just like California. I will say your aesthetic is very beautiful. Hopefully you can go back someday and explore more.

  • The music is so dreamy and complimented the video perfectly! Two emoji thumbs up to Jeremy.

  • This video definitely rocks! I’d love to visit Chile since I read one of Isabel Allende’s novels. I hope you guys are having fun. Cheers!

  • Great video, even better song! Make sure to clean your lenses before shooting, though 😉

    Is Jeremy on Music Bed? I would definitely use his tracks if they all sound like that!

  • Nice pics and video 🙂
    Want to go to Chile too.
    Enjoy time and each other 🙂

    Maria from Denmark blog.

  • It looks like you had a wonderful time! Beautiful video and a good song!
    Xx Caroline


  • When I was looking in my feed I never thought Chile would come up! I’m Chilean and I was surprised… In a very nice way! 🙂 your video makes justice to our waves, all we have through the country. I’m in love with ocean! And maybe u can understand why after the waves you’ve seen here.

    Anyways, lovely video! (And music).

  • Wow, Chile looks beautiful. And I’m OBSESSED with your pictures, they look so vibrant and flawless! Gorgeous video as well. Life in Blue Skies | A Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

  • Beautiful! Chile is definitely on my list of places I want to visit. The song is wonderful too. He is very talented 🙂


  • Beautiful! Chile is definitely on my list of places I want to visit. The song is wonderful too. He is very talented 🙂


  • What a beautiful video.
    I’m curious where in chile was that
    Did you actually see a Condor?

    Jeremy’s music is just amazing! and so perfect for the video ♥

  • This is beautiful! I need to remember to take more videos!


  • The video is fantastic! Thank you for sharing it with us!
    As for the music – it is otherworldly beautiful!

  • Chile looks so much like California in your photos and video… inspiring me to head to the beach today!

  • Great video and I Looved the music! My husband makes music to my hair tutorial videos too – he’s just working on one now! It’s the best to create something together with your other half 🙂 Keep up the good work, lovely creatives!! :*

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