Palm Springs Inspired Glasses Cases 

Palm-Springs-Inspired-Glasses-Cases-Click-Through-for-TutorialYou, guys! I, Kara, am obsessed with these DIY Palm Springs inspired glasses cases! Now, I will admit that I have never been to Palm Springs, but I do love a colorful mid century front door. Getting one of my own to replace my builder grade ornate glass window door is on my house bucket list. But in the meantime, I thought it best to live out my obsession in a more budget-friendly way with these glasses cases. Not only are these cases budget friendly, but they require no sewing and come together in under 30 minutes!Palm-Springs-Inspired-Glasses-Cases-Click-Through-for-TutorialPalm-Springs-Inspired-Glasses-Cases-Click-Through-for-TutorialI mean, I can’t even with the awesomeness of these!Palm-Springs-Inspired-Glasses-Cases-Click-Through-for-TutorialSupplies:
thick colorful felt sheets
-hot glue gun
Heat n Bond iron on adhesive (you need about 1/8 of a yard for one case)
gold felt for the door knobs
-scissorsPalm-Springs-Inspired-Glasses-Cases-Click-Through-for-TutorialStep One: Begin by measuring your sunglasses. Fold the felt in half and cut out the felt adding 1″ around each side of the sunglasses, making sure to cut so the fold is on one side of the rectangle.Palm-Springs-Inspired-Glasses-Cases-Click-Through-for-TutorialPalm-Springs-Inspired-Glasses-Cases-Click-Through-for-TutorialStep Two: Cut a second piece of felt that measures the same size as the glasses case rectangle you cut above.

Step Three: Cut out a piece of Heat n Bond that measures the same size as your rectangle glasses case and iron the glue side down onto this second piece of felt. Let cool, and then remove the paper backing.Palm-Springs-Inspired-Glasses-Cases-Click-Through-for-TutorialStep Four: Cut the glue backed felt into squares and lay them out on the front of the glasses case. Use your iron to iron over the top of them and adhere them to the case.Palm-Springs-Inspired-Glasses-Cases-Click-Through-for-TutorialStep Five: Use your glue gun to add a small piece of gold felt for the door handle. And then glue the bottom and side of the case together to finish it off.Palm-Springs-Inspired-Glasses-Cases-Click-Through-for-TutorialOf course I had to make the iconic pink door as a glasses case. I also searched Pinterest for more mid century door inspiration and created a few different doors in a few different colors, because I like options!Palm-Springs-Inspired-Glasses-Cases-Click-Through-for-TutorialPalm-Springs-Inspired-Glasses-Cases-Click-Through-for-TutorialThese Palm Springs inspired glasses cases were so much fun to make, and they would make the perfect easy DIY gift for your friends. Or even better, grab a few different colors of felt and a bottle of rosé and invite your friends over for a craft party! I am seriously obsessed and am finding it hard to choose my favorite. Which one is your favorite? xo. Kara

Credits // Author and Photography: Kara Whitten. Photos edited with the NEW A Beautiful Mess Presets for Lightroom.
  • amazing Diy,I really need a new sunglasses case as mine are worn now,I will give this a go because I find it so easy x

  • This is such a crazy and cool idea, they look awesome!

  • I like those glasses cases
    Excellent ideas,i love this blog
    The pink pineapple
    New post:

  • Such a cute idea! I definitely see the palm springs inspo.


  • Another reminder that I NEED TO INVEST in a glue gun! This idea is so cute – I love ABM for inspiring me to make and be crafty!

  • This made me smile, so accurate!! I love Palm Springs 🙂


  • I was just talking about how I seem to break or lose every pair of sunglasses I own! These bright Colored cases will make sure I can spot them a mile away..and hopefully protect them from all the dangerous elements in my purse :-X. Cute and functional!

  • Adorable and simple! I feel like the pink one, if brown and without a handle, could be altered for a chocolate bar for the foodies!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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