Party Party App Q&A

Party Party Q&AIt's hard to really express how thankful we have felt this past week. Your response to our new app, Party Party, has been incredible! 

This app was a huge step for us because we didn't know if the success of the A Beautiful Mess App was a once-in-a-lifetime thing. We were nervous. With Party Party we spent another nine months (that seems to be our magic number) wondering how it would be received, if you guys would be as excited about stop-motion as we were, and if apps would become a bigger part of our business future. 

#partypartyapp number one on the first day!!! You guys! Party Party went to #1 in the app store on the first day! This isn't something we expected at all, and when it actually happened we were all in the office hugging and screaming and celebrating. It was such a happy moment, one we will never forget. 

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement! We are committed to bringing you great apps, and we're already hard at work on the next updates to make them even better. 

This past week we've answered a ton of questions through social media and support emails. We thought it would be good to post our most common FAQs so that they are easy to find. We hope this clears up a lot of your questions! 

Made with Party Party appHow do I get my app to stop giving me an error message when I try to export? (error code 3310)
When you first open the app, it asks to have access to your photo library. The app needs that just to save the files you create with Party Party to your phone—not anything weird. Otherwise, it doesn’t have anywhere to save. So if you hit “no” to that prompt, just go to your phone’s Settings > Privacy > Photos. Then find Party Party and slide it to on (green).

What do I do if the app is getting really draggy and starting to freeze?
Though the app is pretty simple and straightforward in what it does, video processing is pretty heavy lifting for a phone. So there’s a whole lot going on in the background. If the app is left open for too long, sometimes we’ve seen it start to drag. So we recommend to try to export whatever you’re doing and want to save as soon as possible. Then restart the app. If you’ve got a big, time-consuming idea for the app, we recommend restarting the app at the beginning. 

Will the app ever allow me to import photos from my photo library?
Yes! We launched without it, because we wanted users to get comfortable and used to taking pictures in the moment. We wanted more of a photo booth app than a slideshow or collage app. That said, we’re already in the works of putting together an intuitive import feature that we’re hoping to unroll in the next couple months. So stay tuned!

Do you think you’ll add the capability to add music?
Our goal with the stop-motion feature is to give you the opportunity to bring the looping gif effect to Instagram. So music can really complicate the user experience, as the length of the video isn’t determined until export. That said, if you’d like to add music to your video loop, there’s an app called VideoSound that can do exactly that!

Will there be a way to delete a bad photo and replace it?
Yep, it will be in the same update that allows importing! 

Why won’t the gif I save loop in my camera roll?
This is an iOS thing. The iOS photo library doesn’t have the capabilities to preview the animation of a gif for some reason. But don’t worry; the file is still sound. To see the gif’s animation, you can email it, text it, save it to your computer, or upload it to compatible social media (Tumblr, Imgur, etc.).

Why does the video look a little more pixelated on Instagram?
This is an Instagram thing. In order for them to be able to play the videos as fast as they do when you’re scrolling through your feed, they downgrade the video quality based on your connection at that given moment. It’s kind of like YouTube in that respect. That said, because it’s a phone, and they want those videos to start quickly, you can guarantee the quality that Instagram plays for any video will be less than the actual quality of the video. To see the app's actual quality, you can watch the video file in your camera roll or post a gif online. We’ve noticed the farther away your subject and the faster the video loop, the more intense the pixelating in Instagram.

Tip: Don’t forget Instagram will let you choose your intro frame for your video!

Does iOS also compress the video when you text or email it?
Yep! iOS compresses videos like crazy when you text and email them. It can make them borderline unrecognizable at times. For the best results, we recommend texting and emailing the gif files instead of video. It’s a smaller file size and waaay better quality. Plus the loop never stops! If you text or email directly from the app, it will automatically create a gif for you to send.

How do you find inspiration for using the app?
The easy answer is you and your friends! Just pull your friends together and make some goofy faces. It’s NEVER disappointing. Beyond that, we love making something look like it’s moving on its own. Move your subject just a little each time, hold the phone steady, and take your pictures. Even if it's just a coffee cup spinning on its own, it still looks so cool! And if you haven’t checked the #partypartyapp on Instagram yet, we highly recommend it. You guys are coming up with some amazing ideas left and right!

What was the inspiration for the app?
We were setting out to make a photo booth app that was conducive with Instagram and current social media. Our whole team LOVES photo booths. We pile in every time we see one. We wanted that experience to be portable and easy to share. Then we’d seen some gifs online where someone had taken several photo booth photos and stacked them on top of each other. And we thought it would be so cool if there were an easy way to do that right there from your phone. And voilà!

Will the app be available for other operating systems (Android or Windows)?
We talked about Android specifically in the launch post, and it’s the same challenge across all other operating systems outside iOS. We just weren’t able to recoup our investments in other operating systems, and it’s very expensive to develop. So we don’t have any immediate plans to develop for other operating systems. But we are definitely keeping an eye on the markets and trying to find the least risky way to bring this app to as many readers as possible, as we know there are so many of you out there fully willing to support us if we can make it happen!

Quick note on settings: If you haven’t already, be sure you check out the settings in the app. It lets you switch it to manual mode, so you can take pictures at your own pace. Or you can give yourself more or less time between pictures. And you can change the countdown sounds! Have you listened to our niece Penny’s countdown yet? We melt every. Single. Time.

If you have any other questions or technical issues, send us an email at: partyparty AT abeautifulmess DOT com. 🙂

#PartyPartyApp Thank you so much for your love and support! We couldn't ask for kinder, more loyal readers!! We are so thankful for each of you who follows our crazy journey, one project at a time. We couldn't do any of this without you. 

Love, Elsie + Trey

  • This app was so fab! Why is it not available in the app store anymore? 🙁 So sad!

  • This sounds SO COOL!

    I’m strictly an Android user though 🙁 I’ll keep looking out for updates just in case you guys can swing the droid version later.

  • Hey you guys!
    I’m so excited for your app!! Yet I can’t find it in the app store yet 🙁 (I’m in Italy for the holidays now…) the app looks great and you guys actually inspired me to start a blog 🙂
    Thank you

  • I work with 4-5 year olds at my job. Most of them are going off to Kindergarten or pre-k in the fall, so I downloaded this app as a way to make them a personal gift to remember their time in daycare. So far the kids love it! They get so excited to pose and make silly faces. They really get a kick out of the gif feature. I plan on making the film strip style photos into magnets for them to take home. Thanks for such a great idea and a way to have fun with my class!

  • Thanks so much for this information. I am so glad to read that the disappointments I have with the app will be solved with the update. Great job you guys!!!

  • Absolutely loving the app! One thing though is when I export the images they export without the frame :S Is this a bug?

  • Awesome App!!!!!! I’ going to love this! Just downloaded it :)))!

  • Just got the app !! Really excited to make little videos of my newborn! Thank you ladies keep up the good work!!

  • just stopping by to say i am having a blast with the new app!
    i wrote a post about it here:

    have a great weekend!!

  • Congrats for the success of your app ! It looks so cool ! Unfortunately for me, it doesn’t work on my iphone… i can record but the app won’t save, neither on my camera roll nor by email or on instagram… so everything i do isnt saved at all 🙁 i’ve verified in my privacy setting but everyting seems ok, would you have any idea why it doesnt save ? Thank you very muchnin advance, id love to play with this app, i have lots of cool stop motion ideas !

  • I have heard some great things about this app, but iPhone only so I may never get to experience it’s awesomeness. Any plans to create an Android version (Contrary to popular belief there are many of us willing to pay for great apps!)

  • Again I am so impressed and inspired by you guys! Congrats on the success of the app! I am really having fun with it :).

  • Guys… It’s great… But it keeps crashing! I haven’t been able to save or share yet. It crashes before I can. Tips??

  • I can’t keeo my videos , say ” your stop motion have been saved in your camera roll but i can’t find it please help me!

  • If you close out of the app you’ll lose your photos. For a really long project you’ll need to wait for the importing update. :))
    Thanks! Elsie

  • I was wondering if the app allows you to sort of pause a picture project then return to it? I am refinishing a piece of furniture and would like to make a gif of the process but it is going to be a project over a few days, so I would need to take pictures over that period (and obviously switch to other apps, since I need my phone haha). If I leave the app running in the background and go back to it will be continue where I left off or will it restart?

  • You guys. The app is seriously amazing!! It’s so fresh and different, and does exactly what you wanted– make the photo booth experience portable. Plus the filters are gorgeous. I am so excited for the updates. This post answered all the questions I had about future features. Thank you so much! Loved this blog for years, love your creativity, can’t wait for more.

  • Hi Lary! At this time, we don’t have a version for Android. Sadly, our ABM Android release did not meet our goals last year. We’d love to try again in the future, but right now it’s too risky. Thank you so much for your support! 🙂 – Jacki

  • So excited to be able to import, and wow, every question I had was answered and then some, I learned so much! Thanks for all the tips and can’t wait for the update. Congrats again guys!!

  • Hi! I can’t figure how to make the countdown sounds work on my Ipad… Everything is set properly, the app just didn’t make any sounds 🙁 does someone has the same bug? how can I fix it?
    Thank you so much for answers

  • Congrats guys! I’m super jealous of all the iOS people (Android user here), but I’ve been enjoying all the uploads.

    It’s like you’ve had an app baby after 9 months 😉

  • He he he, I just bought the Party Party app, and it’s so much fun!
    Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge, and – crudely – with the price!
    I’m currently getting funny looks in a coffee shop because I’m alone, and giggling to myself while I make mini-movies of my coffee cup bouncing around the table!!

  • sooo jealous of iphone users right now! my instagram has been filled with wonderful, creative and quirky creations using party party! fingers crossed that it makes it to android at some point 😉 (or maybe I’ll have to trade in my phone…haha)

    and congrats on the huge success! you guys are so talented, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  • Hi Regina! That is a bug that will be fixed with our first update. Sorry for any inconvenience it’s caused! – Jacki

  • Congratulations on your 2nd amazing app! I have a quick question regarding the photostrips, for some reason when I put any borders on the photo strip it saves into my camera roll but the borders disappear. Is there any way I can amend that?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi Lola!
    Email us at support AT redvelvetart DOT com
    We’d love to help!
    Thanks a bunch! Elsie

  • We’re fully aware of the market share, though your numbers are worldwide. In the U.S., it’s more like 52% Android / 41% iOS, which makes up the bulk of our reach. That said, the market share numbers still made a lot of sense. But even worldwide, the App Store generates 85% more revenue than Google Play. ( And our numbers were even more drastic. We sold 95% less on Android than iOS. We don’t have a good explanation for why the App Store and Google Play differ so dramatically. So we’re not saying it can’t make enough money. We’re saying it didn’t in our experience, so it’s a very risky move for us.

    And to address your latter point, it’s more expensive to develop because of all of the device types. iOS has 4 screen sizes and about a dozen device types to consider, whereas Android has literally hundreds of screen sizes and thousands of devices to consider. But obviously, it’s not impossible. It just has more unique challenges.

    All this said, the Android market continues to grow, and we’re definitely paying attention. If we can make it make sense, we will absolutely do it. It sucks letting people down, so we’re actively looking for ways in which we don’t have to.


  • Congrats!!! How exciting!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I hope you have a beautiful day!


    the bbb blogger

  • We have, and it still raises too many challenges. First, at the highest level, we would feel uncomfortable requesting reader donations to fund something we deemed too risky for our own investment. But beyond that, once you get it into the logistics, it gets really challenging. E.g., Android doesn’t have a way to issue promo codes for your own app, so we wouldn’t even be able to give the app to those who donated.

    We’re still thinking on it and watching the photography category of Google Play really closely to find the right opportunity to make something happen.

    I know we sound like a broken record, but seriously thank you so much for the unapologetic support for our ideas! We talk about Android almost every day, because of people like you.


  • I don’t understand why you say you can’t make money off an Android App when Android have the largest market share in the phone market. Android currently sit at 81% of the market share whilst 15% is iOS. But you would already know that from all the research you did I’m sure. The only difference with different apps is the programming languages used. I’m not sure how it would be more expensive to develop for another platform?

  • this app is sooo cool 🙂 thanks for sharing and answering all those questions!! <3

  • I love the Party Party app! I like it even more than the ABM app (although, I still adore that one too!)


  • I am super loving using this app on my iPhone so so much! Thank you!!!
    But the first thing my friends ask – which I’m sure is nothing in comparison to you guys – is when is it gonna be on android?
    Considering the business behind your justification for no android at this time is totally legit, have you considered using Kickstarter or similar as like, a preorder device? Get android users to put their money where their mouth is before you commit to the hours? 🙂 🙂

  • I just downloaded the app yesterday, and I’m super excited for the import photo feature to come out!

    Congrats on being #1 in the app store!!! Wooo!

    <3 dani

  • I am loving using this app! Thanks for answering these questions. 🙂

  • Great app! I also featured it on our Dutch website:

  • settings are the first thing I check out and I also melted when I heard Penny’s voice. As I told you on Instagram, she does look a lot like you, Elsie and man is she funny!!!! lots of love from across the ocean and I wish you all the best of success!

  • awesome! had no idea you guys had an app, will definitely be getting on to this. i was meaning to email you guys as i was having some problems with the beautiful mess actions, wasn’t sure who the best person to contact was?

    congrats guys! your creativity is a total inspiration xxx

  • Congrats…when I get around to sorting out an iphone then this will be top of the list of apps I need to get!

  • Y’all were obsessed with the Party Party app! (all my friends are too)

  • I wanted to say your support team did a great job in responding to my questions really quickly. I was encountering that first error you mentioned because of my phone privacy settings, and we were able to figure it out really quickly! I was really impressed with how helpful you all were.

  • Hi Brooke,
    That means so much to us! Spreading creativity, encouragement and a positive outlook are some of our company goals. I’m so glad to know that they’re being received. That really makes my day!

    Thank you!!

  • Number 1 already? Congrats, I know you guys put in so much effort and time- I’m so happy for your success! 🙂

    Every Day In Grace

  • This comment is not specific to this post but in general what keeps me coming back to ABM is your willingness to share your “secrets.” I feel like a lot of bloggers don’t spill their tricks of the trade and I leave the site wondering where I can get their dress so to speak. You ladies make it apparent that you want your readers to succeed in creating an inspired life alongside you. From providing the photoshop actions so we can document pretty pictures to something as simple as how to work a certain hair trend – you ladies are so relatable. Thank you!!

  • Yes! I’m so happy you like it. It’s like our special little time capsule! 🙂
    xx- Elsie

  • this app is awesome!!!! i love it!!!!


  • This app is such a great idea! I hope it continues to be super successful 🙂

  • Still crossing my fingers that you all find a way to put it on android!

  • Pennys countdown makes everyone I’m taking a picture of smile a little brighter?

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