Our First Year: Instagram Scrapbook

Instagram scrapbook 1I had so much fun creating this mini scrapbook full of instagram photos from our first year of marriage. This little book would also be great for polaroid or instax photos!

Instagram scrapbook 2Here are a few of the pages I put together for my book. I used stickers from the art store, labels and permanent pens to write directly on my photos. 

Instagram scrapbook 3I spent the afternoon making little pages with one photo each plus some words. I had so much fun remembering our first year of marriage while putting these together. I'm really glad I took so many instagram photos on my brother's wedding day and on our little brunch dates! 

Instagram book stepsHere's a little bit about how I constructed this book… 1. Collect map papers (I trimmed mine to 5×5 inches), treasured photos and you'll need some adhesive too. I print my instagram photos with an app called PostalPix. 2-4. I used Lithco to bind my pages together. This is a sticky adhesive that can be used to make your own notepads. You need to smash your pages between a book and put a weight on them while the coats of Lithco dries. It takes several coats. When it was dry I covered the spine with washi tape for a cuter finished look. 

Instagram book Flipping through the pages of my book I feel happy, thankful and so lucky for this life. I think that's what a scrapbook should be, a record of things that make life beautiful. Thanks for taking a look at my newest coffee table book. xoxo, elsie

  • I just got married in May and I can’t wait to make one of these. Thanks for the great idea!!!

  • this is really cute! C:
    planning to print out my instagram photos too.

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  • What a lovely present! I have enough time to gather the photos and stickers until the “2 years” anniversary 🙂


  • not to sound creepy or anything,

    but i love the relationship you two have (:

    you can realy tell how much you two adore eachother.

    this is such a fun idea! i’ve never scrapbooked before, but this post is so inspiring!

    xo, cheyenne

  • Do you have a link to the adhesive? I googled it but can’t seem to find what you used! I’ve got a stack of instagram prints waiting to be made into a book!!

  • This is such a cool project!
    Thinking about making one myself as a memory of all the fun me and my boyfriend had the last three years. And hopefully a lot more 🙂

    Xx Sari

  • This is amazing! I recently discovered instagrams myself, and love them so much, and this is such nice way to display them well! it is literally so cute!


  • Plain adorable! I love this so much!!
    xo Heather

  • This might be a silly question, but what do you put the lithco on to bind the pages together? I tried using washi and that didn’t hold…so I’m hoping for a better solution.

  • Pretty scrapbook.. You come up with the most adorable projects. Thanks for sharing!

  • This is amazing! Thanks so much for the inspiration!


  • I love all your creative DIY ideas. This is such a cute one!

  • Great project! Really a wonderful way to incorporate online media into something 3 dimensional you can get your hands on and feel.

  • You make the best things! I would love to make my own scrap book one day 🙂


  • This is SO cute — it turned out so well! I hope I have time someday soon to do some crafts.
    x Hilary

  • Thank you for sharing PostalPix! I’m always finding great apps from you!

    Kindness is the best accessory,

  • awww.. OMG I was thinking to do a project with my photos of instagram!! I think can be loook good on my wall.

  • So, so sweet. I love the ease of the Blurb Instagram book but I didn’t like that I couldn’t add text! I’ll have to try this for the next one. 🙂

  • Cute crafty idea!


  • cute!! i made an album of envelopes recently. now can i easily save memories from my trip last year:)

  • I’m having trouble finding the Lithco adhesive. Do you remember where you bought it?

  • Thank you so much for this idea, Elsie! I love scrapbooking, but don’t do it too often because of how time and space-consuming it can be. However, I think I could do this little scrapbook in one afternoon! My husband and I are just approaching our one-year mark, too, so I think I’ll so something similar. Thanks again!

  • This is so amazing & a great way to capture those memories! When the day comes, I hope to make one of these adorable little albums! 🙂

  • Lovely. Postalpix isn’t available in Canada yet 🙁 I’ll have to look for an alternative (I have a lot of pics on my phone I want to print out).

  • I JUST posted about making photobooks of each year I’ve been with my boyfriend! They feel so special, don’t they? I hope they’ll be treasured for a long time to come.

  • Sooo cute. It is raining in Vienna, so I might try it. Thanks for this!

    Lots of love,

    The Cuteberry

  • What a great idea! I’ll have to try this soon!


    Mademoiselle Meese (blog)
    Facebook Page

  • I’m working on an Instagram book right now, too! I am hoping I will have enough space for the whole year, as a sort of memory book! I hope to be taking pictures this weekend, I will send you some maybe!

  • adorable…we just instagramed our trip cross country such a fun app….super cute and great little heirloom ~Love Heather

  • Ah! This is so great! I’ve loved all your recent tutorials (or just sneak peeks!) of your journals and scrapbooks. Thanks for sharing!!

  • LOVE THIS! I was waiting for you to post something like this since you have been posting so many art-journal/scrapbook crafts lately! Can’t wait to make one!!

  • that’s a great idea, I really need to print out my instagram and hipstamatic photos!

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  • Where do you find the Helvetica letter stickers?! I’ve looked everywhere… I <3 Helvetica.


    I’ve just finished creating a collection of canvas transfers (thanks to your fabulous blog), so now I might move on to Instagram scrapbooks! YAY! <3

  • Very cute. I really need to do something with all the photos that I take. This might be just the thing, Although with out the marriage bit! 😉

  • How sweet! I got really excited about the thought of making my own notepads, but I’m having trouble tracking down Lithco… Where would one find this wonderful product?

  • So sweet & Cute! I’m loving these “make your own notebook” tutorials you’re posting!

  • I love all of these scrapbooks you’ve been showing us. I can’t wait to make one! I just ordered a bunch of instagram prints too. ♥

  • Thank you for sharing this! What a nice way to mark you first year of marriage, both traditionally (paper!) and in a modern way (instagram app photos!).

  • wow, that is a wonderful idea. Definitely something which I think I might be attempting!

  • Elsie, stop. I was JUST wondering how I could print my instagrams and BAM you post this. Thanks for all the tips, I just love this blog

  • Love this! I so need to start printing my instagram photos.

    xO, Vicky

  • This is such a lovely idea!! I took loads of Instragram snaps in the summer when I was home in Canada (I live in Denmark now), with hopes of doing something crafty and amazing with them. Alas, this has yet to happen, but you have inspired me to get my butt in gear! Also, random fact, my grandmother’s name was Elsie Larson. Love your blog! x E

  • Elsie, I so admire your creativity and your determination to capture memories! This is a lovely project…almost makes me wish I had an iPhone 🙂


  • This is so inspiring!!! I can’t wait to get married so I can create a similar one!!! LOL!

  • You are on fire girl. I see you used your alone time well.


  • Love this! I did a little album like this in university tracking all the friends, and classes, and travels. I treasure it so much!!!


  • I love miniature anything (don’t ask) and this album is a great cute example!
    Material Fixations

  • wow, very cool!

  • I absolutely admire your creativity! What a beautiful way of keeping memories !


  • It’s adorable, Elsie. Are you planning to do one every year? What a wonderful way to keep your memories alive.

  • so cool! thanks for sharing where you get your instagram photo prints!!!

  • LOVE this idea!! I had no idea that Lithco existed and will definitely have to check it out 🙂

  • Love seeing all of your inspiring photo books and art journal posts. I have a list of some that I am doing in the future. One is a look back on the last five years of marriage with my husband. Another is a spring break book that I am going to do during spring break with my daughters help. I can’t wait!

  • What a splendid idea!

    thank you for sharing all of these DIY books.

    It is very inspiring!


  • So awesome! I usually use blurb because I like the Blog to Book feature…but I also have a ton of Instagram pics from our first year (we’re only 5 months in, too!). And I have a bunch of old maps! Yippee!

  • I just love these 🙂 I need to print some of mine SO badly 🙂 TOO CUTE!

  • love this, elsie! i love seeing all the scrapbooks you’ve been making lately!

  • this is the sweetest thing. i wish i had done something like that for husband. maybe i can do a “year 5”

    thanks for sharing!!

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