Our Favorite Planters on Etsy!

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It’s officially SPRING!!! One of our favorite things to do this time of year is to visit a couple greenhouses on the weekends with friends. There’s something extra special about meeting up for lunch, getting a coffee to go, and browsing the plant aisles. Make an afternoon out of it. 🙂

Since plants need a cute “home,” we thought we would do a roundup of our favorites planters. Even though we love the convenience of Amazon and the ease of finding cute things from other retailers, Etsy will always be our #1 way to shop local, independent artists. So, every item on this wishlist is from there. Yay!

Do you have any other Etsy wishlists you’d like to see on the blog? xo.

  • Thank you for doing a list of planters on Etsy! I know Amazon is accessible to a large population of people but I feel like we should be doing everything we can to support individual artists on platforms like Etsy. This is great!

  • I really want to fill my bedroom with plants but my bedroom is so tiny I would have nowhere to put them. I’m hoping to get some new storage for my clothes soon and maybe then I’ll redo my space and add some shelves where I can put smaller plants. I’ll definitely be checking some of these out, I think adding some fun planters will look super cute.

  • I love these planters! So cute!

    If you ever find yourself in the Sacramento region, we have a really cute plant nursery with a cafe. It’s called High Hand Nursery in Loomis, CA. Great spot to meet friends, browse plants, and eat!

  • All of these plants are very beautiful, but i really liked No. 9, i actually wanted to gift someone similar plant her birthday but i did’t know her address so had cancel the plan.

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