Paper Collage Supplies

Last year, I purchased this cool wrapping paper kit and soon fell down a deep rabbit hole of paper collage supplies.

For me, making paper collages scratches a creative itch in a unique way. It’s so much fun!

an assortment of collage books

I have been making a lot of vision boards in my personal journals, and also decorating gifts with these supplies. My kids love making their own collages too!

paper collage supplies

Links: Extraordinary Things to Cut Out and Collage / Vintage Botanical Plants / The Botanist’s Sticker Anthology / The Antiquarian Sticker Book / John Derian Sticker Book / Women: A Pictorial Archive / Vintage Scrapbook Paper / A Treasury of Butterflies and Winged Insects

a sticker book collage

I like collecting books to cut images out from, as well as sticker books. It’s fun to mix and match the supplies. I don’t really use much else besides these books, scissors, and a glue stick.

DIY collage

I hope you’re feeling inspired to try and make a collage or art journal of your own! If you love this style, but aren’t into DIYing right now, I highly suggest John Derian’s coffee table book (it’s huge and gorgeous!).

Here’s a link to my favorite coffee table books.

Sending creative vibes your way! xx- Elsie

  • I just started following accounts that make mini journal pages and they are so cute! I’m definitely going to start now with your supply recommendations 💜

  • I’ve always liked making collages with old magazines (& seed catalogues for flowers), but this sounds fun too!

  • I also got into collaging this fall and had lots of
    luck with thrifter/used coffee table books. Once you get over the panic of cutting a book, it’s very affordable and diverse in the images you can find!

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