Our First Year: Instagram Scrapbook

Instagram scrapbook 1I had so much fun creating this mini scrapbook full of instagram photos from our first year of marriage. This little book would also be great for polaroid or instax photos!

Instagram scrapbook 2Here are a few of the pages I put together for my book. I used stickers from the art store, labels and permanent pens to write directly on my photos. 

Instagram scrapbook 3I spent the afternoon making little pages with one photo each plus some words. I had so much fun remembering our first year of marriage while putting these together. I'm really glad I took so many instagram photos on my brother's wedding day and on our little brunch dates! 

Instagram book stepsHere's a little bit about how I constructed this book… 1. Collect map papers (I trimmed mine to 5×5 inches), treasured photos and you'll need some adhesive too. I print my instagram photos with an app called PostalPix. 2-4. I used Lithco to bind my pages together. This is a sticky adhesive that can be used to make your own notepads. You need to smash your pages between a book and put a weight on them while the coats of Lithco dries. It takes several coats. When it was dry I covered the spine with washi tape for a cuter finished look. 

Instagram book Flipping through the pages of my book I feel happy, thankful and so lucky for this life. I think that's what a scrapbook should be, a record of things that make life beautiful. Thanks for taking a look at my newest coffee table book. xoxo, elsie

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