Pajaki Chandelier DIY

Pajaki Chandelier www.abeautifulmess.comWe've been seeing pajaki chandeliers all over the internet lately (we've seen them on Oh Happy Day and Design Sponge, just to name a few!) and have been dying to make our own. These gorgeous paper chandeliers originated in Poland. we made our own with tissue, paper and wooden straws. It's a fun project that can be completed in a few hours. Katie and I both made one. Here's how it's done…

Polish Chandelier DIYSupplies: metal hoop, tissue paper, colored cardstock, tacky glue, wooden straws, gauze fabric, fringe scissors (optional), washi or masking tape Step 1: Cut tissue paper into long strips. Layer 3-4 pieces and cut with fringe scissors. Step 2-3: Take a pencil and roll the fringe strips around it. Tape the end up with washi tape or masking tape. Repeat until you have your desired amount of flowers and set them aside. Step 4: Cut thin strips of gauze fabric and wrap around the hoop. After it is completely wrapped, apply a layer of glue with a paint brush to smooth down the frayed edges. This part is optional, but will give your project a more polished look. Step 5: Cut the wooden straws into 1-1.5" sections. Lace the straws and flowers (cut from colored cardstock) on a string tied to the hoop. Continue until you have reached your desired amount of strands (ours have 7 & 8 strands around the hoop). Step 6: Once you have finished all of your stringing, apply the flowers with a needle and thread. Make sure to hide or cut the washi tape off. Add as many flowers as you want!

Pajaki Chandelier Pajaki Chandelier Pajaki Chandelier Pajaki Chandelier Pajaki Chandelier 0I0B0536These chandeliers are delicate and pretty. They make great decorations for a window at home or a party! What I love most is that you can make then in any combination of colors. Do you want to make one now? Try it… you'll enjoy it! 

xo. Elsie 

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