Patisserie Treat Box

DIY mini pastry gift boxes (click through for template)Hi! Holly here, to show you how to create a very simple treat box! This box fits two French macarons perfectly but will also work for other small sweets such as truffles or profiteroles!  It’s an easy way to create a fancy package for a special gift or favour.

I was inspired by the Mendl’s box after watching The Grand Budapest Hotel and how pretty it looked to just pull lightly on a ribbon to open the box, unveiling your sweet treat!  This box is a one-time-use, simple package that you can whip up in very little time.

DIY mini pastry gift boxes (click through for template) Supplies:
-PDF template (Download Patisserie Box)
-card stock in your choice of colour (I chose paper with a Swiss dot pattern on it because it’s pretty!)

-bone folder to score the cardstock
-ribbon cut in 20-24” lengths

Pastry box downloadStep One: Print the template on your cardstock and cut it out.

How to assemble a pastry boxStep Two: Using a bone folder (or carefully using the edge of your scissors, like I did), score along the lines where you’re going to fold the box. Using pressure, fold along the scored lines, including the flaps, to create the box.

DIY mini pastry gift boxes (click through for template)  Step Three: Place your treats inside, and as you hold the box’s shape, tie it closed with a ribbon. (It’s nice to have an extra set of hands for this.) Drape the ribbon over the top of the box, centered, then cross the ribbon on the bottom of the box, coming up at the alternate sides. Finish by tying a pretty bow!

Holly NeufeldThese look beautiful piled up on a cake stand or individually at a place setting. They would be a great option for wedding and party favours or for tea parties & gifting!  If you’re interested in learning to make your own French macarons (they're not as hard as you might think!), don’t forget to check out my crash course!  

Enjoy dressing up your macarons, and get ready to give a gift that’s sure to bring a smile! xo. Holly

Credits // Author: Holly Neufeld. Photography by: Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited with Opal of the Signature Collection.

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