Our Sunny Guest Bedroom

Elsie's Guest Bedroom ©AlyssaRosenheckTo me there are two kinds of rooms when you decorate—rooms you makeover and rooms that evolve over time.

This room is definitely the second kind.

When we first bought the house, it looked like this, and while the walls were yellow, it wasn’t the kind of yellow that inspires me. So we went white. Always a good choice. Fresh, clean, easy. And it looked like this. I liked it but didn’t love it. I realized that what I needed was MORE of a statement. I decided to really go all out and decorate it like the ultimate hotel room. Since it’s not one of the main living areas, I felt like it was a good place to really go BOLD. So we took a giant leap… wallpaper.

Then I just ran with the theme and embraced sort of a sunny, tropical vibe. This rattan bed really completed the space. For, like, five minutes I thought about switching to a more neutral rug, but then I decided that the mix of patterns FEELS good to me. Rules are made to be broken, you know? (here’s the link to this rug)

Our light fixture is custom made from Sazerac Stitches. It’s super pretty and perfect for the space!

I love having guests, and this room is one of my favorite rooms in the house. Here are photos taken this summer by Alyssa Rosenheck for our domino feature. This room didn’t make it into the magazine. I think probably because it was the fall issue and these colors just aren’t autumn. That said, I wanted to make sure to show you the photos anyway, since I had so much fun styling the room just for that shoot!

Elsie's Guest Bedroom ©AlyssaRosenheck This portrait of my grandmother is one of my most prized possessions. In our last home, it hung right by the front door. It was really bothering me that I couldn’t find the perfect home for it in our new house, so I’m really happy it gets to live in such a happy space. Also, ponytail palms are one of my favorite plants right now!

Elsie's Guest Bedroom ©AlyssaRosenheck My friend Jess of The Northern Needle made this macrame. I love it SO much! It works really well with the busy wallpaper.

Elsie's Guest Bedroom ©AlyssaRosenheck Still obsessed with these gold planters we found at a flea market in Missouri. Plants make any space feel more alive!

Elsie's Guest Bedroom ©AlyssaRosenheck I try to curate a little reading material for each of my guests. This is my favorite coffee table book of all time. So inspiring!

Elsie's Guest Bedroom ©AlyssaRosenheckWell, that’s all the peeks I have of our guest room for now. It’s been one of my favorite rooms to decorate, and I’m so thrilled with the almost-completed room. We’ve been having guests often, so it’s a well-used and loved space in our home.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments! xx -Elsie

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson, Photography/Alyssa Rosenheck


  • Loving your wallpaper and boldness. Just wondering how many walls you wallpapered in the room. I have a corner room and Im doing a bold print , and wanted your opinion on that. Thanks so much

  • Hi Elsie!! I love this room so much, so cheery!!!! I am thinking of buying this same bed to replace our king size with a queen size of this bed. do you feel like it’s a very good sturdy bed? My husband is a bigger guy and we love our cats in bed with us. Thanks!

  • What a stunning room! I love the wallpaper and plants. Very pretty combinations you chose!

  • Oh my god! This room looks amazing, you must come redecorate my room some time haha!


  • What a lovely, joyful guest room! I love the clashes of colour and pattern. It’s got quite a tropical, 60s vibe..great post!
    Life inside the Locket

  • I would love to hear details about your curtain rods. Are they DIY? How do they mount? Thanks!

  • My guest bedroom (http://www.camelsandchocolate.com/2016/05/designing-your-bedroom/) is also yellow and my favorite room in the house! After seeing yours, however, I feel the need to step up my game a little bit 😉

  • I volunteer as guest! Haha. Is that okay? You guys this is such a happy and cheerful guest room. It’s so good that I can’t think of an appropriate word to define how cool it is. 🙂


  • This room makes me happy just looking at it. Great job styling everything. It looks amazing!

    x. Cattleya


  • What a vibrant & welcoming room. Will your guests will never want to leave?! I love love Ponytail Palms too – so easy & fun for bright spaces.

  • Love, love, love the walls! The perfect amount of pattern without being too overpowering.

  • This guest room looks so bright and fun to stay in =o) I love the yellow, it makes for a happy room =o)


  • While I’m more a British cottage kind of girl, I love this room!! It’s so bright and colourful and feels so inviting!

  • I love the look of this room! It’s so bright and colourful. Very welcoming to any guests 🙂

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  • Such a beautiful bright space! I absolutely adore it, despite it not being my usual style at all. It just seems like such a happy place to be!

    Nicky Zeeb xx

  • The room looks great, no doubt on that. Love everything about the bed and absolutely love the idea of having plants in a room. Plus that bedside table is so cute. I’d love to see more. 🙂

  • What a fun guest room! Almost all of the rooms in my house are the kind I’ve evolved over time! Mostly because it wasn’t in the budget. I do love when a room finally comes together though! Even though by that time there is probably something else I’m ready to change!

    Brittany | thechicette.com

  • What a dreamy and happy space!! You guys did such an amazing job with this room!!


  • I just love the design and such a beautiful sunny decor! Love it. Very inspirational!


  • Ahhwwww…this room looks so fun! Might be my favorite room so far that you designed. Can yous share where the night stands are from? Thanks girl for all you do! 🙂

  • So beautiful! If you don’t mind I have a question about the bed. I’ve been wanting to purchase it for a while. Is the headboard high enough for you to sit up in? TIA!!

  • This is gorgeous – I’d be happy to stay in this guest room 😉 Rooms that evolve over time are my favorite; there’s so much pressure when you’re “making over” a room to find all the right things within a certain time frame.

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here

  • Elsie, this is one of my favorite rooms of all time! It’s so sunny and happy, and all the details are so fun and unique. Love, love, love it! 🙂

  • I would be so lucky if my MAIN bedroom looked like this! Those are some lucky guests. Beautiful, beautiful room!

  • Hey Chelsea!
    Yes, these blinds came with the house, but we got some for another room from either Lowe’s or Home Depot. You can get them cut custom for your window and they just roll down.
    xx- Elsie

  • I loooooove that thick knitted throw on the bed in the first picture! Where is it from?!

  • This is so beautiful! I love how you’ve used a lot of colour and pattern without it feeling light and airy, so dreamy, and such a nice change to white on white on white.

    – Natalie

  • ELSIE. you amaze me over and over. Can I please have your skills?? Also, are those blinds on your windows along with the curtains? If so, where are they from?

  • I LOVE this. I want it for my master bedroom. So cheerful and bright and fun. Perfect mix of everything.

  • I really love all stages of this bedroom! But that bed omg! I also love all the little details – like the little pom poms on the curtains! Beautiful.

  • I love that bed soooo much!! This room is unbelievable, so fun and perfect! Can I please come be your guest?! Amazing job as always, I’m feeling inspired:)

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