Our Top 12 Posts About Blogging

Tools to trackWe are so very proud of how our blog has grown over the years—we feel so lucky! We get to connect with about 1.5 million people from all over the world every month. That's just crazy! From time to time people will ask us about blogging: how to grow their blog, how to get started, etc. We tried to put everything that we've learned over the past 8+ years into our course, Blog Life, which is on sale (get $10 off!) until Saturday. Just FYI. 

But I also thought it would be beneficial to put together some of our top posts on blogging. We'd also LOVE to hear your questions in the comments. First let's start with free tools for tracking your blog's performance

Photography gearOur blog wouldn't be where it is today if it weren't for the power of photography. Click here to see what gear we have and use on a weekly basis. 

How we plan blog postsEver wonder how we plan all our posts? Here's our process.

Ways to self promoteWe shared a bunch of ideas on ways to self-promote without being (too) annoying.

Start your blog with a bangFor all you who are just starting out, read our tips for how to start your blog with a bang!

Sponsored postsTrey wrote about how to best evaluate sponsored post opportunities while still staying true to your brand. 

Young industriesWe consider blogging a new and emerging industry. It's felt like the wild west for some time, but we have some thoughts on how this young industry seems to be shaping up (and how we can shape it). 

Blog brainstormingEver feel like you just don't have any ideas? Yeah, us too sometimes. Here's a few tips for brainstorming success

Distressed wood backdropsIf you photograph DIY steps, projects or food, you could likely benefit from making a few photo backdrops to enhance your images. Check out how to make your own distressed wood backdrop.

Tips for laying out blog postsNeed some tips on how to layout a striking blog post? Check here

On working from homeWe've worked from a storefront, a rented loft, a studio house, the car and sometimes even on vacation (I know—but we had too). But, the place we've worked most often is from home. If you are a full time blogger or other work-from-home individual, then you know that working from home can have its own unique challenges. Read our thoughts on the subject here.

Blog planning marker boardWant to take a peek into our blog planning organization? Look no further.

If you want to learn more about blogging, don't forget to check out our course: Blog Life. And let us know what questions you have about blogging in the comments—we just might write about them sometime. 🙂 xo. Emma + Elsie 

  • Perfect fit! for someone like me who’s fascination is reading blogs. I can mostly relate. Keep sending them please!

  • Great post! I keep searching and collect ideas in different sites of how to start a photography business. Of course, blogging is very important to start all. Thank you for sharing your thoghts!

  • My question is: how do you design your blog template? Is there a place you bought your template from? Do you each personally work on your template? I have been blogging for a few years and have learned a lot in terms of making my blog look good with my own two hands, but I can never get it quite right. I would love to know how you design your blog.

  • Thank you so much for this! Another one of my favorite posts about blogging that you didn’t add is How to Make Product Collages for Your Blog! I have Photoshop but I didn’t really know how to use it! Thank you for the help 🙂


  • Thank you so much for posting this. I just finished redesigning my website and want to make the transition in one year to go back to full-time freelance writing. A lot of work, but this makes it a little easier. Really appreciate you sharing your knowledge!!


  • I saw your Blog Planning Organizational Chart on Buzzfeed a few weeks ago and it has been a game changer for me. Your other tips are super useful as well. I’m in the process of giving my blog a facelift, so to speak, so these tips and tricks are very timely. Thanks!

  • Hi
    Can’t seem to pay for your Blog Life ecourse with Paypal. Any issues?

  • I love your blog so much and I’ve always wanted to blog. I bought blog life and started my own blog but my posting is irregular and I haven’t managed to make a habit of it since I’m in college and have like 10 trillion other things to do. I always feel discouraged because I don’t have anyone who wants to do this with me. I have people who support me, sure, but I don’t live in a nice place and I don’t own the best things (again, college). I love photography but again, it’s discouraging when I’m just the only one doing it. Do you ladies have any advice on how to do it solo? I know I have to dedicate more time to it but I don’t know how much I’d be willing to sacrifice.

    Thank you in advance, from a long-time reader.

  • Love posts like this, thanks for sharing xx


  • Thank you for this, i’ve just bookmarked a few of these posts! Really handy as i’ve just launched my new blog 🙂

  • Thanks so much for this post! I particularly loved reading about what photography equipment you use to take such beautiful photos for this blog! QUESTION: I know it’s an individual choice, but does ABM normally insure their photography equipment when you buy it? Have you found that you need it due to such heavy use of the equipment for your blog? Thanks so much! Keep up the great work!

  • The marker board idea is great. I always have so many ideas and need a place to have them all in one place. Do you have any ideas on how to hide your board so it blends in with the rest of your place? Mine is in my room and my décor is black, white and natural woods.


  • Yes, yes, thank you! This is a such a great run-down. I am just starting out my own blog (very new), and I am eating up as much knowledge as I can find. This is so helpful!

  • Great post ladies!!! Could you guys do a blog post on tips for creating an engaging instagram page for businesses and blogs? I’m in the process of starting a business with no products to post just yet, however I just want to start; not sure how to.

  • This was really useful, I loved reading your story about the sponsorship fail with the juice brand! Was really useful to check out what photography equipment you use too! Thanks for the tips!


  • I’ve read most of these but it will be great to get a refresher. And the class is on sale! This could not have come at a better time.
    Can I ask:
    How is it different managing content alone vs with a group?

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