Our Favorite Natural Kid’s Products!

Find great natural products for your kiddos at www.abeautifulmess.comIf you’ve ever tried to create a more kid-safe environment with non-toxic and natural products, then you know how challenging that can actually be! For most options, you can’t just run to the closest store and grab any old item off the shelf—there’s a lot more label reading and research involved when you are making such calculated decisions for your kids.

For me, I know that reading the recommendations of other moms that I follow or know has really helped continue to hone and curate the list of kiddo items we have and use in our house with Lola, so Elsie and I thought that we’d share all the items that we love with you! I’ll be the first to admit though that I don’t have every single item in the house at “100% natural” level as it’s a lot of items to switch out after a lifetime of using more conventional choices, but we try to switch out things when as we can afford them or try and start with a safer choice when buying an item we don’t already own.

Here’s our favorite natural kid’s items so far!

Find great natural products for your kiddos at www.abeautifulmess.comBath + Body Products: Elsie loves this bubble bath for Nova and this line of shampoo that doubles as a body wash as well. Since Nova has such sensitive skin, they go through a lot of sunscreen each month, so Elsie likes how affordable this natural sunscreen is for the majority of her body, and then they use this on her face and this mist on her scalp. For Lola, we use the same face sunscreen and scalp mist and this on her body. We use this shampoo/body wash combo and this lotion (when she will sit still for it, which isn’t often!).

Toys: Elsie and I aim to avoid plastic toys and we both have wooden animals from this brand and Nova’s wooden rainbow stacker is to die for! For babies and small toddlers, we use this brand of natural rubber toys with Lola in the bath and she had mostly teethers like this crinkle teether DIY that you can make with organic materials or wooden teethers like this.

We also have several toys from this brand and these wooden stacking shapes are just too beautiful to be toys (but they are!).

Mealtime: If you are looking for non-toxic items to use for mealtime, we really like using food-grade silicone pocket bibs for all of Lola’s meals to catch falling food with a larger organic cotton bib underneath to help protect clothing. Lola just started to learn to use utensils so we are starting her off with these and she thinks it’s pretty fun to try and use them so far! Up until now, we’ve been using a silicone bowl and plate (similar to this) but just switched to this stainless steel plate instead (so cute!).

It’s been really hard to find a sippy or straw cup option that works really well, is durable, and isn’t mostly plastic, so I think we are going to try using one of these at home and save options like this for when we go out (this is awesome to have at restaurants and we just keep it rolled up in her diaper bag). We use these a lot to pack on-the-go snacks and meals for small servings of things like crackers or a side dish of her main meal, and I love these for larger items like sandwiches and bigger servings of fruits and veggies.

Bedtime: We use this organic mattress for Lola and these organic cotton sheets (this brand is my favorite!) since she spends so much of her life sleeping on the mattress. I love this organic sleep sack and it’s great that they have a winter and a summer weight as well. They grow out of pajamas so fast when they are little, but I’ve been trying to buy organic cotton pajamas for her as well since she spends so much time in them. Elsie has a mattress for Nova from this brand and an organic waterproof liner over the mattress (we have this one for Lola’s crib).

Elsie makes a quick room spray anytime Nova’s room needs a scent refresh (everyone with kids and a diaper changing station knows what she’s talking about on that one!) by mixing lavender, rosemary, and fir needle oils (10-15 drops of each) into a small amount of grain alcohol and then filling the spray bottle to the top with distilled water (I love doing a similar thing with lavender and grapefruit oils).

And speaking of diapers, we use cloth diapers but that’s waaay too long of a conversation for one paragraph, so you can read more about my recommendations here if you’re interested in that (if you’re looking for a non-toxic more ecofriendly disposable though, I recommend these!).

There you go! Like I said, it can be overwhelming to try and switch everything out at once if you realize you’d like to make more natural choices than you have been, but start small, don’t let yourself get overwhelmed and use resources like this to help find better products (it’s not a perfect system but it helps a lot!). It does take extra effort at times, but those little cuties are worth it if you ask me! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.
  • Hey Laura!
    what a lovely read 🙂
    we made our first wooden toy (after being disgusted with the excess of plastic options in the market) for our nephew over 3 years ago & that one toy snowballed into an entire brand of wooden toys.
    we keep all our practices sustainable & products natural so that the kids & the adults who buy from us are happy to treasure our toys through lifetimes.
    So nice to see all the different brands who are trying to do the same.

  • Hi Laura & Elsie and everyone!

    I recently acquired some wooden toys for my nephew, but was much more a fan of their shape than the actual paint/ colors and was hoping to repaint them. I’ve done a little bit of research online regarding what type of paints to use but given the recent beautifulmess baby additions I was wondering if y’all had any more specific advice? Such as, what type of sandpaper to use (grit wise)–or if that step is even necessary, if primer is required on pre-painted wood, which paints would be best–especially if I want to use multiple colors on a budget, and what kind of final sealer to use.

    I’ve been reading your blog since 2008 & this is my first time commenting.


    • Amanda, you definitely want to sand. You don’t want to give your child a toy that can give them splinters. Sandpaper works from low to high — 100 grit is grittier and more coarse than 300 grit. You sand with finer and finer grit until you have a silky smooth surface. A good home improvement store can give you tips, but the labeling on most sandpaper products should help. For finishing, I prefer a sanding block. This one is my favorite: https://thd.co/2oaWlln

      A good natural finish is beeswax or even coconut oil. I’ve normally seen wooden toys finished with linseed oil or mineral oil, but but you need to pick something that’s safe in case it finds its way into little mouths. Mineral oil is kind of the standard, but it’s not great for our health. Most finishes are non-toxic when cured, so again, you might want to ask around or use your own discretion. I hope that helps you out a little!

    • Hi Amanda!
      I would use this paint that I used on my activity center post:

      You can buy small samples from them which is great for small projects like toys (I’m sure they have a primer too). Some non-toxic paints will actually seal in more toxic paint underneath (like Safecoat brand but I don’t think you can get small samples of theirs, just gallons) so you don’ have to remove the toxic paint in some instances. You can always call and talk to their customer service about which of their paints they recommend for toys.

      However, if something is meant to be a teether/chew toy, then I wouldn’t recycle wood I don’t know where it came from but buy untreated organic wood shapes and then find a non-toxic food-grade water-based stain to stain them with rather than non-toxic paint since that’s not meant to be put in the mouth. I don’t have a specific source on that but I’m sure it exists online!

      Laura 🙂

  • These are great recommendations, even though I don’t have kids yet (heck, I’m not even married yet). But these items make great gifts for all my friends who are! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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