Our Favorite Swimsuits and Sunnies!

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Don’t look now, but summer is just around the corner! Cookouts, beach vacations, poolside hangs with pals—bring it on. Since summer styles are popping up all over the place, we thought we’d share a few of our favorite styles of swimsuits and sunnies for the season! Whether it’s a palm print suit like #2 or cute cactus details (like on #17), you’ll be pool-ready in style. We also love a unique one piece and the pretty rose details of #4 and swans on #13 are just too sweet to pass up. High-waisted bikini options are classics options (like #5), and they are also a great way to show off a bit of retro flair. Mirrored sunnies are really on trend this year with lots of colored lens options (like pairs #1 and #9), or you can be classically vintage in oversized angular shapes with pairs #3 and #11. Of course, if anything pink is hard to pass up (welcome to the club!), then #7 and #14 may be your perfect pair. Whatever you choose to be your “it” look this pool season, we hope you find something you’ll love all summer long!

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