Try This: Paintable Plush Toys

Awe- paintable plush dolls for kiddosA couple of times a year we try to plan a small party, crafty day or fun activity with our nieces and nephews. Our childhood memories with our aunts and uncles are so special and we want to be intentional about creating these special days with the little ones in our lives. For example, they still ask about the ghost piñatas that we made for them last year. :) 

On this special day we made a batch of super easy plush pillows for the kids to paint, coloring book style! 

To make the pillows, simply paint fun cartoony designs on canvas fabric and stitch them into quick pillows. Prepare a newspaper floor for the kids to spread out on, a variety of colorful fabric paints and lots of extra brushes and wet wipes. 

Easy plush diy     Easy plush diy    Easy plush diy  Look how proud they are! 

It was super fun to help the kids paint and see which plush they each chose. It was honestly one of the best days I can remember in a long long time. Easy plush diyEasy plush diy The suki doll is my favorite! All of the kids were super anxious to take home their plush. Since fabric paint takes a little longer to dry I recommend sitting them outside in the sunshine if you can or planning an activity that takes a few hours after the painting so they can take them home the same day. :) 

Making these special days takes some effort, sure, but it's more than worth it! xo. Elsie 

Credits// Author and Photography: Elsie Larson, Project Assistant: Katie Shelton. Big thanks to Doren and Pat for helping out with our fun day with the kiddos! 

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