Our Must-Have Craft Tools!

Our Must-Have Craft Tools! (click through for links!)If there’s one thing that we really know here at ABM, it’s crafts! When you are doing multiple DIY projects a week, you quickly start to know your favorite and must-have tools for your crafty arsenal. Since it’s our goal to encourage you to do more DIYs in your homes as well, we thought we’d share our most used tools for those of you building up your craft room supplies!

1. The Crop-A-Dile! This multipurpose tool is great for setting eyelets, washers, and grommets, but to be honest, it’s the hole punching capabilities that we use it for the most. It has a few hole sizes and will punch through just about anything!

2. Always having a set of paintbrushes in multiple sizes and shapes comes in sooo handy! Whatever you need to paint, you’ll have the right brush for the job!

3. You don’t have to be an expert woodworker to reap the benefits of a cordless drill—whether you are hanging a DIY shelf or making a simple plant stand, you’ll be so glad you have one!

4. The X-Acto knife may hold the title of “most used tool” in our toolbox. Cutting paper? Photos? Balsa wood? Cardboard? This baby does it all.

5. Even if you never make it past “beginner sewer” you’ll still have a whole new world of pillows and curtain DIYs available to you if you own a sewing machine—it’s so worth it!

6. We use painter’s tape for everything from marking where things should be hung on walls to taping off parts of your project you don’t want to paint. Since it comes off easily and without a mark, it comes in really handy.

7. A cordless drill will come with a screwdriver end attachment for screws, etc., but you’ll also want a multi-size drill bit kit for drilling holes as needed. You can even use them to drill into acrylic, particle board, and other materials besides wood!

8. Remember how much we love X-Acto knives? Well, if you also love your dining room table, you’ll want to cut things on a self-healing craft mat instead of your favorite dinner spot to save your flat surfaces from harm.

9. Glue guns foreveeeeer! These babies make attaching one thing to another a snap, and a glue gun like this one has a high and low temperature setting so you can switch back and forth as needed.

10. These small jewelry pliers and cutters are essential for jewelry making but also get used for lots of other projects that involve wire or metal accents. Definitely multipurpose tools for sure!

11. This rotary cutter is basically an X-Acto knife for cutting fabrics and leather. When you need a long or straight cut, this tool is the one for you (and it’s another reason you’ll want to have a cutting mat around).

12. Worried you can’t make a straight cut with the X-Acto knife or rotary cutter? No worries, a metal ruler is just what you need. It has a cork backing so it won’t slip around while you cut on your mat, and they come in lots of lengths so you can have a 3′ long one for big projects and a 6″ one for small jobs (like cutting out photos for scrapbooking).

13. While a glue gun will hold some fabrics together, it’s not something that you can use to adhere things you may want to wash in the future (like pillow cases or fashion DIYs), so it’s a good idea to have some fabric glue nearby. You can use it to attach trim to fabrics, glue a quick hem in place, or attach embellishments like jewels or rhinestones too.

14. This is probably only the millionth time we’ve said it, but get a jig saw. They are so inexpensive and easy to use, and the list of projects you can now tackle will multiply like crazy. FOR REALS!

15. So, I know we have a lot of cutting tools on this list, but we are going to also add a good pair of fabric scissors to the list. Cutting felt, fabric, leather, vinyl, or any similar product with dull paper scissors is going to make you want to pull your hair out. So make sure to have a pair of sharp tailor scissors in your stash (and don’t forget to have them sharpened when needed!).

As you can see, most of these are smaller ticket items (with a sewing machine being a bigger investment but SO useful), so it won’t break the bank to add a few at a time to your DIY storehouse. Think of all you can make and do with these tools at your fingertips (check out our crafts section for more inspiration)! What are you waiting for? Get out there and start creating!

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