Painted Patio Tile DIY

Amazing! Painted Patio Tile DIY (click through for tutorial It’s always bittersweet to move from one house to another. With our new house in Nashville we moved to last year, there are definitely a few things I like a lot better about the new place (more space, better bathroom layouts, more natural light) and a few things I wasn’t as thrilled about (smaller closets and no kitchen counter space to name a few).

One of the things I really missed from our last house was the backyard setup that we had with a wooden deck area and a pergola covered patio area as well. Our new house only has a small cement patio off the back porch and not much else to speak of. So I really wanted to give the area a bit of help to make it feel like a cozy space.

One of my favorite things I did at our last house was paint a rather elaborate painted rug on our patio, and since I was so happy with that result, I thought another painted floor might be just the solution at this house as well.

Rather than a rug, I wanted to try a black and white tile pattern instead, and after a few hours of inspiration scouring, I decided that a slightly  amended version of this beautiful tiled patio would be just right for the space. Once I had the pattern picked out, it was time to roll up my sleeves and get to work!

Amazing! Painted Patio Tile DIY (click through for tutorial Before painting the concrete area, I cleaned the concrete with a degreaser/etcher (I used this one) and a long-handled stiff broom. The cleaner helps remove grease and makes the concrete more porous for paint adhesion.

Amazing! Painted Patio Tile DIY (click through for tutorial Once the cement was dry, I painted 2 coats of a porch and floor paint over the surface (I left the white untinted).

Amazing! Painted Patio Tile DIY (click through for tutorial Once the paint was dry (I gave it a day to set), I used painter’s tape and a tape measure to mark off 8 even segments all the way around the concrete so it would be 64 segments total.

Since my concrete wasn’t a perfect square, my tiles are rectangles and not squares, but I didn’t want to have any “half tiles” somewhere. So I adjusted them to fit the space, and it still keeps the same overall vibe.

With the sections marked off around the edge, I was able to tape off whole rows at a time by connecting the marks to the corresponding ones on the other side of the concrete. Once I had a row, I could tape off the smaller sections within the row as well.

Amazing! Painted Patio Tile DIY (click through for tutorial Since the “tiles” are supposed to be touching, I worked on painting every other row and every other square (with Sherwin-Williams Tricorn Black) until the whole area was filled in. So, as in the photo above, I worked on rows 2, 4, 6, and 8 and taped off and painted every other tile in those rows.

Amazing! Painted Patio Tile DIY (click through for tutorial Once those triangles were dry (2 coats of paint), I removed the vertical and angled smaller lines of tape but left the long horizontal lines of tape marking off the whole row. Once I added new vertical and diagonal lines, I could fill in those triangles as well until the whole row was complete.

Amazing! Painted Patio Tile DIY (click through for tutorial Now that half the rows are done, the pattern is starting to take shape and I removed all the tape so far.

Amazing! Painted Patio Tile DIY (click through for tutorial Since half my lines are filled in, I basically taped off every other square in the blank rows by simply connecting the existing triangles in the other rows. Once I painted those in, removed the tape and repeated with the other sections, my floor was almost complete!

Amazing! Painted Patio Tile DIY (click through for tutorial Since the concrete is rougher and smoother in different parts, I had a few rough spots where the paint bled under the painter’s tape. So I used a wide craft brush to simply touch up the line with some of the white paint.

Amazing! Painted Patio Tile DIY (click through for tutorial
Once I did my touchups, my floor was complete!

Amazing! Painted Patio Tile DIY (click through for tutorial Amazing! Painted Patio Tile DIY (click through for tutorial Amazing! Painted Patio Tile DIY (click through for tutorial Amazing! Painted Patio Tile DIY (click through for tutorial Amazing! Painted Patio Tile DIY (click through for tutorial AGGGHH! I love it!! The space is feeling SO much better with the faux tile, and I love how the pops of green plants stand out against the pattern. Projects like this can be a lot of work, but the saved money vs. tiling and the happiness payoff are pretty big deals.

I also decided to rig up a patio lighting system that didn’t require a pergola. I’ll show you how I did that soon, but I can’t wait to spend a few end-of-summer evenings outside on this baby! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman

  • I tried this it looked awesome it was a great idea , but after some months it got some water stains on it Because of rain can you help me with getting something as top coat so that next time I re-paint those stains does not show up or let me know which paint you used .

  • I love it! I’m hoping you’re willing to measure one of the sections (ie one of the squares that you then divided into 8 parts.) If you get a minute PLEASE let me know. I’m not a great DIY person, but I have concrete walls in my basement that could use some geometry. Thank you!

  • Wow! That was a really game changer! I love the way you work!

  • love this. I am going to do a basement floor the same. Can you give me a measurement of the four tile, so I can get an idea of size to do mine?
    Would really like the help.
    Thank You

  • How to you make the two triangles to be equal do you minus the width of the tape? Is there a video for this?

  • This is just beautiful!! Amazing work. Well done…

  • OK I think it’s safe to say I am *obsessed* with this faux tile project & am planning to DIY my own on my (currently rather sad) back concrete patio! But I’ve been looking online at porch & floor paints (both Behr and Valspar) and some of the reviews are pretty scary – did you have any issues like peeling, bubbling, or the painted surface getting slimy or slippery when it rains? (I’m in Portland, so this is a big concern!) Thank you! 🙂

  • These truly changed the game. If you have the artist in you plus much patience, this could be your new project but if not, don’t worry you could still have the same beauty but paying with more bills.

  • What an amazing job! Well done. I want to try something like this on my awful concrete

  • Thank you! I’ve been trying to decide what to do with our back patio and this is a great idea! Love it!

  • I might have missed this response above, but I’m just curious. How long do you think this took you? The taping and the pattern work seems a bit daunting and I’m a painter! Maybe, the scale makes it easier!? You could could be a muralist with this DIY!

  • Hey LF!

    I live in PNW, too (Portland to be exact) and I painted our outdoor tile patio three years ago when we moved into your apts. The paint held up quite well, but the taller, rougher gritty spots wore with time, and in some low spots moss has started to grow. The bonus, since we live in the grey, the sun doesn’t face our paint so fast and easy little touch ups have proven just that, easy peasy. Good Luck! If you’re interested in seeing it, hit me up. I plan to do something like this patio DIY in our new house next spring too!

  • That looks amazing! I wonder if I can do something like that with our driveway? We have a neighbor that painted her driveway to look like bricks.
    Bridget |

  • Oh man, good question! Wish I could remember! They are some sort of palm, that’s all I know!


  • Just covered it with paint but they make patch concrete I could have used if I wanted to 🙂


    • The patio looks amazing, you are so talented. I might do mine some day. I am a bit confused about the paint colors though. Was it painted in 2 coats of white or light gray color? The “porch and floor paint” referenced was light gray , but the comment “I left the white untinted” makes me think it is white. And I am pretty sure the dark color is black, correct? (Sherwin-Williams Tricorn Black)

      Thank you so much.

  • This is GORGEOUS!
    Do you mind me asking – what is the name of the plants by the steps?

  • that looks so amazing, especially with all those greens! i wish such things could exist like that in pa, but everything is pretty much florals and not succulents or cacti that can stay outside. enjoy your space!

  • So cool! I would just add window boxes under each window to break up the white of the house with some more greens.
    P.S. I agree with the comment from Emma, your DIYs are the best!

  • I’m interested to know how it holds up too!! Update us in awhile! 🙂

    (And, it’s gorgeous, btw. You have amazing style.)

  • This is so gorgeous! It completely transforms the entire space. Well done!

    Nicole |

  • This is simply amazing, Laura! Honestly, your DIYs are head and shoulders above anything else at ABM. I do not mean this to be disrespectful to the rest of the ABM team, but there is a massive difference in creativity and usefulness that stands out to any discerning reader. I saw that first photo and immediately knew this was yours. If you ever want another career, I think you have a business sitting right there in front of you!

  • Love this idea!

  • The cute porch light that is black with a white globe… Can you source? Thanks!

  • That is great work, Your patio look amazing. I noticed that concrete is broken on one spot, did, you fill that line gap with something or just covered it with paint?

  • Awesome job with this! It looks amazing and reminds me of a quilt pattern so bonus points for that! It made such a difference looking at the before and after shots!

  • Wow. It really transformed the whole space! It looks absolutely cool. I wish I have a space to do this with.

  • Your floor is incredible! I love all of your furniture and plants to finish it off too!

  • This is awesome! You’re an artist!

    Mireia from TGL

  • That looks so gorgeous, I love the pattern! I always wanted my kitchen floor in such a design!

  • I love it!

    I painted my the cement floor of my front porch a few years ago, gave it three clear coats to protect it. It still shows a bit of wear in the most trafficked area (steps to door) but the design I used has more of an old world feel so the wear works in it’s own way.

    Gotta say, though, the black and white makes me crave some PINK! Ala Good’n’Plenty, haha.


  • This is such an epic project! It’s so adventurous and effective…I’m in awe 🙂

  • what a great idea! =o) this looks like a great place to hang out!

  • Wow! This came up amazing! Love the effect and how it has transformed the concrete. Black and white is just so striking.

  • Ohhhh myyy god Laura. You have outdone yourself with this!!! I’m practically speechless. I love everything on ABM but I have to say, your DIYs are my absolute favorite! You are so creative and your execution is always flawless & downright inspiring. I can’t WAIT to see more of your house

  • This is absolutely amazing. The difference between the before and after are staggering. 🙂

  • I have a similarly bland concrete area near my deck that would love this kind of treatment. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  • WOW! This project really changed the look of the patio. Amazing!

    Jenn |

  • wow…this looks so beautiful.. wish i had a backyard like this..

    love the pop of green on black and white.. totally in love with your patio/backyard.


  • Well, it’s new so I don’t know yet! I was surprised at how well my painted rug held up over the year before we moved, but any paint job that is outside and walked on will probably need an occasion touch up but I”m ok with that 🙂


    • This is beautiful!!!
      How has it held up a year later?
      I am thinking of doing this in my garage

    • Hi! If you’ve noticed this post getting a lot of recent clicks well it’s me, reviewing this 5 times a day for the last two months. This really inspired me and I kept it handy to feel more certain about the supplies I would need. I’ll email y’all some pictures but thanks for the post. It gave me the confidence to really go for it! I ended stenciling a hexagon tile pattern on my concrete patio and i love the outcome!


  • This is so effective Laura – it looks fantastic!! I’m looking forward to seeing how you rigged up your lights too (we don’t have a pergola either but would like to add some lighting in our backyard and haven’t worked out how yet).

  • This looks great! How did the last project hold up over time? I would love to do this, but worry it won’t last long. I also live in the Pacific NW so we have lots of rain I worry will be harsh on it.

  • I am SO in love with this patio!!! That paint job took your back yard to a whole ‘nuther level! Well done!

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