Our Lips Are Sequined Sweatshirt DIY

Seqin lips sweatshirt DIY (click through for tutorial) . When shopping, I’m a bit like a bird in the sense that I tend to gravitate towards all things bright and shiny. So the gold or sequin items always catch my eye. I was so excited to find an adorable t-shirt the other week that had this awesome pair of lips made entirely from sequins, but was so sad when the t-shirt didn’t really fit me in a flattering way. What’s a girl to do? Make her own version on another shirt of course! And the secret to this project is that it’s SO much easier than it looks…

Seqin lips sweatshirt DIY (click through for tutorial) . Supplies:
-quick dry fabric glue
-sequin trim in white, pink, and black
lips pattern (right click to download)
-washable fabric chalk or pen to mark pattern

Seqin lips sweatshirt DIY (click through for tutorial) . First print and cut out your lips pattern and place it where you want it on your shirt. Trace around the outside edge with a fabric marking pen or chalk that will disappear when washed.

Seqin lips sweatshirt DIY (click through for tutorial) . Once you have the outside lines, cut out the teeth area and trace the remaining shape to get the rest of your lines.

Seqin lips sweatshirt DIY (click through for tutorial) . Take your glue and outline the edges of one of the teeth with the glue. Place your white sequin trim on the glue outline until you have the shape traced with sequins. Add more glue to the inside edge of that sequin outline, add the sequin trim on top of the glue (overlapping slightly with the other sequin line), and keep repeating the process until you come to the middle and have filled in the shape completely. Cut the trim where the shape is completed and glue that edge down well so it won’t unravel later.

Repeat process with each tooth.

Seqin lips sweatshirt DIY (click through for tutorial) . Take your black trim and do the same thing by outlining the black area with glue and then placing the trim onto the glue line, moving inward each time around until the whole area is full.

If you find that the glue is drying by the time you get to the end of your outline, add more glue before placing it and work in smaller lines so it’s still wet when the sequins are added.

Seqin lips sweatshirt DIY (click through for tutorial) . To complete the mouth, take the pink trim and outline around the teeth and mouth, around the outside edge, and then fill in the top lip completely. Cut the trim and glue in place when that top lip is full and start a new thread to fill in the bottom lip. That’s it!

If you use a good amount of glue, I think you can risk washing this on the gentle cycle on cold (it should feel pretty sturdy with a lot of glue), or you can always hand wash if that makes you nervous…

Seqin lips sweatshirt DIY (click through for tutorial) . Seqin lips sweatshirt DIY (click through for tutorial) . How cute is that?!? Of course, depending on where you live this time of year, you may want to do this on a t-shirt or tank top (I may just make another one on a crop top for a summer pool outing option), but I’m always cold, so I end up keeping my sweatshirts out year round. Do you think it’s time for a sparkly addition to your wardrobe? xo. Laura

Credits // Author: Laura Gummerman, Photography: Laura Gummerman and Emma Chapman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions

  • From here!!

    Laura 🙂

  • They are from Moorea Seal!


  • Hmm, there should be a spot in your printing que that lets you print it bigger (like print it it at 120% instead of 100%). Or maybe change the photo size bigger in photoshop? Hope one of those works!


  • ahhhh I love this. I don’t usually wear stuff like this but I’m really loving everything about it.


  • OMG! I love your Sweat <3 These lips looks so cool.

    Greets from Germany

  • Having problems printing out the template, it’s coming out smaller? Any advice please?

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  • LOVE this!!! Where did you get the sweatshirt. It’s so cool!!! PLEASE share Thx so much!

  • You did an amazing job, I have one just like this from Forever21 but doing it yourself it’s so rewarding. Maybe I can give it a try too and gift it to someone.
    MariaOnPoint http://mariaonpoint.com/ | Find me on IG https://www.instagram.com/mariajabad/

  • The design is so cool, amazing how you got the shape just perfectly! Love this!

  • Love! Would you recommend only handwashing? That may be a super obvious question.

  • Ahhhh! This looks amazing! Totally want to try it,but mine probably won’t turn out this pretty…


  • Oh. My. Goodness. I NEED your sunnies. Where did you get those? They’re amazing! Also fab DIY 😀

  • It looks sooo good! Can`t believe it can be done so easily at home <3

  • i like this post, we visit again for more updates , thanks for sharing this article.

  • I’m not a DIY person at all but this actually looks easy, and I am SO TEMPTED to give it a go! I’m such a sucker for anything lips-print, too – love love LOVE this tutorial. As far as I am concerned, any time is the time for a sparkly addition to my wardrobe!


  • I just love this! You would never know it was a DIY. Such a fun statement shirt!

    Julia – http://Bunnybaubles.com

  • When I first saw this, I thought, “This is going to be a difficult DIY…” But as I kept reading, it really is that simple! So cute and chic!

  • Shut the front door. This is freakin amazing. I might actually be able to pull this off!

  • This looks amazing! Great job!

    xo, Liz


    Where on earth did you find that sweatshirt?!

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