Peaches and Cream Stuffed French Toast Recipe

Peaches and Cream Stuffed French Toast Recipe : A Beautiful MessI adore french toast; it is one of my all time favorite breakfast foods! There are all sorts of ways to change up classic french toast, I love trying out different stuffed french toast varieties whenever possible. A current favorite is peaches and cream! 

Peaches and Cream Stuffed French Toast Recipe on A Beautiful MessPeaches and Cream Stuffed French Toast, makes 4 servings.

Needed: 16 thin slices of french bread, 6-7 eggs, 2-3 tablespoons cream or milk, 2 teaspoons vanilla extract, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, 3 peaches, 8 ounces cream cheese and butter for the pan.

In a bowl whisk together the eggs, cream (or milk), extract and cinnamon. Thinly slice the peaches (you can remove the skin or leave it).

Heat your pan over medium heat and melt a tablespoon of butter in it, coating the whole pan. Spread 1 ounce of cream cheese over 8 of the slices of bread. Dip on cream cheese covered slice in to the egg mixture. You don't have to full submerge it, but you do want the entire non-cream cheese side to be covered in egg mixture. Lay the egg dipped side face down in the hot pan. Layer sliced peaches over the cream cheese. Dip another slice of bread, one that was not covered in cream cheese, and lay this over the top of the peaches. When ready flip the french toast sandwich over and cook the other side. Continue with remaining bread slices.

Peaches and Cream Stuffed French Toast Recipe via A Beautiful MessServe warm with chopped peaches, powdered sugar and syrup. Enjoy! Emma

  • wow,looks so good,yum!

  • That looks soo good! I love stuffed french toast. Growing up my grandmother would always make it when she came to visit. I have some of her recipes and this one is just as delicious as they are, and that’s saying something.

  • yum yum yummm. i haven’t had french toast in such a long time!
    this recipe looks and sounds delicious, thanks for sharing!
    xo, cheyenne

  • I didn’t have peaches…. so I made a strawberry version here:

    Thanks for the recipe!

  • I have to make this tomorrow morning! I am so excited. I have all of the ingredients. =)


  • I am going to do this with strawberries and blueberries! Obviously I’ll have to have peaches too 🙂

  • Oh my goodness that looks soooo good!!!!!!!!

  • Looks divine!
    This reminds me of the way my friend would each french toast, I thought it was weird until I tried it, and it is the best combination ever…
    French toast + Peanut butter + peaches + syrup (just regular pancake syrup like “Aunt Jemima’s” brand) + whip cream (if you are feeling fancy)
    Love your recipes!

  • i loved stuffed french toast! i made this ( french toast recipe with a friend a month or so ago, and it was to die for 🙂

  • i’m huge fan of french toast too!:D
    i must give it a try someday:-)

  • Reminds me of a beautiful John Butler Trio song ..
    What you call “french toast” , in France we call it “Pain perdu”, which you can translate by “Wasted bread” … 🙂

  • Wow that looks so good, so much so im gonna make it for breakfast right now! thanks for sharing.


  • Tidak lama dikenalpasti tentang laman anda dan masih lagi membaca bersama-sama. Saya mengandaikan i akan dapat meninggalkan komen 1 saya. i tidak mengesahkan apa kata-kata kecuali saya seronok membaca. Nice blog. tidak sihat menjadi bookmark terus melawat laman web ini sangat biasanya.

  • Is there anything better than a French Toast in the morning? I hardly think so…

  • I have the softest spot for french toast – never would’ve thought of stuffing it with anything like you’ve done! Very clever.
    Ronnie xo

  • Wow, this is seriously amazing!! So excited to try this out!

  • Oh heavenly. I made the fancy french toast meal you guys had a while back, and it was divine. This looks amazing too. Yummmm….

  • French toast is my favourite! This looks amazing.


  • This looks amazing! Wow. I want to have that, now! 🙂


  • Mmm. I’ll definitely be giving this one a try. My family will love it!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  • This looks absolutely gorgeous – I haven’t made French toast in forever.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


  • French toast is pretty much the best food ever and this sounds amazing! Going to have to try it this weekend!

  • There aren’t enough words in the world to describe how good this looks. Thank god I went on a run today.

  • this looks like my perfect weekend meal – and not just for breakfast either.

  • I was i9nspired and made a “at the farmer’s market” post, too 🙂

  • french toast is my favorite too, must try this! we’re going peach picking soon so it’s just in time!

  • WOW that looks SO SO SO good!!!!

  • This looks super yummy! The good thing about being in Georgia is there are an abundance of peaches at the store. I may have to try this 😀

  • This is the definition of French toast done right.

  • wow this looks indulgently amazing! I want french toast now even though I just ate a massive dinner! peaches are my fave as well xx

  • LOOOVE peaches and cream with anything, and I most definitely love french toast, so the two of them together?! Brills!

  • Oh wow how amazing does that french toast look!! I just love peaches at the moment so will for sure be trying this recipe this weekend.

  • Oh… my… goodness…. Emma, I think you’re trying to kill me with this one. This is immediately on the weekend breakfast to-do list!

    Kayla ☆

  • Sigh…I’m on a diet now, but oh boy, once its done, I could do some serious damage to those!

  • Mmm! Those look delicious! An excuse to buy some peaches :]

    xo Sarah

  • YUM! I LOVE french toast! This looks absolutely fabulous and I’ll have to try it sometime. Thanks so much for sharing, Emma!

    xoxo Kate

  • That looks so ridiculously delicious! I have been trying to figure out something fun to do with the fresh batch of peaches I got the other day, wonderful!

  • This looks delicious! I have to say, you’re one of my top favorite bloggers. Every morning, the first thing I do is look at your blog. And you always have a new blog post. LOVE it!

  • Ah, this is such a perfect use for fresh summer produce and long, lazy days! Can’t wait to try it. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    p.s. free ad space giveaway–just follow my blog.

  • I was ready this at my desk in the office and for some reason, I quickly closed it when someone walked up with a question. Like it was food porn or something. Delicious, peachy food porn.

  • I was just talking to my roommate that I wanted french toast for dinner tonight, and then I read this! I have fresh peaches right now so I will defiantly be making this! Looks so yummy! Love your food Emma

  • Yum! I love french toast and this looks divine! Must try! 🙂


    neha made

  • looks tasty! peach and cream is a delicious combination, now im really in the mood to try this recipe for a sunday brunch:)

  • This looks so delicious! French toast and peaches are two of my favorites, so this is definitely a must try!


    The Glossy Life

  • Love the presentation. It’s like eating summer for breakfast.

  • Delicious!! I know what I’m making the man’s parents for breakfast when they visit this weekend!

  • This looks gorgeous! Perfection on a plate!

  • This looks so good! I’ve never made french toast at home before and my boyfriend loves it. This post might’ve convinced me to try it! 🙂

  • Oh lordy that looks UNREAL. I only have a bottle of gin & some questionble cheddar in my fridge though so it will have to wait for another day. x

  • Looks delicious! I love french toast. Will have to give this a go when my boyfriend has a day off and we can enjoy a leisurely breakfast

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