Outdoor Summer Fun For Kids (On Amazon!)

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Summer is here and that means kids are out of school and your little ones are probably begging you to go outside every minute of every day! Besides some sunscreen and a water bottle it can be hard to know what else you need for an outdoor adventure, so here are some of our favorite items to inspire some outdoor summer fun for all ages and let your kiddos run loose! I definitely have that toddler activity book on my wishlist and I think that outdoor family scavenger hunt game is such a fun bonding idea (this bingo-type version is really cute too).

Another summer activity I loved was getting fireflies to crawl in your hand and seeing how many we could collect in a case like this before letting them all go at the end of the night. Lola loves bugs and we are trying to show her how to interact with them gently and which ones you can touch (she loves to hold worms!) and which you can only look at (like the wasps in our yard!), so a catch-and-release bug magnifying glass would be great to help show her bugs up close without harming them. As far as a giant rainbow sprinkler goes … uh, yes, please! Hope you find something to help foster the love of being outdoors with your family! xo. Laura

  • I so love you ladies and your blog… as you well know, I’ve been reading along since before your first Red Velvet in Springfield. Alas, I sort of have to agree with another commenter, this seems a little off for you all. I was surprised that your kiddo outdoor post wasn’t more along the lines of, “DIY XL Bubbles” or a “non-toxic DIY bubbles recipe” or showing off the stylish new designer eco-pools, or even a DIY about painted rocks or how to make “coloring book type ID bug cards you can create with your child”…. I guess I’m just saying, while I love fun toys and the bright colors are exciting, it doesn’t scream ABM to me. Thank you for sharing either way. I’m happy to be reminded of sidewalk chalk in a big box and that we’re getting to see more kiddo things here! ❤️

    • Hi Lindsay!
      As a Mom I do A LOT of DIY things with Lola (and we have an enormous archive of all our DIY projects and kid projects here on the blog if you need ideas) but I also buy things for her as well as I have a lot of responsibilities on my plate, and to be honest, I don’t always have the time/energy to make every single activity that we do from scratch. I think it’s helpful for me and my life to also have some ready-made options as well as our DIY fun 🙂


  • I’m following you for years – from Canada and now from France. I love the way you do your job. But… today, a bit less!… This is a colorful pick… but, as we are in a very ecologically troubled era, why not prefer simple exploration of nature, lovely promenades and other ecofriendly observation that will teach the child to cooperate vith nature instead of finding it so boring that we have to buy a lot of cheap and desastrous stuff… So cheap that it will break before the end of the day and finish in a trashfield…

    Really, beeing respectful for nature can be very fun too – and I know you have such a great imagination and bunch of ideas to find a way to enjoy nature without plastic toys!

    • Hi Florence! I know it’s hard for readers to know exactly how we spend all of our day (and our money) but we actually spend the large majority of our daughter’s day going on walks, digging in dirt, watering our garden, throwing rocks down into creeks, pushing her in the DIY car I made her, sliding at the park, etc. so we already teach her all the things you suggested as her main exploration of nature. I do like to add in a few extra fun things as well so that’s where this list comes in! I also grew up using almost everything on this list in addition to all our tree climbing and outdoor exploration so I find them a great compliment to doing all the nature exploring that I mentioned above. Thanks!

  • Such a great list! I can’t wait until my son is old enough to really enjoy these kinds of things. This year we’re testing out a shaded baby pool for 1-3 yr olds!

  • All these toys are so fun! I used to be a sucker for slip n slides! Thanks for sharing, hope you have a great day.


  • Love how colourful your picks are! I’m excited for summer! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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