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Oversized Pop Art Landscape DIY abeautifulmass.com
I'm a big fan of pop art. I share my hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with the great pop art icon Andy Warhol, and I've always loved his sense of style and color (you should stop by the Andy Warhol Museum if you're ever in town—it's great!). As I've always been attracted to the pop art look and feel, I love seeing the style and technique used in fun new ways. This adorable Pop Art postcards DIY caught my eye, and I immediately thought that it would be a great idea to incorporate into my love of blueprint/engineer prints. I wanted to use a landscape that meant something to me personally, so I found a beautiful photo of the Wadi Rum desert (taken by Kevin Revolinski and used with permission) which I visited two years ago during a trip to Israel and Jordan. (I got to have an amazing camel ride through that desert that I will never forget!) Oversized Pop Art Landscape DIY abeautifulmass.com     Supplies:
– blueprint photo printed at 36" x 48"
– several sizes of foam pouncers
– acrylic craft paint
– painter's tape Oversized Pop Art Landscape DIY abeautifulmass.com    Step One: Have your photo printed as a blueprint/engineer print at either Staples or Kinkos (I printed mine at 36" x 48"). Trim off any excess paper.

Step Two: In order to keep your dots in straight lines, use the painter's tape to make a series of guide lines about 2 1/2" apart. Once in place, don't press down the painter's tape all the way across the print (it makes it easier to pull off once you're done).

Step Three: Pour some paint onto a disposable surface (like a paper plate or piece of scrap cardboard) and use the foam pouncer to make a series of dots that go from large to small. Before stamping the print, do a few practice stamps on some scrap cardboard first to allow the paint to soak evenly into the pouncer. I used a fluorescent and light pink paint, but I really liked how the fluorescent paint was more transparent, so you could still see a bit of the print behind it.

Step Four: Once your dots are complete, gently pull the painter's tape off the print. It should come off without harming the picture, but make sure to go slowly and pull carefully. After the tape is removed and the paint is dry, you're ready to hang your new print! Oversized Pop Art Landscape DIY abeautifulmass.com   Oversized Pop Art Landscape DIY abeautifulmass.com  Oversized Pop Art Landscape DIY abeautifulmass.com So far, I'm really into this easy way of injecting a bit of pop art flavor into an oversized landscape. It gives the already beautiful scene a new twist and is a colorful way to display and relive what will always be a fond memory. xo. Laura

Credits // Author: Laura Gummerman, Photography: Laura Gummerman and Sarah Rhodes

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