Our Folk Art Bride & Groom Photos






These photos were taken during our bride and groom session a couple days before our wedding. I am a very big fan of the late Robert E. Smith, who was an incredible folk artist from our area. His mural makes me happy everytime I see it, so we thought it would be fun to snap a few couple photos there.

By the way, I highly recommend scheduling a bride and groom session on a day prior to the wedding. It felt a little strange to get dressed up in advance, but it was such a fun and stress-free experience that really helped us focus on our loved ones on the actual wedding day. In fact, we only posed for a handful of photos alone on our wedding day, the rest were candids and group photos!

Photos by Arrow and Apple.

  • This is amazing 🙂


  • Beautiful couple and nice pictures, well written article. Thanks for sharing with us.

  • great for a winter!


  • That’s a nice idea – away from the norm wedding shots!

    Loving that awesome mural and it’s a really interesting backdrop to have 😉

    Happy Marriage!

  • Your pictures are amazing! What a perfect backdrop for wedding photos. I was surprised to hear you say Robert E. Smith “was” a great artist. I worked at Nona’s for years and he would come in to chat me up while I tried to serve my tables. After moving over seas, I’ve often wondered about him. I’m sorry to hear he has passed away.

    Thanks, I never know what I’m going to learn on your blog!

  • That wall looks amazing! Love it that you picked a more ‘non-typical’ spot to snap those couple pictures.

    NEW POST: If Vogue would go Disney…

  • I really love the vibrancy, mood and color in these murals. You and your hubs stand out so well. It makes a great backdrop!


  • Gorgeous, make a great backdrop.



  • great photos! knew to me artist. aren’t murals one of life’s happy art moments?


  • Very creative! And I wish we took our wedding photos the day before, definitely wouldn’t be as stressful!

  • oops, forgot the link.
    here it is: http://www.pastemagazine.com/blogs/awesome_of_the_day/2011/08/best-wedding-photos-ever.html

    Ha ha!

  • Fun photos! It’s like you’re on the set of some excellent 70’s cartoon 🙂

    I was just reading the Paste “Awesome of the Day” blog which has a link to some pretty hilarious bride/groom photos…you’ll probably find this amusing!

  • These photos are a genuine reflection of your love for each other and your down to earth spirit. That is what makes you so inspiring as a person, fashion blogger, sister, wife and friend to your loved ones. I love the colorful and quirky mood these capture.




  • Okay so I KNOW I’ve already commented on this but I really wanted to thank you for commenting on my blog. I’m so seriously thrilled! You’ve easily made my day! (I would say week, but I got my first follower yesterday morning and that was also an amazing thing!)

    A thousand thanks… You’re so sweet and genuine and totally inspiring in your fashion, relationships…



  • Very interesting portrait idea! It captures your moment in the city life perfectly. Cute dress 🙂


  • Perfection, as always.

    I love this idea…..I keep telling my husband we are going to “get married again” and have the wedding of our dreams. All these ideas are getting tucked away in my planner book for that someday we actually do 😉


  • I love murals like this- it’s hard to believe some cities would rather paint their walls white than have bright happy murals for everyone to love. Great photos!

  • How fun! I love how your outfit matches the background perfectly.

    ♥ Gina Michele

  • Love that idea. We were so stressed on the day of trying to get photos before it got dark outside. I also ended up seeing my hubby before the ceremony because it was the only time to do photos and I really didn’t want to see him until I walked down the aisle. Wish we had done this! <3

  • you two are a gorgeous couple!!
    i love the the background..the colors in it really make you both stand out perfectly.. <333

  • this is such a great idea. and i love the mural!


  • So pretty! I love your wedding dress. And that background was a great idea.

    xo, rv


  • I completely agree with you on the couples shoot. We had a pre-wedding shoot and have scheduled a post-wedding shoot too, so that on the day it’s just us and family & friends. I’m really looking forward to the day much more now, knowing that we have less in the schedule.

  • I love the idea of getting all of photos out of the way before the big day. At so many friends’ weddings it was annoying that the photographer kept pulling them aside.

  • That mural is so lovely!! You guys are too cute!


  • Bring forwards or put back the groom & bride photoshoot is a grat idea. Definitely the last thing a couple should do in their big day is spent most of the time posing. Rober E. Smith mural is amazing, it seems he was an incredible artist.

  • You guys look adorable … & what a great painting. How could this not make you happy.

    Kelly @
    Elegantly Academic

  • hi elsie, great pictures of you 2! Congrats on your wedding… we are having our little celebration soon! 12,5 years of marriage!!!!And it’s still…GREAT!

  • This is gorgeous! I love the bright colors, and you 2 are looking ultra cute together:)

    Stephanie May*


  • Folk art is amazing, I wish there were more appreciation thereof these days. And that’s pretty good advice, actually, it makes a ton of sense C:

    <3 Anastasia

  • Love it! So nice to see such bright colours in wedding photos! Mine were really bright as we got married in Italy and I love that they’re so colourful.

    Really good idea to have the session before the wedding too.

  • These photos are great! I love that mural so much, I smile every time I see it. <3

  • i like the photo… 🙂
    Is so lovely…


    Irene Wibowo

  • these photos are adorable! the one where you’re holding hands is the best = )


  • This was one of my favorite things when I lived in Springfield. I lived right down the street from it. It’s amazing!

  • I tell you I wish I had known about blogs before I got married! So many fresh and great ideas 🙂

  • ooh, i like this piece of advice. thanks! 🙂
    have you seen the book about Mr. Smith at the art museum? if you haven’t, you should go check it out…

  • These are so lovely! I adore the mural. It’s a great choice for a backdrop. 🙂 You two look lovely!

  • Wow, that mural is amazing! Such a great idea to do a pre-wedding photo shoot-I can only imagine how much calmer it must have been for you both. Aaah-dorable, as always! 🙂

  • Beautiful photos! And it seems like a great way to not worry about not getting enough couple photos!



  • They’re beautiful pictures! What a wonderful backdrop — that wall is excellent.

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