Peanut Butter + Hazelnut Smoothie

Peanut Butter and Hazelnut SmoothieThis week I am going to share a few of my favorite smoothie recipes. First up, this peanut butter and hazelnut smoothie. I would choose this rich, creamy smoothie over a milkshake any day! If you are a fan of peanut butter, you should definitely try this one.PB + Hazelnut Smoothie RecipeNeeded: 1.5 cups coconut milk (frozen in ice cubes is helpful), 1 tablespoon hazelnut spread, 2 tablespoons PB2, 1 cup greek yogurt, 1 tablespoon Askinosie chocolate nibs, 1/2 frozen banana, chocolate granola for garnish. Optional: 1 teaspoon Truvia.Peanut Butter + Hazelnut Smoothie RecipeDirections: In a blender, combine PB2 powder, 1/2 cup greek yogurt, 1/2 frozen banana, 1 cup coconut milk. Blend and add to a large glass. Next, rinse your blender and combine 1 tablespoon hazelnut spread, 1 tablespoon chocolate nibs, 1/2 cup greek yogurt, 1/2 cup coconut milk and 4 large ice cubes. If you like things extra sweet, add the Truvia now. Blend and add to your glass.

Tips: When preparing to make smoothies it's helpful to freeze everything you can. You can freeze the coconut milk, the yogurt etc. for a creamier end result. I like to keep pre-made smoothie packs in my freezer. I just fill the bags with all of the perishable foods (fruit, yogurt etc) then I only have to add a liquid when blending them. This saves a lot of time and reduces waste because you can save your leftover ingredients for another day. I like to make a bunch of smoothie packs in one day and then use them for several months. Just be sure to label everything!Top with chocolate granola!Top with a handful of chocolate granola. It adds a little crunch. Enjoy! xo. Elsie 

  • Hi! This recipe sounds so delicious and healthy at the same time! Can I substitute regular yogurt instead of Greek yogurt though?

  • Sounds delicious! Can I substitute regular yogurt instead of Greek yogurt in this recipe?

  • Stacy- that would work as long as you have a liquid to blend with your frozen mixture. Totally!

    Good idea and so sweet of you!! Elsie

  • Have you tried blending these and then freezing? I’m wondering if the consistency would be OK after thawing. I’m trying to stock a relative’s freezer as he recovers from a serious illness. Thanks!!

  • Maria- PB2 is peanut butter powder. It’s great for smoothies because it has no oil (fewer calories). You can substitute it for real peanut butter if you like!

  • Yumm, it looks really good!
    I most like your tips smoothie bag! This is a good idea, such a thing!
    It is a pity that I have no so big of space in my fridge to do this, but it is a great idea!

  • Oh gosh, two of my favourite things combined into a smoothie! YUM!!

  • Ah i want to make this so bad! Where do you buy your Askinosie chocolate nibs? I’ve only gotten them online but if there’s a store that would be easier!

  • I was wondering what PB2 was and googled it. I found this:

    Can’t wait to try the recipe, but I think I’ll just stick to real peanut butter/almond butter.

  • so excited to make this – peanut butter and hazelnut are two of my very favorite things.

    i blogged about a torta alla gianduia (chocolate hazelnut torte) i made the other day here:

    it’s easy and delicious and your guests always think it must have required much more skill than it really did!


  • Oh my goodness. Looks SO deliciously delicious!! We will definitely have to try this one out.

  • This looks fabulous! The peanut butter fan in me is completely drooling.

  • This looks so scrumptious, I cannot wait to crack open the peanut butter and whip this up!

  • Mary- I got the powder at my local grocery store. It’s awesome in smoothies and also stirred into greek yogurt!
    You can definitely sub a tablespoon (or two) of real PB in this recipe!

  • This looks yummy. But where can you find PB2 powder? And could that be substituted with actual peanut butter, or it that too thick?
    Also, I have no idea where I could find chocolate granola, chocolate nibs, or coconut milk.
    The smoothie bags are a great idea! It’s quick and great for lazy people (like me) when all you have to do is add the liquid. I’m gonna try making this tonight and freezing it for breakfast tomorrow.
    Thanks for the yummy idea! 🙂

  • Hey Elsie, I enjoy your posts . This is the first time I am making a comment mainly because I am shy but in this new year I got to try something new.
    I just want say that you and Emma are an inspiration to me .Thank you

  • This looks incredible. I’m wondering what kind of blender do you use to get such awesome-looking consistency?

  • this sounds amazing! what is PB2 though? and what could i substitute it with? don’t think they have that over here!

  • I saw the photo of the smoothie and got instantly hungry. Gotta run off and try this recipe now. x

  • This looks delicious! I am excited about seeing all the smoothie posts….looking out for dairy free ones!
    I appreciate your blog a lot!

  • Hey. I don’t know if this is a stupid question, but is there a reason why you can’t just put everything in the blender at the same time?

  • Oh my gosh, this looks amazing! I’m trying to cut down on coffee so this would be a good replacement for my iced coffee, in moderation of course!

  • Oooh, I must try! This looks and sounds delicious!

    I’ve always wanted to try PB2!

  • Smoothie packs sound great, maybe you could do a post about them? What do you put in them?

  • Such an amazing combination- if you have never tried you- you must try a similar recipe. 2Tbsp cocoa powder, 2 tbsp hemp seeds, 1/4 cup roasted hazelnuts, honey to sweeten. Blend with warm water and strain. AMAZING! Like warm nutella in a mug.

  • I love smoothies but they have to be ice cld for me. I cant stand a warm one, ewwww.


  • this sounds freaking awesome!anything that combines peanut butter and hazelnut spread is amazing in my book! yummy!im going to HAVE to try this asap! 🙂

  • That looks like always yummy and I try it like a breakfast. Have a great day.

  • So delicious! I am defiantly going to try this out at home. xx

  • yummy !
    NEW POST UP on ly blog, check it out : ‎

  • Thanks for sharing, this looks A.mazing – perfect treat for our hot summer days we are having here in Australia x

  • Oh my goodness – that looks SO good right now! Yum:)

    Stephanie May*

  • I love all your recipes. Great job. I just discover your blog and I love it. Sorry for my bad English but I’m a french girl. Hope to see you soon on mine. XOXO

  • This is like all of the best things in life in ONE smoothie! Great idea!


  • in case you didn’t find the ingredients yet, netrition carries most of the ingredients, amazon as well… PB2 is awesome!

  • I loveee peanut butter, so this looks DELICIOUS! Totally craving this now 🙂


  • This sounds absolutely amazing, I will have to try it!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Chocolate + peanut butter – it’s a irresistible sinful combination! I’m going to try this!
    Fang Ting

  • this looks really great, I love all the interesting flavors and the chocolate granola nice finishing touch 🙂

    I love coconut

  • Erin – I was wondering the same thing, so I did a search & found the Askinosie spread & nibs on and the PB2 with premium chocolate here

  • oh my god! i will try this at home. it looks delicious! :)

  • holy crap, this looks delicious! I’ve never tried the chocolate pb2, but I’ve tried the original and I was a fan. I think the chocolate nibs would be the perfect touch – I’d eat them by the handful.


  • YUM. Will be looking forward to more recipes this week! We try to have a smoothie almost everyday. I’d love to see a post on how you make those smoothie packs. Trying to visualize…

  • Oh wow this looks amazing! However i am even more amazed that you can get POWDERED peanut butter! Thats not a thing in Australia, but i love the idea of it.
    Do you think this would still work if you used regular peanut butter? And if so, how much would you use?

    Thanks for your tip on freezing the ingredients ahead of time – i try to have a smoothie for breakfast most work days, and prepping them ahead of time is a great idea.

  • I ordered a bunch of Askinosie goodies for Christmas stocking stuffers (after I saw you profile them), and man oh man is that Hazelnut spread a DREAM. I like it on graham crackers, but I’m anxious to try this now 🙂
    Also, turns out they sell Askinosie at Whole Foods now here in Austin – I was shocked to see it there!

  • oh my, as a peanut butter lover I simply have to try this. Can’t wait!

  • Do you know what you have done?! I will never be able to drink anything else again, this looks so good! the hazelnut spread won my heart.

  • Looks delicious! I was wondering what I could substitute for the Greek Yogurt? I’m allergic to dairy so that isn’t one I can do.

  • That looks like pure bliss in a tall glass! I might need to fix me one before the end of the day…

  • yumm! this looks soooo good! so glad I stumbled upon your blog! new follower!


  • Lol. Love that you posted heaps of healthy recepies and then BAM chocolate, peanut butter unhealthy deliciousness. You guys are definitely my kind of people!

    Blair x

  • that DOES look delicious!
    i’ve always wondered where you get all your jars from? those which you use for drinks and stuff? 🙂

  • This looks delicious, I’m going to try it out!

  • holy YUM! and totally vegan doable too! I love it Elsie! Thanks so much for sharing I look forward to more yums


  • This looks like HEAVEN! so much for a healthy 2013….

  • Oh this looks beautiful. I must must must try this- I adore peanut butter. I saw a really good peanut butter + chocolate muffin recipe in today’s Guardian today here:
    Katie xx

  • Umm YUM! This looks heavenly. Could you use regular peanut butter? xo, Clare

  • I love the idea or smoothie packs in the freezer. I’m making a mental not of that for future smoothie making 🙂


  • Yumm,this looks really,really good!
    I most liked your tip about the smoothie packs!This is such a great idea and thing to do!
    Sadly I don`t have that much space in my freezer to do this,but it`s a great idea anyway!


  • This looks DELICIOUS! Great pictures. Love the cute little straw too. Aren’t all frosty treats better with a straw?

  • This looks amazing!! Will def try making this 🙂

    Thank you for the delightful post

    Lulu xx

  • hm its like a mix between a smoothie and a milkshake i would say. it looks terrific!

  • oh my gosh, this sounds so so so so so delicious! I’m a bit of a sucker for hazelnut so I’m pretty much dying to try this! thanks for sharing!!


  • Looks delish! I love peanut butter smoothies 🙂 I’ll def have to try this one

  • Great post! You girls are awesome!!
    I have one question: can you make a post about your iPhone mask collection?
    Greetings from Croatia, xx

  • This looks AMAZING omg. I really like the idea of prepping ahead of time too. I do that with soup, just freeze it in portion sizes.

  • THIS will be my husband’s birthday breakfast!! He loooves smoothies ESPECIALLY any with coconut, peanut butter and bananas. THANK YOU!
    Catherine Denton

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