• What a honeymoon it was! Do you have plans of going on a second honeymoon? We just got back from our second honeymoon, and although it was short, it was sweet and very fulfilling!

  • Awww.. Both of you looked so cute and sweet in these photos! My hubby and I just got back from our honeymoon too, and it was really fun and romantic! I can’t wait to go on our second honeymoon next year!! =)

  • Cute honeymoon. Did you embelish your own white sneakers in the above picture? I am going home from college right now to embelish my favorite old keds. You inspire me, I am a metalsmith, I also make many other types of jewelry. I love vintage clothes and repourposing. I paint, sew, draw, 3-D design, and love to interior decorate. You seem like the type of person who does it all and takes all of your talents and puts usefully and beautifully together. What an inspiration. Ginny (if ever grow up I want to be like you!) Opps! I am grown up, thanks for all your pictures.

  • I have been checking out all your wonderful wedding posts since I am planning my own wedding for next year, and since I live in Texas I though it was so wonderful that y’all went to Austin for the honeymoon!


  • I was in Austin for a wedding in June, and we stayed at the Austin Motel as well! What a great location. Loved these photos 🙂

  • I love a dub austin…. i live here so i may be partial. I do wonder from time to time what it’s like for those from other cities who visit here. I know you had fun, glad you did 🙂

  • I was recently in Austin and my fiance and I stayed at Austin motel. Real cool motel and the people were so nice!

  • You two look great together! And Congratulations on your wedding anyway. Seems that you guys had a sweet and romantic honeymoon. Always be happy, in love, and tons of kids soon!

  • Awesome, glad you came to my home base for your honeymoon. Austin just screams your and Jeremy’s personality!

  • Austin is so wonder, I love the Austin Motel. Did you get your bubble tea and the cute place behind Guadalupe that is completely decked out in cute Japanese goodies? If so, that was the place I had my first bubble tea.

    Congrats on your nuptials!!

  • I love your photos.. they have a great vintage look to them!

  • Congratulations…a million happy ending wishes coming from Iowa to you two right now!

    U guys may be the most adorable couple in the world right now! Kudos to you.

  • Super lovely. Can’t wait to see more!


  • Awesome honeymoon pictures!! I am so glad that you and Jeremy had an awesome time!!!

  • I just LOVE austin! I used to live there when i was younger and i miss it terribly! Awesome pics and again congrats! you make such a beautiful bride 🙂

  • SO fun!!! And the instagram treatment really captures the bold colors & warmth of the city:)

  • I love the side by side drink photos. What a great idea!!

  • so happy for you- i just love the instagram photos!


  • I said it before when you posted pictures of your luggage but I cannot think of a better way to spend a honeymoon than on a road-trip! Such a lovely, relatively inexpensive idea. And such a wonderful way to absolutely devote time to eachother.

  • wonderful….love that kiss-picture!!!
    looks like an amazing honeymoon…
    have a lovely an creative week!!!

    liebgruss from germany

  • You two are the cutest couple! I used to live in Austin. I miss it a bunch, but luckily get to visit a LOT. In fact, at the end of this month I will be there. Tell me, did you stay at the Austin Motel and did you like it? I usually stay at the San Jose, but it’s kind of expensive. I wonder how The Austin Motel compares in price and atmosphere.

  • You two are just THE custest ever! Thank you for sharing all your lovely memories with us <3

  • Oh honeymoon! Looks like you two had a magical time! So glad to be able to share in the memories! Thanks for letting us in!

    xo Shannon

  • SUCH a cute collection of photos, it really is sweet to see <3 I am a bit of an instagram addict myself 🙂 xxx

  • I’m glad you guys had fun! It certainly looks like you did, your photos are so cute.

  • Your photos just too adorable! Glad you’re enjoying your time! 🙂

    – Kimberly

  • thanks, everyone! Austin really is our favorite city in the US. I mean, we haven’t visited all of them… but pretty close between the 2 of us!

    Sarah- my screen name on instagram is elsiecake


  • I’m really happy to see you stopped at New BROhemia (and I assume Cheap Cheap too). It’s such a wonderful gem to S 1st.

  • i live in san marcos, which is about 30 min south of austin… i recognize all these photos well most of them! did you stay in SoCo? please tell me you had your snow cones from Sno Beach?? If not you MUST go back! They are literally the best things in the world! Glad to see ATX treated you well.

    <3 Karen Z.

  • Pretty sure we were in Austin at the exact same time! Is that the San Jose? We stayed there while showing at the Renegade Craft Show. Such a fun city, isn’t it?

  • your life is kinda awesome. when i’m feeling down, i stalk your pictures and ideas. you inspire me!


  • Love these pictures! I just got an instagram myself and I absolutely love it! What is your screen name?

  • fun pics, i love a-tx. i use to live there and know where the first photo was taken!


  • Lily, My glasses are from Free People (this season).

    Meredith, i have to agree. i like instagram more than twitter too. It’s really fun. I just wish more people used it!

  • austin?! Awesome that’s where I live it is a beautiful place 🙂 glad you had a good time here

  • So so cute. I love your instagram pictures…I always “like” them! haha!

    Isn’t Instagram the best though? I almost like it more than twitter! I guess I’m a bit better at expressing myself visually.

  • fun to see photos from someone elses travels to austin, we just recently spent a couple of fun weeks there.. (;

  • Congrats Elsie… or dare I said Sadie, Sadie, Married Lady!

    Also, I have a humble request. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, where are your sunglasses from? Did you get them recently? I would love to know where I could buy a pair of those fabulous sunglass frames. I am swooning over here. I have a huge style crush.

  • Gorgeous. Honeymoons are the BEST!

    Talia Christine

  • The picture of him kissing your cheek is pretty much the cutest ever.

  • My second-favorite city! I agree with Patrice that this was a fun choice!

  • The Austin Motel! I have stayed in the fab turquoise room there and enjoyed the kidney-shaped pool. Isn’t South Congress street fascinating? Fabulous honeymoon choice!

  • Looks like y’all had a great time! Thanks for letting us share in your wedding/honeymoon. It all looked super magical.

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