Try This: Paintable Plush Toys

Awe- paintable plush dolls for kiddosA couple of times a year we try to plan a small party, crafty day or fun activity with our nieces and nephews. Our childhood memories with our aunts and uncles are so special and we want to be intentional about creating these special days with the little ones in our lives. For example, they still ask about the ghost piñatas that we made for them last year. :) 

On this special day we made a batch of super easy plush pillows for the kids to paint, coloring book style! 

To make the pillows, simply paint fun cartoony designs on canvas fabric and stitch them into quick pillows. Prepare a newspaper floor for the kids to spread out on, a variety of colorful fabric paints and lots of extra brushes and wet wipes. 

Easy plush diy     Easy plush diy    Easy plush diy  Look how proud they are! 

It was super fun to help the kids paint and see which plush they each chose. It was honestly one of the best days I can remember in a long long time. Easy plush diyEasy plush diy The suki doll is my favorite! All of the kids were super anxious to take home their plush. Since fabric paint takes a little longer to dry I recommend sitting them outside in the sunshine if you can or planning an activity that takes a few hours after the painting so they can take them home the same day. :) 

Making these special days takes some effort, sure, but it's more than worth it! xo. Elsie 

Credits// Author and Photography: Elsie Larson, Project Assistant: Katie Shelton. Big thanks to Doren and Pat for helping out with our fun day with the kiddos! 

  • Where does your rug come from? It looks great, and I’m looking for exactly thar kind of rug at the moment.

  • What a great idea!! I can’t wait till I meet my little one and can finally do these fun things with the kiddos. 🙂
    xo kristen genevieve

  • Such a fun and cute idea for the kiddos!!

    Lulu xx

  • What a great idea for kids! I wish I had done more of that kind of thing when my kids were little. Great post. xxoo JO

  • Agreed! A tutorial would be helpful here. (Also: What kind of paint did you use to create the black outlines? How did you get the lines to be so smooth/consistent? Stuff like that would be good to know!)

  • Totally agree with Hannah…for us not that crafty types, instructions would be helpful:)

  • Alex,
    If you want a basic pillow tutorial, look here! The illustrations were sketched by hand because they are personal to our family and little things I knew the kids might like. Hope that helps! elsie

  • oh this is so so awesome! we have lots of kids in our lives too (and none of our own yet). we’re moving from a flat to a house in january and i can’t wait to be able to have them over to do something like this, thanks for a really great idea!

  • That is such a LOVELY idea! I can’t wait until I have nieces and nephes. I wanna be that cool aunt everyone loves to visit and have fun with 😉
    I’ll so pin this idea to my “Children” pinterest board ^^ And I think Suki’s my favourite, too 🙂

  • My god, this is a very great idea for rainny afternoons !
    My son will love it
    thanks for sharing!

  • SO adorable! I wanna do these for every year as they grow. A plush of their favourite thing and then have them paint it. Like a progression. I even want to paint one for me. SO cute.

  • You guys make the most adorable drawings! I love these little pillows – such a fun project 🙂


  • Such a darling idea! I’ll bet they LOVED painting on plush. Such a neat thing for them to keep! 🙂

  • Ok… this would be fun for wine night with my girls! Whoop Whoop! Thanks for sharing!

  • Hi Hannah,
    No, this is not a DIY.

    Here are a few past pillow tutorials we’ve taught-

    have a great night!

  • This looks like a great idea. And looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for the wonderful idea from

  • such a cute idea! its like a huggable painting 🙂
    and those ghost pinatas are simply adorable!!!

  • I love it. What a great idea. Wish I could sew and actually draw the dachshund. I’m sure they had a blast.

  • I seriously love this! and for those less artistic among us Ikea used to carry a great coloring book fabric you could use

  • Oh, what an awesome idea! My nephew is 3, and he would love this! We live 3 hours away so this would be a great thing for him to make and keep with him. Awesome!

  • Is this a DIY? There are no instructions on HOW to make a pillow, I don’t know how to “simply” make a pillow, or stitch something on to a pillow. You could at least link us to a useful tutorial.

  • Such a cute idea!

  • I love this idea, I can’t wait to try it with my little one. How fun would it be to wrap one up with the paints like a little kit? Perfect gift!

  • How cute!! This is a great idea and so easy and fun. What a great christmas present for the grandparents.

  • Just a note: Kids will draw/paint AMAZING things on their own… Try this with blank canvas or muslin, and let them do ALL the work… Then, let them dry and stitch them together. Kids are WAY more inventive then we are. Let them take the reigns completely, and they will grow far more!

  • I am about to let my middle schoolers design their own monster plushes! It is going to be so fun!
    This is such a cute idea to hang out with you nieces and nephews. I don’t remember spending too much time with my aunts and uncles, and I kind of regret it now!
    I have spend tons of time though with my boyfriends nephews. I am trying so hard to get them into coloring and crafting!
    Leah Faye
    a clover and a bee

  • So sweet, I’d love to do this with my niece 🙂
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  • I love the idea of “3D art.” How fun for a bunch of kiddos. I can imagine there are a lot of other fun projects to make when you start thinking outside the box about what you can paint. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • this looks so so great! my nieces would just love this 🙂 and I love how you think about being aunts, it’s really something special, isn’t it? xx Cici

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