Our Winter Survival Wishlist (All on Amazon!)

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Is it summer yet? Whether you live in a place that experiences “real” winter weather or just deal with the early darkness that comes with the winter months, seasonal blues is something that happens to a lot of us this time of year in varying degrees. We thought it would be helpful to make a list of our favorite winter survival items to help bring a little sunshine into your life as well—figuratively and literally! Keely loves using her light-therapy lamp (she uses this one if you want a round shape) that mimics the sun to boost mood and energy and several of our ABM team members rave about this natural and vegan gradual self-tanner to help give a summer glow to winter skin. We also added Elsie’s favorite moisturizer (and mine!) to combat winter skin and a few books on our reading list to make the most of that indoor time (and who doesn’t want to eat fresh warm bread with a winter soup?). And why are there summer clothes on this winter list, you may ask?? Elsie always says that that spring and summer dreaming (and shopping!) can give you something to look forward to and put your mind in a summer mode—and if you’re lucky enough to be shopping for a warm weather winter vacation outfit, then that will really boost your mood! For those of us staying home, add our Sunshine oil blend to that cutie diffuser, pile on the bronzer (this is also a great budget option), grab a cozy sweater/blanket, a hot drink and Netflix the night away … xo. Laura

  • Hi! I am very interested in these sun lights…do they make you feel better because you’re looking at more light, or does it give off rays for vitamin D, or both? Probably a silly question but I’m not familiar with how it works! 🙂

  • I love ABM, mostly because it’s a small, woman-owned business. That being said, I wish there were more posts supporting other women- owned businesses. Amazon has a lot to offer, but they’re also killing small businesses, and have unethical work practices. I live in the middle of Amazon Land, and have seen first hand how it can have a negative effect on neighborhoods and cities. Please consider other retailers in your shopping posts.

    A Long Time Reader

    • Hi!
      We do support and link lots and lots of different businesses in the vast post topics that we cover…sometimes they are larger stores but they are also often smaller etsy shops or small business owned/started by women. We do shop at those types of smaller stores but we also shop at larger retailers as well so the mix of links reflects that as well. Thanks for your thoughts!


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