pancake rings & paintings….

hi! i am locking myself in for the day to make a ton of new cute stuff in preparation for our next update b.c (yeaaaa) i want it to be huge & really really cute. Here are a few peeks at projects that have happened in my factory in the past 24 hours…


pancake rings?! mhmm. 
i finally found a glue that is virtually indestructible (perfectionist police!) and so i'm ready to start adding more cute jewelry to the site soon*soon. 
and i've fallen into my cartoon style painting obsession again. more of these to come. this one is listed here. i really like oval canvas every once in while. 
and i am totally loving danielle's adorable blythe headbands! 
love feathers. 
i don't have a blythe, but i really want one someday. if anyone has one that they no longer want, e-mail me & maybe we can do a trade! :D 
ok… i gotta get back to work. can you believe that we are already producing goods for Autumn around here. and i know it just started, but i think this Summer season is going to be the best one so far this year! XO. elsie 

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