Our Favorite Reusable Face Masks

I still laugh every time I think back to last March and I thought we’d quarantine for two weeks (or maybe a month) and then go back to our regular lives. It took a while, for me at least, to fully absorb that COVID is going to be a part of our lives for … a while.

Now that we’ve had a chance to fully embrace mask wearing, we’ve discovered our “favorite masks,” which is totally A THING. I’ve learned that there are so many variables about masks and that the most important thing is comfort. I wear a variety of masks and have a growing collection, but I definitely have a favorite that has become my go-to. Here’s what works for me, as well as other members of the ABM team.

Also, our collages are now clickable. Let me know if you like this better than clicking on individual links!

This gingham mask is my go-to because it’s so comfortable to wear. I also love these custom embroidered masks from Daily Disco.

This is Jacki’s favorite mask—it’s comfy, has a nose wire, and it’s made with multiple layers of fabric (from our fabric line, so that’s a bonus, right?). These come in a pack of three. She also loves this floral mask by Queen City Blooms, a local Springfield business. It’s so well made and very comfy.

Laura loves this Etsy mask (with a nose clip) and this is her favorite mask for her toddler.

Keely’s favorite comfortable mask is this one and it washes easily. She’s also a die-hard fan of the Daily Disco masks.

Claire is a big fan of this set from Madewell. They have adjustable straps and check all the boxes. She also loves this brand from Kansas City.

As always, we would love to know your favorites, too! xo, Elsie

  • I can totally relate to that. It´s been so long in quarantene and only recently have I started making my own. Even though I use my sewing machine so often and have lots of fabric scraps. But now I am so enjoy making – and using them 🙂 These are good inspiration 😀

  • Jacki’s whole aesthetic is freaking amazing. Imma just lean in to fangirl-ing and copy her with these.

  • Loving the new clickable collage format! And the tie-dye masks. They’re so much happier than the plain, solid-colored ones I’ve been wearing.

  • Thanks for this post and I’m excited about the clickable links! I was wondering – are you able to add alt-text to the images/links to make them more accessible? My screen reader (NVDA) isn’t picking anything up when I go over them. Thanks for being awesome!

  • I’ve been hoping you guys would start doing clickable collages forever and absolutely love it!!

  • Thanks for the recommendations. But mostly I’m here to say I love the clickable collage! Thank you!

  • I’ve been buying all of my masks from Kaikini in Kauai, Hawaii! They’re a small, women-owned business that normally makes swimwear, but they’ve had to hire even more women in their community to keep up with the increased demand for masks. The masks come in cute prints, are super durable, and the ear straps are incredibly comfortable because they’re made out of swimsuit material. They even make larger sizes for men, too. https://www.kaikini.com/

  • Baggu is seriously killing the mask game. I’ve been wearing them non stop and recently bought another set. They have a wire for your nose, adjustable straps, and are VERY comfortable. Highly recommend!

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