Our Favorite Clean Beauty Face Masks

Face masks are an excellent self care ritual that you can do at home! I love having a night of the week. (Sundays are my typical day … and sometimes in the middle of the week if it’s not such a great week—haha!)

As with all beauty products, not all masks are created equally, and many are full of artificial ingredients like perfumes, dyes and harsh ingredients that irritate your skin—the exact opposite of what your skin needs.

Real clean beauty products aren’t just omitting toxic ingredients, they’re filled with high performing ingredients from nature. My favorite thing about diving into clean beauty has been learning about ingredients and what they can do for my skin. I’ve said it before, but it’s not that different from learning to read food labels. You learn really quickly how to spot something that is actually healthy vs. something that is advertised as healthy. Knowledge is power—haha!

We know a good face mask can be a bit of an investment, so here are our TOP favorites—our tried and true list!

One Love Organics Love & Charcoal Mask I love this mask for a quick detox after a long week or travel. It cleanses and absorbs excess oil without leaving my skin dry.

Tata Harper Clarifying Mask (This is what we are wearing the photo above.) With a base of honey, it is super hydrating. It is our go-to for glowy skin. It has a small amount of “heat” to it (you can feel the ingredients working) without being harsh. The ingredient list for this mask is a thing of beauty—one of the best of its kind!

LeahLani Mermaid Mask This mask is a cult favorite, and for good reason. It smells like Hawaii and is filled with superfood ingredients to nourish your skin. This is my favorite mask for relaxation and hydration. It is super gentle and can be used as often as you like.

Herbivore Brighten Mask This mask is on the more powerful side—for me it gives a little more “heat” or tingle than others. I use this one when my skin is feeling dull. One important tip for this mask is to make sure you shake or stir it before using it for an even application. I noticed that some of the ingredients tend to settle along the bottom. This is definitely a repeat purchase for me and one of my absolute favorites to give as a gift, too.

Frankincense + Manuka Oils I sometimes like to add a “boost” to my masks by mixing in just one drop of essential oil. Frankincense, in particular, is my go-to for so many reasons. The scent is an acquired taste, it is warm and spicy. I have grown to love it. I recommend Frankincense as a booster for general aging-related skin concerns, although it is great for overall skin health and not limited to that. Out of all of the essential oils, Frankincense is my numero uno.

Manuka oil is what I add if I have a break out of any kind or a cut or scratch. It has similar benefits to tea tree oil (though some sources have said it’s even more effective), with a less medicinal fragrance and is more gentle for use on the skin. I recommend Manuka oil as a booster for acne concerns.

Thanks for reading! xx. Elsie

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Amber Ulmer and Elsie Larson. Photo edited with A Color Story Desktop.

  • Face masks are amazing! They revitalize the skin in an instant and is very healthy too! Thanks for sharing your recommendations 🙂

  • Hey ladies, just wanted to thank you for showcasing masks that are sold in glass jars and not individual tear containers. Promoting “clean” living should also mean moving away from wasteful and one-off purchases and I’ve been very pleased to see the number of non-plastic packages you guys have promoted in recent years.

  • Ooo thanks for sharing these! I love a good face mask! The Leahlani sounds like my kind of thing!
    Debs @ https://tiger-mint.com

  • I should really start using face masks, I have never really thought about it to be honest. Thanks for the recommendations!

  • Thanks for the review, I love face masks! I just use bentonite clay on its own but I’d love to check out the mermaid mask and the herbivore brighten mask sometime!

  • I want to try the Herbivore Brighten Mask! Thanks for the recommendation! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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