• I hope all is good with your g-pa’s car. It’s looks like you’re all having a great road trip. Totally love the videos.

  • Awww that was so sad to see the car bite the dust, 🙁

    Totally loving the videos! Looks like so much fun!

    California rocks! 🙂

  • Emma,

    I can’t imagine you enjoyed much at the BBQ joint! That ‘old movie’ feature on the last part was my fav.

    At least you can say it wasn’t a boring trip, right?

  • You guys are really making me want to get my girlfriends together for a roadtrip! These are the moments you never forget!!!

  • awesome movie as well. What happends to your granparents car???

    Tilly and the walla are great music!!

  • What a great song!

    Your poor Grandpa’s car…can’t wait for the next film to find out what happened

    Loving these films 🙂

  • Jeepers! Grandma’s car bit the dust?!? Oh no. I hope everything is okay now! I just heart these little movies, so much fun!

  • Love these films. Ckeck your blog every morning hoping to find a new one! How long do you guys have to drive?

  • I want to squeeze your grandparents. They are precious! Love the song, you keep introducing me to stuff I’ve never heard before and it’s great!

  • OMG…that looks like so much fun. It so makes me want to go on a road trip!! The video’s make it perfect. Your grandparents look so sweet and you and your sister look like you are having the time of your life. Thanks for sharing such fun stuff. Made my day!


  • These are so much fun….love watching them….they are uplifting and inspireing…thanks to you for that!

    hope your Grandma’s car is up and running soon!

    have fun,


  • LOVIN’ your videos! Can’t wait for the next installment! You should most definitely splice them together and make a full-length movie! Your “eye” is great, the music rocks, and – well, it’s awesome!

  • Poor Grandma 🙁 You all seem very good natured about it all though 🙂 Love the movies. They are so fun. Keep trucking. Road trips are the best!

  • Have you encountered any fans? Because if I saw you at a roadside diner, I would be an annoying stalker and probably try to squeeze in at your table!

  • “oh no”…totally unexpected but it’ll work out…Will your grandprents adopt me?? love them.. they’re so cute. Continue on with the videos ..feel like I’m on the trip with you..I could smell and taste that Bar B Q..love the song too

  • lovin the videos, makes me wanna road trip.

    they are so cute, cept i had to turn off the sound, dont like tilly so much..hehe


  • these videos are TOO FUN!!!! love the tunes you added to them (adds a nice vibey touch to the videos!) you girlies are truly blessed to have such lovely & sweet grandparents! definitely hope all will be fine with their car :-*( looking forward to the next video!!!

  • I’m not finished watching yet, but had to LOL @ your expression outside of Rudy’s! That’s my FAVORITE BBQ here in Texas! 🙂 ha Love the video, Elsie!


  • OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! You just drove past me and I didn’t even know it. I don’t really care too much for Rudy’s besides their sauce. A really cool sounding band called Dem Bones did a commercial for Rudy’s “where the sauce is boss”. They made it sound good. Anywhoo.

    So funny to watch your video because that’s like the same trip my family and I make every year from Albuquerque to California to visit the fam. Too cool. I’ll have to try getting some more video of it next time. CRAZY stuffed cat. Sorry about the car though. We had our own car burn down on this trek…take care.


  • OMGosh what a rotten place to break down…out there in the middle of the desert! (Hopefully, it’s not still in the 100’s right now!) Aside from the mechanical breakdown it looks like you guys are having a wonderful time! Great video!:)

  • I love how Emma’s personality really comes out in these videos–she seems so fun! Also, your grandpa ca-racks me up! Hope you get the car fixed quickly & have a good trip back!

  • Elsie, these videos are A*dorable!! What a cute idea! I totally wish I’d done something this artsy/fun when I moved across the country. Way better than being sad and missing everyone!

  • Bummer about Grandma’s car!

    If you drive thru the OC on your way to LA, you can think of your super cute Etsy skeleton girl hanging in one of the kitchens somewhere. LOL

  • Is that your sister in the video having breakfast with a friend ,and is it a joke or is that a crazy friend?????( eating ice-cream for breakfast)

  • hahaha! That was really funny. But awful about your g-ma’s car. Looks like y’all have been havin loads of fun. I love the crazy stuffed mountain lion on the wall. lol.

  • I loved watching the videos! Hope you had a safe trip! Your grandparents are SO cute 🙂 Hope their car is OK!

    Have a fun weekend!

    Hugs, Silje <3

  • Sorry about your grandma’s car. I hope you were able to get that fixed soon. But it looks like you all had a load of fun anyway.

  • Wishing you and your family well on their adventure!

    Love seeing the films.


  • Hi,

    I hope the car gets better real quick and without too much cost. Our car broke down near Needles too only we were pulling our boat. 🙁 Not much fun and so close to your destination. Looking forward to part tres!

  • how fun! (though I hope the car’s ok). I really love that you’re doing this with your gramps– mine have all passed on and I’m loving your videos (and jealous of the times, but in a good way). Its all flying by so fast!!!!

    good wishes for the rest of the trip!


  • Great travelogue! Hope the car is okay. I think it is wonderful that the two of you are traveling with your grandparents like this.

    Safe passage 🙂

  • Looks like a fun road trip. HOPE the car gets better:( I am ejoying watching your trip and the soundtrack ROCKS!!!!!!!

  • haha…when i first saw that it said starring your mother…i thought it was just me saying your mother too much…hahaha!

  • I like that saying, thanks!
    Thanks for posting this. Very nice recap of some of the key points in my talk. I hope you and your readers find it useful! Thanks again

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