Our Favorite Statement Earrings! 

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Statement earrings are kind of like Hansel from the movie Zoolander in that they are “so hot right now.” Whether you are wearing an outfit that is already bold and your ears are just trying to keep up or you choose to keep everything simple so that the earrings are the star, well, we are big fans of either direction. Some boast geometric shapes to keep the eyes interested (like numbers 5, 9, and 10) while others rely on pom poms or tassels to bring some texture and movement to the jewelry. A lot of the statement earring trends have a bit of a 60s or 70s flair to them, which is the perfect excuse to pair them with some teased hair and a solid liquid liner cat eye for a night on the town. And since gold and bright colors are the name of the game, they are the perfect summer accessory too—and just in time! If you are a “jewelry by the pool” kind of glam girl, then a statement earring with a cute swimsuit and sunnies may be just what your vacation suitcase needs…

  • I’ll take the lot! I love pairing my big raffia and sculptural earrings with a white T and jeans !

  • That is beautiful, would love to give it a try, Handmade Jewellery looks classy and stylish, and earnings are something that goes with traditional as well as western attire.

  • LOVE this selection. Wish I could wear them all at once somehow……….. a super statement!

  • I actually thought some of these were from Noonday Collection, and although they’re cheaper on amazon for sure, I highly recommend checking out Noonday as well! They employ women in difficult conditions around the world move out of poverty with their own businesses, by training them to make beautiful, high quality jewelry. Definitely something you can feel good about – and I guarantee they’re prettier and better quality! I’ve actually thought about becoming an ambassador because I’m so obsessed with their jewelry, but haven’t taken the plunge yet.

  • absolutely loving #3, but I’d rock all of these beauties.


  • I love them all, but I think number 12 is my favourite! x

  • I have beautiful tassel earrings from Penh Lenh! They’re a jewelry company based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia employing and helping at-risk youth and women. Rachel who started it is fab so I definitely recommend!! Each piece is handmade and gorg!


  • I love all of your picks especially #3! Jess at Just Jess

  • I don’t have my ears pierced (I know…WHAT), but loving seeing all the fun tassels and pom-poms pop up! 🙂


  • Number 8 is my fave!

    Also, I read the title of your blog post as “Statement of earnings” and was reminded that I haven’t done my taxes. I will instead buy earrings.

  • I’m so glad fringe and pom poms are so popular! These dangling earring are the perfect way to make a simple outfit spunky, especially for work. Cute collection!

  • Number seven could kill some conspiracy theorists in my office, haha.

  • Im so excited that it’s coming to summer again so I can take out my bright and fun statement earrings that have been put away for the winter!
    Love these ones too


  • 10 is my favorite by far but the link looks like it’s expired!!! Darn 🙁

  • My favourite is number 7!

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